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Alumni Band Day 2017 - Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 vs. Arizona

Info will be posted here and on Facebook, as it becomes available.

If you haven't already, please RSVP.


7:30AM - Marching check-in begins outside of North Tunnel at Memorial. Name tags, coffee, doughnuts, and merchandise pickup will all be waiting for you! There are no wristbands this year, so please make sure to pick up a ticket for yourself and anyone in your family. We'll be sitting in section OO (slightly closer to the band than the past two years.) Please make sure that anything you need to bring into Memorial follows the guidelines for all fans:

8:00AM - Downbeat for marching rehearsal!

8:45AM - Banner kid call time!

9:15AM - Cal Band arrives at Memorial!

9:30AM -11:00AM  - Joint marching rehearsal

12:00PM - Lunch is served at Dwinelle! We'll be eating with the Cal Band. Bring your schmoozing face and chat up the current band members!

1:00PM - Non-marcher check-in begins outside of BRH.

1:15PM - Music rehearsal begins in BRH. Left open-ended as we may have a tailgate performance. Also will include our brief annual membership meeting.

3:30PM - Cal Band performs the Sproul Steps concert! Make sure you have your instruments and come watch!

~4:00PM - Gather in Sproul Plaza post-concert to form marchup block and head to Memorial.

~4:30PM - Quick stop at Section OO if necessary. Prepare for pregame.

4:40PM - Perform pregame with Cal Band!

5:00 - Kickoff

Halftime - Halftime performance!

Postgame - Marchdown and head to Alumni House for the reception!

And as usual, some handy guidelines for the big day ahead:

-Yes you absolutely can still RSVP! Here's the signup link:

-The halftime music for ABD is Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood followed by Make Way For The Bear (2x through) and finally Fight For California. We will also be playing the Star Spangled Banner for pregame.

-Valid Photo ID: Everyone is required to have a valid photo ID for entrance into Memorial Stadium (since we are entering before the gates open to the public). Zero tolerance on this rule - they will turn you away.

-ABD uniform is still our CBAA sparkling-white polo and blue hat. Please wear both of these items on Saturday (along with dark-blue or black bottoms and any-color-but-red shoes). You are, of course, welcome to wear a dark-blue long-sleeved garment over the polo, but in case weather turns out to be pleasant, Briana would appreciate it if we all had a 'uniform' appearance for pregame and halftime. If you need/want to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath your polo, the color should be blue, black, white, or gray.

-Merchandise (shirt, hat, fleece) can still be purchased, but do so ASAP (the last day to order is Wednesday!) so we can have it ready for you! (

-Lunch is provided! We'll have your favorite sandwiches from Cheese N' Stuff. Mmmmmmm! **Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions (not dietary requests!) at . We don’t need to know if you are a vegetarian, but we do want to know if you’re vegan, gluten-free, etc.

-There will be coffee and doughnuts at marching check-in at 7:30AM.

-Clear Bags Only! ( No backpacks, no purses, no totes. All bags brought in must be CLEAR BAGS that don’t exceed 12x12x6. The lone exception being...

-Instrument Cases: Instrument cases are allowed into the stadium, but keep in mind that you'll have to lug it down to Alumni House after the game if you bring it to Memorial. It's better to avoid bringing them if you can help it. Security will also need to search them as you bring them in.

-Game Tickets: We have 300 physical game tickets that we will hand out in the morning. The ticket will allow you to get back into Memorial Stadium if you have end up having to re-enter as a normal ticket holder. Tickets are for ABD participants and family members needing a ticket (spouses, children, parents only please). There will definitely be room around our section for family members to sit (Section OO this year).

-Banner kids! To carry the banner for parading, pre-game and/or halftime, kids MUST be at least 53 inches tall and attend marching rehearsal at 8:45AM in Memorial.  There will be a lot of dead time for them while we learn the show, so please make sure they have some way to entertain themselves during rehearsal until they are needed.  Banner kids need to wear white shirts, blue baseball caps, and any non-red shorts or pants.  Alumni Band and Cal gear is always preferred.  Parents – please set the appropriate expectations for this activity so that your kid is not disappointed that day if they cannot participate. 

-Coming to ABD but not marching? Make sure to find me at non-marching check-in at BRH and grab your ticket! Then join us for music rehearsal and march-up!

-Instrument Drop-Off: We are going to have someone stationed at the bottom of the Memorial Stadium North Stairs, right across from the Haas Business School (on Piedmont Ave.). This allows you to drive by in the morning (starting at 7:00AM), drop off your heavy instrument, find a place to park, and walk up the hill without your instrument. It will be waiting to be picked up at check-in.


We will join the Cal Band for Star Spangled Banner in pregame.

For those of you who are interested/willing to do the stick dance at halftime, please attend one (or both) of the following rehearsals:
Thursday, 10/19 from 7-9pm in Lower Sproul Plaza
Friday, 10/20 from 5-7pm near North Tunnel at Memorial

If you are marching halftime - you already know the tunes, and below is the continuity so you can pre-mark your music! Fun and easy! In some cases, the step count will depend on where you are on the field so I have left those blanks for you to fill in Saturday morning. Please be sure to bring your music and a pencil to practice, because every once in a while there might be a last minute change!

Measure Continuity
1/1 FMHS 24 East
7/1 FMHS ___ towards 50, MTHS West
9/1 Vamp and wail
17/1 FMHS 8 West, Vamp 6 West
21/1 MTHS 16 West
25/1 Sidestep 4 South, Sidestep 4 North
29/1 Outside of hashes: Sidestep - 4 South, 4 North
Hashes and inside: Sidestep - 2 South, 4 North, 2 South
33/1 FMHS 8 away from 50; FMHS 8 back toward 50
37/1 FMHS ___ West, MTHS West
43/1 Vamp 6 West
45/1 Rotate to left 8 counts to face East, MTHS 8 East
49/1 Vamp and bop West
53/1 FMHS ___ West, MTHS West
61/1 Drums: FMHS E then away from 50, MTHS West
Dancers: FMHS West off field
Rest: MTHS West
69/1 Drum solo/dances/block continuity
77/1 Vamp and wail
85/1 Drums: FMHS to 50 then W back to block, MTHS West
Dancers: FMHS East to position, MTHS West
Rest: MTHS West
93/1 Vamp and wail
95/3 HWA! Arms up and out - make a big X
96/1 Left foot fwd, mini-bow down to right
1/1 (D) FMHS North 2 or 4 if needed, MTHS North
3/1 (D3/1) FMHS 48 North, MTHS 8 North
D - 2nd time FMHS 28 East, MTHS 4 East
E (2nd time) MTHS West, Close on last note
1/1 Script California time!


If you don't have the latest version of the music packet, visit the online library (login: alumni | password is found in the survey, if you do not already have it). Print your music early so that you can get those lips/fingers/arms back in shape. Don't forget to practice Misunderstood for the halftime show!


White Alumni Band polo shirt, blue hat, and dark blue or black pants/shorts. If you need to purchase a shirt and/or hat for game day, please pre-order from the merchandise page.


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