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CBAA Council Minutes

May 9, 1992

Council members present:
H. Barnett, L. Augusta, S. Thomas, R. Melnick, D.
Brownson, V. Lee, W. Williams, J. Psathas, J. Lepisto,
E. Mart, S. Spafford, L. Vogelsberg, J. Gibson, W.
Leonard, C. Bailey, R. Briggs, P. Escamilla

Guests present:  D. Ritenour, L. Jacobson, E. Yeh

Meeting time: 9:30; called to order at 9:55.

1.	Minutes of the last meeting - approved unanimously with
minor editing.

2.	Announcements and Communications to CBAA
o	Introduced Cal Band officer guests:
Dave Ritenour	SM 91-92
Larry Jacobson	Secty 92-93
Evan Yeh		StuD 92-93

o	The President thanked the group for the outstanding
attendance (Thanks for lunch, Susie!) and took a few
moments to recognize some council members who have
made major contributions to our work in the last two
Steve Sinclair	-	championed the Cal Band CD
Wayne Leonard	-	in just a few years, brought our
database from the dark ages up to
the a90As!
Vito (John Gibson)	-	led this yearAs Band
leadership workshops
Linda Vogelsberg	-	provided leadership to
history/book effort
Susie Thomas	-	organized reunions & BandAs
NorCal party
Chris Bailey &	-	organized and  ...
Don Brownson	- 			...  led numerous
alumni SHBAs
Jerry Taylor	-	represented the Alumni to Cal
Band Backers

3.	Nomination and Election of Officers
Ric Mart		President 92-94	(elected last Fall)
Vito			VP 92-94		(elected last meeting)
Susie Thomas	Treasurer 92-94
Robin Melnick	Secretary 92-94
approved unanimously.
4.	Standing Committees and Appointments
o	See attached report from Ric Mart
5.	Cal Band Report
o	Discussed recent incidents at U.C. Davis, where band
has been censured for hazing and sexual harassment,
and effects on Cal Band.  Policy changes planned
regarding "crude sheets," "pantsing," etc.
o	Five home games this year plus one road trip (L.A.)
o	Short FTP this year due to schedule
o	Sponsoring a high school band competition at
Memorial, 9/27, the day Cal is away at Kansas.  Goal
to improve recruiting at high schools with large,
quality bands that havenAt been coming to HS Band
Day, favoring competitions instead.
o	Considering Australia tour, Summer a93.  World
Projects organization (group that was helping to plan
the proposed Barcelona tour) to plan.  Money, of
course, is the issue.  Members may pay part of cost.
Total cost per member would be approximately $1,500.
6.	Performance
o	Alumni Band Day a92: October 24th, Cal vs. Arizona
o	Recent Davis Picnic Day event only attracted a dozen
or so alumni.  Should we continue to do this
activity?  Performance Committee to consider and make
recommendation to Council.
7.	Membership and Finance
o	Sustaining membership is at record levels, thanks to
direct mail reminders of expiring memberships.
o	Through increased revenues from membership and
reasonable expense control, CBAA now has
approximately $7300 in the bank (almost twice annual
budget), not including funds held on behalf of the
Cal Band from sales of its CDAs and tapes.
8.	North Tunnel Echo
o	Next issue to feature ABD, the Reunion, and an
article from the Band
o	Target for publication: September
9.	History Project
o	Linda Vogelsberg is representative to Council
o	Moving slower than goal, but going forward.
o	Need more people; having a "kick-off" dinner recruit
o	Maybe info table at reunion
o	Budget concerns; total production cost estimated at
$30 - $50K.
10.	Cal Band Backers
o	2 openings need to be filled by CBAA; OfficersA terms
end 6/30
o	Hugh met with Development Office; response lukewarm
11.	Reunion
o	Claremont Hotel booked
o	DJ booked (same as last time)
o	Will put notification in Cal Monthly (mid-June
12.	New Business
o	Linda Vogelsberg to take over storage of hats,
shirts, etc. from Hugh
o	Need to order new shirts; find out who ordered last
batch of shirts and get screen from them.  ACTION:
Chris Bailey, Performance Comm.

Thanks to Susie Thomas for taking notes after the
SecretaryAs early departure from the meeting.  Respectfully
R. Melnick, Secretary

Next meeting changed:	Saturday, July 25, 1992
					10:00 a.m.
					Alumni House, Berkeley

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