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CBAA Council Minutes

July 25, 1992

Council members present:
H. Barnett, S. Thomas, R. Melnick, V. Lee, W. Williams, J.
Lepisto, E. Mart, L. Vogelsberg, C. Bailey, J. Taylor, S.
Sinclair, D. Becker, B. Hinkley

1.	Minutes of the 9 May meeting:
	Approved unanimously as amended: As called for in the bylaws, Ric
ascended to the position of President from his prior roll as V.P.;
he was not "elected" as President.

2.	ExComm Report
CAA changing its policy with regard to paying for club mailings:
o	Was 2 general mailouts per year.
o	Now 1 per year plus mailout of a CAA-designed, pre-fab mailer
that discusses CAA activities in general.  We can then add an
insert to this.
This scheme works well for the regional alumni clubs - since
these groups may have trouble finding material for or time to
produce their own full newsletters - but doesnAt work well for
the special interest group clubs, such as ours, Asian Alumni,

Council voted to proceed with our Fall general mailout at our
cost ($900-1000 for a CBAA general mailout,
$300-400 for sustaining)

3.	North Tunnel Echo
Editor-in-Chief J.P. moving right along with next edition.  All
articles to be in by 7/31.  August mailout date expected.
4.	Leadership and Training
o	Vito and Linda met with Band ExComm to get feedback on last
yearAs sessions for ExComm and Co-Comms.
o	Band ExComm pleased and will actively promote next year.
o	Phil (SM) already wants to set dates for next year.
o	Co-Comm members reported to be "bubbling" about the first-
time, new-format workshop we held for them.
5.	Cal Band NorCal Alumni Party
o	Susie and Steve chairing organizing committee again this year.
o	Event will be 9/11 at Blackhawk.
6.	Reunion
o	At Claremont; deposit paid already.
o	Costs: $550 for DJ; $32/person for dinner; no room fee.
o	Prices: $40/sustaining, $45 non-sustaining, $15 dancing only.
o	Speaker?  Possibilities, in order of preference: Dick Eriksen
(sp?), ex-Chancellor Heyman, Forest Tregea (sp?)
7.	Cal Band Backers
o	Hugh Barnett to be new President of Backers.
o	Hugh also to be chairman of CBAAAs standing Backers sub-
o	Appointed Al Downey as CBAA-appointed rep to Backers board.
8.	Performance Committee
SHB and other non-ABD events:
o	Noted several problems, including low interest and cases
where the non-CBAA- or Cal Band-affiliated "ScreaminA HypinA
Band" has been mistaken for the CBAA Alumni Band.
o	Due to lack of interest, we are not accepting engagements
for now.
o	Chris to start series of casual BRH get-togethers to build
o	Chris to submit NTE article to generate interest in BRH
Alumni Band Day:
o	8/3 planning session with Drum Major and Stunt.
o	Spirit Groups Reunion on again, tickets still $3.
o	WeAve committed to 120 people ($360 advanced from our
o	Noted that NTE should remind people that if the game is
carried on TV, the schedule might change.
o	Post-game in Sr. MenAs Hall will cost $250 for room, up from
o	Decided to check out using Alumni House instead (cost?).
o	Chris to replenish T-shirt stock.
9.	Awards Committee
o	Decided to buy freshmen pins each year (annual expense of <=
o	Committee considering possibilities:
o	3rd-year awards every year (what, how much)?
o	new trophy - "service" award - given at CBAA reunion?
o	Discussed having a bigger involvement in Silent Walk (planning
o	Point is to try to strengthen our long-term institutional
o	Committee to continue meeting and discussing strategy.
10.	History Book Project
o	Discussed their budget and their request to have individuals
reimbursed for money already spent out-of-pocket.
o	Resolved (J. Taylor motion, H. Barnett second, passed
1.	Authorized one-time expenditure to pay for expenses to-
date (7/25/92), not to exceed $700.
2.	Reaffirmed our intent to proceed with the project.
3.	Proviso: We expect to be presented with a complete
project plan at a later date, to include detail on
expected costs, revenues, schedule, etc.
4.	Noted that the project plan must expect to recover all
expenses from revenues and that the CBAA will eventually
be reimbursed from revenues for this payment of up to

Respectfully submitted, R. Melnick, Secretary

California Band Alumni Association
57 Golden Bear Center
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA  94720

Next Meeting:

This Weekend!
October 3,
9:00 a.m.,
Alumni House

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