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CBAA Council Minutes

September 11, 1992

Council members present:
E. Mart, H. Barnett, E. Heilmann, D. Brownson, C. Bailey, L.
Chong, R. Melnick, V. Lee, D. Becker, B. Hinkley,
J. Taylor, J. Gibson, L. Vogelsberg, D. Yee, J. Lepisto, L.
Anderson, J. Psathas

Association members present:
K. Heilmann

1.	Minutes of the prior meeting presented orally.

2.	Finance Committee
o	Hugh presented in SusieAs absence.
o	Changing alignment of fiscal year: 7/1/93 - 7/1/94.  Better
for taxes. Was aligned with calendar year previously.
o	Current FY, net income after expenses of ~$600, not counting
in/out for CD project.
o	Only received one CAA reimbursement, for Echo of 9/92.
o	Accounts receivable:
	- ~$400 from CAA for mailing
	- ~$600 from Band for CD project

3.	PresidentAs Report
o	Presented letter from Wade, President of TH Board, noting
problems at house, move to co-ed.
o	CAA encouraging CBAA members to be paid CAA members.
4.	North Tunnel Echo
o	Preparing an "NTE Light," focused on ABD, only going to the
nine Bay Area counties.
5.	Brussels Tour Film
o	Proposal to make and sell video tapes to Tour alums.
o	Sell tapes @ $20/copy.
o	Expect to sell more than 50; 39 is break-even point on
o	Total customer pool is 214 members (a53-A58) in database.
o	Motion to allocate $750 to project.  Passed by acclamation.
6.	History Book
o	Books to be in by 9/30, in time for:
	- NorCal Alum Party, 9/31
	- ABD, 10/1
	- Brussels Reunion, 10/30
o	Book committee budget presented.
o	Motion to allocate up to $250 to a book unveiling party as
thank you to contributors, 9/30.
	- Passed, two dissenting
7.	Alumni Band Day
o	CanAt find as many shirts and hats as we believed we had.
o	Linda to search further.  Failing additional units found,
Chris to re-order hats ASAP.
o	Robin organizing post-game reception at Alumni House.
o	Susie and Robin organizing check-in.
o	Chris has music and rehearsal.
o	Victor, Bruce, Linda, assorted other items.
o	Chris and Jerry coordinating with Athletic Department.
o	No Spirit Group Reunion; lunch on your own; volunteer pep
o	General discussion of show planning ideas.
Adjourned (promptly!) at 10:30.
Respectfully submitted, R. Melnick, Secretary

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