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CBAA Council Minutes

October 3, 1992

Council members present:
H. Barnett, S. Thomas, R. Melnick, V. Lee, W. Williams, J.
Lepisto, E. Mart, L. Vogelsberg, C. Bailey, J. Taylor, S.
Sinclair, D. Becker, L. Augusta, D. Brownson, J. Psathas, S.
Spafford, J. Gibson

Association members present (History Committee):
T. Castro, E. Heilmann, K. Heilmann

1.	Minutes of the 25 July meeting approved unanimously.

2.	Nominating Committee
o	Two open council positions need to be filled at present:
	-	Bruce Benzler
	-	Wayne Leonard
o	CBAA VP (Vito) chairs Nominating Committee
o	Appointed Jane and Larry to fill out Committee (a.k.a. "The
Sacto Gang")
o	Noted desire to fill gaps in age representation on Council;
Vito to talk at ABD rehearsal.

3.	Tellefsen Hall Board of Directors
o	Cross-organizational representation: Wade currently President;
Robin member.
o	Discussed reasons for problem filling house last few years (35
paying members at present, with capacity of 43)
4.	History Book Committee
o	Reviewed & discussed operating plan and Committee budget
o	Bulk of publishing costs to be met by pre-sales.
o	Budget prior to pre-sales (transcription, copying, etc.)
estimated at $1,200 in a92, $2,500 in a93.
o	Council previously approved $700 for reimbursement of
incidental expenses to-date.
o	Unanimously approved motion to allocate additional $500 (for a
total not to exceed $1,200) for a92.
5.	Alumni Band Day
o	Noted that we ran out of the "good" shirts last year and had
proceeded to sell the slightly mis-printed lot.
o	Chris to re-order shirts.
o	Plan to purchase one gross (144) to achieve unit savings.
o	Estimate: $8.35 per shirt, delivered in one week.

o	Extended discussion of logistical challenges for ABD a92.
o	Assorted tasks for day discussed and individual action items
assigned (detail omitted).
o	Wayne Leonard organizing post-game party at Alumni House.
Agenda abbreviated, meeting adjourned for football game.

Next meeting:
Saturday, March 20, 1993, 2:00 p.m.
Alumni House, Berkeley

Agenda includes:
o	Council elections
o	History Book project operating plan and budget issues
o	Committee reports

Other same-day events (before and after 3/20/93 Council meeting):
a.m.: 	Help the History Committee identify Cal Band photographs
(year, event, individuals, stories, etc.).  Contact Linda
Vogelsberg (415-644-1751) for exact time and place.  Linda
says, "ItAs a lot of fun!"
p.m.: 	Dinner/drinks with Cal Band Executive Committee student
officers following the Council meeting.  Location TBA;
approximate time: 5:30 p.m.  RSVP to Ric Mart (415-960-0357),
or just call Ric for more info.

Respectfully submitted, R. Melnick, Secretary (415-327-5222)

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