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CBAA Council Minutes

December 11, 1993

Council members present:
E. Mart, K. Heilmann, E. Heilmann, L. Anderson, J. Taylor, J.
Gibson, C. Bailey, L. Chong, W. Williams,
D. Brownson, J. Lepisto, D. Becker, H. Barnett, D. Yee, V. Lee,
R. Melnick, S. Thomas, R. Briggs, J. Psathas

Association members present:
L. Hiratzka
Jenny Smith, Cal Band PRD 93-94
Rune Stromsness, Cal Band Senior Manager, 94-95

Called to order at 9:50 a.m.

1.	Minutes of 11 September 1993 meeting accepted as submitted.

2.	SecretaryAs Report
o	Noted that Wayne formally resigned as database administrator;
Council member Barbara Goodson has accepted the position.
o	Unanimously passed a motion as follows:
"The CBAA Council wishes to thank and commend Wayne Leonard
for his years of excellent service to the organization
through the organization, maintenance, administration and,
ultimately, vast improvement in accuracy and usability of
the CBAA database."

3.	Finance Committee
o	Hugh presented the current ledgers.  (Current balance sheet is
attached to these minutes.)
o	Noted that ABD brought in the usual number of memberships.
The renewal mailing had excellent results.

4.	History Book
o	Maintaining complete list of customers (presented at meeting).
o	Potential liability to CBAA of $15,000 if no more books sold!
o	Marketing plan for additional sales:
-	review in Cal Monthly (free)
-	mention in Bear Backers newsletter
-	George J. Good store carrying at zero markup (100% of sales
to CBAA)
-	KGO making some free plugs
-	mentions in NTEAs
o	Linda is negotiating with the ASUC; ASUC wants a 20% markup
(book business standard is 40%), but book may not be viable at
price necessary to get us what we need + 20%.

5.	Performance Committee
o	ABD was successful (good turn-out, logistics smooth, people
had fun, party was good, the Bears won!).
o	Jerry commended for smooth coordination with Athletics, Robin
for party.
o	Hats: Chris bough 48 additional hats for ABD; need more for
next year.  ACTION: Chris
o	Basketball: Band requested CBAA to cover menAs & womenAs games
on 12/18.  CBAA unable to cover on short notice.  Noted that
CBAA enjoys covering games, but generally, more notice is
required to get the word out.

6.	Awards Committee
o	Continuing to discuss two new "service" awards, with
certificate and perpetual trophy
	- "Ellsworth" award: to Band member
	- "Tony Martinez" award: to alumnus or alumna for service to
Band or Alumni
o	No specific funding proposal yet

7.	NTE
o	Outgoing head honcho JP commended for service; new head
honcho: Eric Heilmann.  Thanks, Eric.
o	Two ways YOU can help the NTE: keep your ears open for
potential Echoes & keep CBAA database up-to-date.
o	Eric presented new NTE plan (attached)
o	Debate over "Plan A" vs. "Plan B" - specifically over printing
method: lithography vs. copying
	- no resolution; NTE & Finance Committees to meet and make
recommendation to Council or ExCom
	- ACTION: Eric to call meeting

8.	Leadership/Development
o	Band officers to meet, set goals and objectives for ExCom
o	Need to set date for Workshop; ACTION: Gibson/Stromsess
9.	Cal Band Report
o	Bob Briggs establishing scholarship for 1st year cornet or
french horn player; $10k in principal.
o	Trip to Alamo Bowl is a go; struggle with Univ. for funding,
but great support from BobAs boss, Robert Cole.
o	Briggs has announced his retirement effective end of 94-95
season (actually retiring end of 93-94 + volunteering
	-  Group of CBAA and Band Backers past presidents organized to
represent alumni in search for replacement.
	-  Emphasizing need for student involvement in decision

10.	Nominating Committee
o	Kathy Heilmann appointed unanimously to fill Steve SinclairAs
vacated position on Council (a95 term).
o	Nominated slate for a97 term:
	-  returning: Barnett, Brownson, Mart, Chong, Thomas,
Spafford, Yee
	-  new: Lisa Price Holmes (Eliot Smyrl out)
o	Election needed to confirm slate; ACTION: Melnick to do

NEXT MEETING:  March 6, 1994, 9:30 a.m.  Tentative location: Alumni
Adjourned at 11:42 a.m.	Respectfully submitted, R. Melnick, Secretary

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