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CBAA Council Minutes

June 4, 1994

The meeting was held at the home of Hugh Barnett in Danville, CA.  Present
were John "Vito" Gibson, Ric Mart, Jerry Taylor, Larry Anderson, Kathy
Heilmann, Eric Heilmann, Don Brownson, Hugh Barnett, John Psathas, Lisa
Holmes (and her baby!), Wade Williams, Victor Lee, Linda Vogelsberg, Chris
Bailey, Larry Agusta, Tim Castro, and Rune Stromsness (Cal Band Sr.
Manager), enough to constitute a quorum.

The Meeting was called to order at 10:20 a.m. by outgoing CBAA President,
Ric Mart.  Ric thanked the council for their hard work.  Vito presented Ric
with an engraved gavel as a token of the Association's thanks for Ric's
work as President.  Ric then officially turned the reigns of power over to

CBAA Council Ex-Comm Elections:

Vito began his reign as CBAA President by announcing the nominating
committee's recommendations for the offices of Treasurer and Secretary:
Hugh Barnett for Treasurer and Kathy Heilmann for Secretary.  Hugh and
Kathy were voted into office unanimously.  (Linda Vogelsberg had been
selected as Vice President at the previous CBAA meeting.)

CBAA Financial Statements:

Hugh Barnett discussed the financial statements of the Association.  He
stated that the CBAA's financial position has improved considerably
recently due to large deposits from sales of the history book.  The
financial statements which Hugh prepared were already significantly out-of-
date.  If we can sell two books a week, which is a conservative estimate
based on recent sales rates), we should only require only a $900
contribution from Association funds to pay off the history book loans at
the end of the calendar year.  Additional income from selling the remaining
books could be used for other purposes.

Eric Heilmann led a discussion about the North Tunnel Echo and its funding.
The proposed budget had funding for only two issues of the NTE per year
(one general and one sustaining, the minimum required according to by-
laws).  After discussion amongst the council, we decided that we should do
everything possible to increase circulation to three issues (2 general, 1
sustaining).  Unfortunately, the California Alumni Association has
indicated that they are only willing to fund $400 of our newsletter costs
this year, a significant reduction from previous years.  Eric will try to
convice the CAA to give us more.  It costs approximately $1100 to print and
mail a general issue, $600 to print and mail a sustaining issue.

Eric stated that the NTE Committee had done some research into including
advertising in the NTE.  The NTE Committee recommends that we accept
advertising for professional services in the NTE subject to the following
considerations:  (1) only CBAA members or friends of the CBAA may
advertise, (2) ads will be sold at twice the marginal cost to print them,
which is $50 for a business card size, $100 for a quarter page, $200 for a
half page. (3) no more than one page worth of advertising will be sold per
issue, and the advertising will be distributed throughout the newsletter,
(4) advertisements must adhere to good taste.  In this way, up to $400 per
issue could be made, significantly offsetting the costs of printing and
mailing the NTE.  If three issues were printed a year, it would be
reasonable to assume that $800 in advertising revenue could be made.

Jerry Taylor made a motion to accept advertising and to make a goal of
printing and distributing 2 general and 1 sustaining issue in the coming
year, subject to the success of advertising and the financial health of the
CBAA.  Chris Bailey seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

CBAA Budget:

The budget was revised to show California Alumni Association subsidy and
advertising income as revenues, and to correct for the true costs of
printing the NTE.  The approved budget is shown below:

	Memberships (renewals and new memberships)	$3,135
	Shirts and Hats					$700
	California Alumni Association NTE Subsidy	$400
	NTE Advertising Revenue				$800
	TOTAL						$5,035

	Alumni Band Day (incl. reception)		$800
	Shirts and Hats					$700
	Workshops					$300
	Music						$35
	NTE						$2,800
	Administration					$400
	TOTAL						$5,035

We agreed to monitor revenues carefully and adjust expenditures accordingly
if necessary.

New Appointment to CBAA Council:

Vito announced that Steve Spafford indicated that he was interested in
resigning from the council if there was someone available to take his
place.  Tim Castro and Greg Jones had indicated interest in serving on the
CBAA council.  Jerry Taylor made a motion that we accept Steve Spafford's
resignation and appoint Tim Castro to the council.  Linda Vogelsberg
seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

CBAA Committees:

Linda Vogelsberg and each of the committee chairs discussed the membership
and status of the various CBAA committees:

1.	Nominating Committee
	Linda Vogelsberg (chair)
	Bruce Hinkley
	Rune Stromsness (Ex-Officio)

The nominating committee just completed its annual task of filling
vacancies on the CBAA council and Ex-Comm.  The committee is always looking
for people who are interested in being on the CBAA council and are willing
to actively participate.  Vacancies come up periodically due to
resignations, etc.

2.	Performance Committee
	Chris Bailey (chair)
	Larry Anderson
	Tim Castro
	Don Brownson
	Victor Lee
	Ric Mart
	Jerry Taylor
	Linda Vogelsberg
	Lance Chong

Alumni Band Day is set for September 24 against Arizona State.  This date
has not received final approval from the Athletic Department yet, though.

3.	Membership & Finance Committee
	Hugh Barnett (co-chair)
	Kathy Heilmann (co-chair)
	John Gibson
	Eric Heilmann
	Susie Homer
	Victor Lee
	Ric Mart
	Robin Melnick
	John Psathas

Vito mentioned several times that it was critical for this committee to
meet soon to discuss membership dues structure.  The CBAA needs to increase
revenues if we are going to be able to take on projects, such as..... (see

4.	Awards and Recognition Committee
	Larry Agusta (chair)
	John Gibson
	Lane Lepisto

For some time, the CBAA has been interested in funding additional awards
for the Band.  However, the Awards and Recognition Committee is awaiting
funding for such awards from the Finance and Membership Committee

5.	Reunion Committee
	Linda Vogelsberg (chair)
	Larry Anderson
	Tim Castro
	Lisa Holmes
	Susie Homer
	Bruce Hinkley
	John Psathas

This year's Reunion will be held at Hs Lordships, in the same place that it
was held four years ago.  A lounge area will be available for members who
wish to talk away from the noise of the DJ and dancing.

6.	Leadership and Development Committee
	Linda Vogelsberg (chair)
	Tim Castro
	Robin Melnick
	Rune Stromsness (Ex-Officio)

The Leadership & Development Committee wants to hold two workshops each
year -- one for the Band Executive Committee and one for the Co-Comms.

7.	Cal Band Backers Committee
	Hugh Barnett (chair)
	Linda Vogelsberg
	Daniel Yee
	Dan Cheatham (non-Council)
	Bill Dal Porto (non-Council)
	Al Downey (non-Council)
	Steve Spafford (non-Council)

The membership of this committee is selected by the Band Backers Board.

8.	North Tunnel Echo
	Eric Heilmann (chair)
	Tim Castro
	Kathy Heilmann
	Victor Lee
	Linda Vogelsberg
	Aaron Katzman (non-Council)
	Andrew Shih (non-Council)

The internet discussion group is rapidly expanding, with approximately 80
members so far.  In addition to the history information available on
gopher, we are also preparing World Wide Web (WWW) pages suitable for
viewing with a WWW browser such as NCSA Mosaic.  (Don't worry if you don't
know what that means.)

9.	History Committee
	Eric Heilmann (chair)
	Tim Castro
	Kathy Heilmann
	Linda Vogelsberg
	Aaron Katzman (non-Council)
	Andrew Shih (non-Council)

The History Committee is currently focusing its efforts on marketing and
selling the remaining history books.  Near term projects include continuing
the organizing and archiving of historical information and other projects
that do not require a lot of money.  Longer term the History Committee
hopes to take on other projects, such as converting films to videotape.
Also, based on the current balance of the History Book account, we
discussed making payments towards the outstanding history book loans.  Ric
Mart made a motion to repay $1500 each to Bib Briggs, Bill Dal Porto, and
Fred & Louise Vogelsberg, and $2175 to Linda Vogelsberg (payment in full).
Larry Anderson seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously
(Linda Vogelsberg abstained).

10.	Director's Committee
	John Gibson (chair)
	Larry Anderson
	Hugh Barnett
	Tim Castro
	Ric Mart
	John Psathas
	Jerry Taylor
	Linda Vogelsberg
	Lindsay Hiratzka (non-Council)
	Steve Spafford (non-Council)
	Rune Stromsness (Ex-Officio)

We spent a lot of time discussing the role of this committee, recently
formed to assist in the search for a new director for the Band.  During
this discussion, Hugh Barnett mentioned that he recently heard from Robert
Cole that the Music department is interested in participating in the search
for a new director, and they are interested in possibly making the Band
part of the Music department.  The ramifications of this decision are
tremendous.  The hiring process for a faculty member is quite different
from the hiring process for a staff member.  We decided that we needed more
time to discuss this than was available at this CBAA council meeting,
therefore the Director's Committee will meet as soon as possible, then a
special meeting of the CBAA council will be held to discuss this issue.
Larry Anderson made a motion that the Director's Committee solicit input on
this issue from the CBAA sustaining membership through online discussions
and a questionnaire mailout to sustaining members.  Victor Lee seconded the
motion, and it passed unanimously (Ric Mart abstained).

Sr. Manager's Report:

Rune Stromsness reported that the Band has made it a high priority to
finish the endowment within the next three years.  To this end, the Band
will focus all its fundraising efforts toward the endowment.  The Band is
considering funding a part-time job to manage the endowment fund-raising.
The Band is interested in suggestions from the alumni of people who might
be qualified and interested in the position, if it is offered.  Also, a
retirement party has been scheduled for Bob Briggs on Saturday, May 6,
1995.  The Band is currently looking for a place to hold the party.

Tellefsen Hall Report:

Wade Williams reported that TH has a new cook, and the newer healthier food
has been very well received.  There are currently two women signed up to
live in the house this fall; one of them will be the house president.
Although the men in the house are comfortable with women living in the
house, there seems to be some resistance among women in the Band to live at
TH due to "slovenliness."

Next Meeting(s):

The Director's Committee will meet at 7pm in BRH on Tuesday June 14.  The
special meeting of the CBAA Council will be 9am on Saturday July 9,
location TBD.  The next regular meeting of the CBAA Council will be 9am
Saturday August 20, location TBD.

The meeting was adjourned to the BBQ at 1:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Kathy Heilmann, Secretary, June 13, 1994

PS:  The UC Berkeley campus has recently established mail codes for campus
departments to speed up mail sorting.  The Cal Band's mail code, 4280, is
used for campus mail.  For U.S. mail, the mail code makes up the last four
digits of the 9-digit zip code.  That means you should now use the 9-digit
zip code 94720-4280 when sending mail to the Cal Band or CBAA.

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