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CBAA Council Minutes

August 20, 1994

Room 130 Dwinelle Hall

Council Members Present:  John "Vito" Gibson, Kathy Heilmann, Chris Bailey,
Tim Castro, Wade Williams, Eric Heilmann, Robin Melnick, Larry Anderson, Lisa
Holmes, Lance Chong, Rick Mart, Hugh Barnett, Jane Lepisto, John Psathas,
Jerry Taylor, Rune Stromsness (Ex-Officio)

Also Present: Greg Jones, Juliette Bettencourt, Eric Armstrong, Richie Jenkins
(Cal Band Ad-Comm)

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am.  Introductions were made around
the room for the benefit of guests.

Approval of Minutes

Discussion of minutes from the July 9 Special Council Meeting.  No errors were
brought up.  Robin Melnick moved to approve as written up.  Linda Vogelsberg
seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Nominating Committee Report

Vito took the agenda slightly out of order so that we could vote in two new
members of the CBAA council.  Vito had received either written or oral
resignations from Susie (Thomas) Homer and David Becker.  The nominating
committee, as represented by Linda Vogelsberg, had two recommendations to fill
the two vacancies: Greg Jones and Juliette Bettencourt.  Greg was Drum Major
in 1990 and helped out with the history book.  Juliette was one of the
"pioneering" women in the Cal Band in 1976.  She also contributed her oral
history to the history book.  Linda moved that these two be voted in to fill
the two vacancies.  Chris Bailey seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
Congratulations, Greg and Juliette!

Treasurerís Report

Hugh Barnett reported that the association is in "fairly good" financial
condition.  We only owe $4,500 to our three lenders for the history book.  On
the balance sheets (attached), the $3,300 represents the money that the CBAA
advanced the history project for incidentals, and is an internal transaction

Alumni Band Day

Chris Bailey assured us that we will have a great show planned for Alumni Band
Day on September 24.  Although details haven't been worked out, ideas are
coalescing around a "welcome back Bruce Snyder" theme.  Any alumni with witty
ideas, please contact Chris ASAP.

After tense and arduous negotiations, the following logistics were agreed

Music:  Chris

Instruments:  Chris Bailey

Shirts and Hats
	Procurement:  Chris Bailey
	Transport to ABD:  Chris Bailey or designee
	Sales at ABD:  Kathy Heilmann & Lisa Holmes
	Storage after ABD:  Linda Vogelsberg

Check-In (includes posters, roster, sign-in, membership, sales, clean-up):
	Kathy Heilmann & Lisa Holmes, with advice and guidance from Robin

Set-Up (includes trucks, parking permits, field set-up, ladders, P.A. system):
	Chris Bailey

	Coffee:  Linda Vogelsberg (this will give her a chance to get it right
	this year)
	Donuts:  Hugh Barnett
	Apples:  Travis Davison
	Soft Drinks:  Victor Lee

	Locale:  Robin Melnick
	Food & Drink:  Robin Melnick
	Videotape & TV:  Greg Jones
	Book Sales:  Eric Heilmann

Clean-Up: Vito or designee

Kathy and Lisa will take a clipboard to Memorial in order to do late check-in.
Kathy will remind Chris at the end of rehearsal to make an announcement (1) to
make sure that you have checked in with Kathy or Lisa, and (2) that history
books and other goodies will be for sale at the reception after the game, so
don't run away.

Vito's cousin is getting married that day, so he may not be able to make it to
ABD.  Hopefully, the wedding is in the afternoon, so he can come to ABD in the

Reunion Committee

Linda Vogelsberg reported that the plans for the reunion are going along well.
It will take place on Friday, November 18 (evening before Big Game) at Hs.
Lordships Restaurant at the Berkeley Marina.  The program will include a
special tribute (not a roast) to Bob for his last year.  (Yes, Bob will be

The Reunion Committee's three goals are:
1) Encourage as many people to attend as possible by keeping cost low
2) Promote a very "Go Bears!" spirit
3) Have the reunion pay for itself

Towards the first goal, Linda laid out various cost options (see attached),
including options of buffet vs. banquet dinner, wine vs. no host bar only, and
printed invitations vs. photocopied invitations.  After some discussion, there
seemed to be agreement that buffet was better than banquet, no-host bar is OK,
and printed invitations are a lot nicer and don't cost too much extra.  This
option is projected to cost $4,845.  Chris Bailey moved to approve this option
("3A" on the attachment).  Robin seconded the motion.  The motion passed

Linda further proposed that ticket prices be set at $35.00 for CBAA sustaining
members, $39.00 for general members and guests, and $10.00 for dancing only.
Jane Lepisto moved to approve these prices.  Jerry Taylor seconded.  The
motion passed unanimously.

Director's Committee

Vito reported on the progress of this committee, which has been meeting
regularly lately.  Rune spoke with Robert Cole yesterday.  The music
department is stalling.  Ollie Wilson (Music dept. chair) is currently trying
to fill many vacant positions, and Rune's sense is that he doesn't want to
deal with us right now.  Cole gave Wilson two weeks to respond.  Those two
weeks aren't up yet, but Cole has said that if he doesn't hear from them by
then, the Cal Band can proceed to fill the position on its own.  Cole gives a
75% probability that Wilson won't go forward because he has other things to
worry about, and there is not a lot of faculty support for concert band within
the music department.

Assuming no music department involvement in the position, Cole's idea for a
search and nominating committee consists of Cole, 2 Cal Band student officers,
1 CBAA representative, 1 CBB representative, and 1 Music department
representative.  The tentative and still rough schedule is:
Announcement of Nationwide Search:	Mid-Fall
Applications Due:			Winter
Interviews:				January

There will be a meeting on Wednesday, August 24 at 7pm in BRH to begin
refining the job description.  For this, we will be aided by the survey

Survey Results

The survey results, as compiled by Linda Vogelsberg, are attached to these
minutes.  The results compiled to date are fairly current, although additional
surveys are still coming in.

Larry Anderson said that he thinks that two years' experience is not nearly
enough.  Five years would be better as a minimum, and even that is a bare
minimum.  Also, beware because many band directors will want total control of
the Band, which is inconsistent with the student system.

Greg Jones pointed out that the statistical sample of the music educators is
too small to be statistically meaningful, so we should beware of conclusions
drawn from this data.

Vito announced that on August 24 there will be a special Director's Committee
meeting to develop the job description.  Then, we may need a special Council
meeting, or hopefully we can approve via U.S. mail.  Also, let's try to get
Bob's job description for that meeting.  Rune warned that it is very out-of-
date and probably not very helpful.

Leadership & Development Committee

Nothing to report.

Cal Band Backers

Hugh Barnett reported that the next meeting is Wednesday Sept. 7th.  Steve
Berry is the new President.

Rune reported that in order to raise "big bucks" for the endowment, they need
to reorganize and go after large donations.  The Band is working with Hugh,
Bob, and Sherry to go after donations in the $30k+ range.  They are hoping to
get $1 Million in the next 6-9 months.  People who have experience with this
say that it is possible, and some of their feelers look good.  Also, they are
looking at second tier significant gifts of several thousand per year, and how
to go after them.  Although the Band will still use them, mail solicitations
don't really provide much money.  So there is a three pronged approach:  (1)
high level fund-raising council for the largest donations, (2) a group led by
the CBB for the moderate donations, and (3) mail solicitations for smaller
donations.  Some of this high level group has already met, and on the 7th, the
CBB will kick off the moderate level group.  As soon as the campaign is
officially announced, there will be mail solicitations for the endowment.
They are also working on newsletters (3-4 times/yr.) for donors and parents.
Communications to alumni will be handled through the NTE.

Hugh reported that Janet Cronk and Barney Rocca are co-chairing the high level
committee, which is made up of about 15-20 people, including some from
Southern California.  Basically, they are rich people who network with their
rich friends to get donations for the Band.

Chris asked what about corporate donations?  Hugh said that they should try to
go after those as well.

Rune said that over the last few years, the Band has developed a financial
cushion.  Also, now interest from the endowment is enough to supplant the
winter solicitation.  But the NorCal and SoCal parties and Spring Show
solicitations will still go to the general fund.  But fifteen percent of the
Band's fund comes from unsolicited donations, and a further downturn in the
economy or bad PR could jeopardize that.

Membership & Finance Committee

This committee will meet soon after Alumni Band Day to see if they can fund
awards for the Band.

Awards & Recognition Committee

See above.

North Tunnel Echo Committee

Eric Heilmann passed out the fall issue of the NTE.  It is printed in the new
style, like the last issue.  This issue is (and all subsequent issues will be)
printed on recycled paper.

The Postal Service has new regulations on the use of advertisements in non-
profit pre-sort mail that go into effect September 1.  Basically, the are
prohibited unless (1) you put them all on the same page and label it
"sponsor's page," or (2) the advertisements are significantly connected with
the charter purpose of the organization.  The reason for the new regulations
is that non-profit pre-sort is significantly cheaper than regular pre-sort,
and some non-profit organizations were making money by "lending" their non-
profit pre-sort permits to non-qualifying organizations.  We are obviously not
trying to do that.  We believe that since part of the CBAA's charter is to
foster better relations among Band alumni, allowing Band alumni to advertise
professional services to their fellow Band alumni is consistent with that
purpose, which gets us an exemption under item #2.  Otherwise we could put the
ads together and get the exemption under item #1.  Vito promised to do the
proper legal research and get back to Eric.

Greg Jones commented that once again, we have put out an outstanding NTE.

History Committee

Buy a book.

Sales have been slow over the summer, but we expected that.  Sales should pick
up this fall with several good opportunities for sales, such as NorCal Party,
Alumni Band Day, Parents' Silent Walk, Big Game Reunion.  Also, we will try to
get the books in the ASUC store moved from the book department to the Cal
merchandise department, and also to send a few books up to the stadium on game

Tellefsen Hall

Wade Williams reported that TH is basically full, 43 out of 44 beds are full.
There are 8 women residents.  They have done a lot of work to the house over
the summer, including renovating bathrooms for shower privacy.  It seems to be
a good year, the spirit in the house is very "Go Bears."  There is a new cook,
and the food is high quality, less greasy.  As "advertised" in the NTE, there
will be a BBQ for TH alumni after the UCLA game.  Jerry Taylor commented that
that was the first positive report he has heard about TH in a long time.

Senior Manager's Report

Rune reported that TH is representative of the Band, and there is good
camaraderie in the house.  The Band size is excellent this year; there are 175
at rehearsals (compared to 143 last year).  They will march 144 in pre-game
and 160 for halftime.  There are over 70 newmen, and he still doesn't
recognize many of them!  FTP was hot but good, except for Band Van problems.
Next Saturday is a work party, where parents and alumni are invited to
participate in some projects, including sewing vests, painting doors, and
installing blinds.  Lisa Holmes volunteered to finish sewing vests if they are
not finished at the work party.

Those of you with e-mail already know this, but two weeks ago, the Band's
Executive Secretary (Susan Lydecker) resigned.  There was a difference of
opinion about time commitment, and she chose to resign.  The Executive
Committee is interviewing three people as possible replacements, and will
choose soon.  People seem to be able to move past this quickly within the

Chris Bailey told a story about how his secretary quit, and they didn't find
out until he didn't show up for FTP, but it didn't cause any problems.  Jerry
Taylor said to be sure to get somebody who will do a good job at the duties of

Rune also reported that the Band passed a constitutional amendment last Friday
that allows UC Extension students (under certain conditions) to be in the
Band.  This is consistent with a recent change in University policy.  This new
policy has allowed seven new members to join.

Greg Jones commended the Band Ex-Comm for setting goals without boundaries and
achieving them.

Next Meeting

A special meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 17 before the Hawaii
game if needed.  Kathy will let you know whether this meeting is needed.

The winter quarter meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 3 at 10am.
Location TBD.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 am.

Respectfully submitted, September 3, 1994, Kathy Heilmann, Secretary.

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