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CBAA Council Minutes

December 3, 1994

Alumni House, President's Room

Council Members Present:  John "Vito" Gibson, Jane Lepisto, Chris
Bailey, Larry Anderson, Lisa Holmes, Greg Jones, Kathy Heilmann,
Eric Heilmann, Ric Mart, Don Brownson, Juliette Bettencourt, Dan
Yee, Hugh Barnett, Tim Castro, Jerry Taylor, Larry Agusta, Linda
Vogelsberg, Wade Williams, Bob Briggs (Ex Officio), Rune
Stromsness (Ex Officio)

Also Present: Richie Jenkins (Cal Band incoming Sr. Manager),
Mark Gervase (Cal Band incoming Student Director), Sara Ferejohn
(Cal Band incoming PRD)

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am.  Introductions were
made around the room for the benefit of guests.

TreasurerAs Report

Hugh Barnett presented comparison statistics (enclosed) which
show that the association is in excellent financial condition.
Membership revenues have been markedly higher due to both higher
dues and also the highest association membership in history! Vito
congratulated Susie Homer for starting and Hugh for continuing
the membership drive which has contributed to our membership
increase.  Also, Alumni Band Day expenses were lower because we
did not need to rent Alumni House.  (Actually, we couldnAt rent
Alumni house because there was a scheduling snafu.)  Because of
our financial condition, we are able to repay all of our
outstanding loans, plus still have some money left over for
additional discretionary expenditures, which will be discussed

Reunion Committee

Linda thanked her committee, which consisted of Tim Castro, Lisa
Holmes, Larry Anderson, and John Psathas, for helping put
together one of the most successful reunions ever.  Attendance
was over 200 people.  The tribute to Bob was very well received.
Vito read to all a warm letter which he received from Bob
thanking the association for the loving tribute and the wonderful
and unique conducting bear statue.

DirectorAs Committee

Rune reported that the search for the new director is falling
behind schedule.  The official search committee is now forming,
and this first meeting will be this week.  Vito reported that the
draft job description was approved through the mail ballot, and
that Vito will be our representative and Linda our alternate.
(Also, the expenditure for BobAs statue was approved via mail
ballot.)  Hugh Barnett will be the Cal Band BackerAs
representative.  Rune Stromsness and Ajit Nair will represent the
Cal Band.  The position will be a staff position, similar to
BobAs current job description.  The committee feels that they can
still get someone in place by this spring.

Performance Committee

Chris Bailey announced that there are upcoming WomenAs Basketball
performances on December 21 by ourselves, and on January 5 and 7
with the Cal Band.  Meeting time is 6:30 in BRH.  April 29 is Cal
Day, which is the same day as Spring Show.  Since the Band canAt
do it, the Cal Day organizers would like us to do it, only they
donAt exactly know what they want us to do yet.  Just keep that
day open.  Juliette Bettencourt offered to help organize.

Our Alumni Band Day show was very well received by almost
everybody.  One person, who used to be Bruce SnyderAs neighbor,
called the ChancellorAs office, complained, and insisted that we
apologize.  The ChancellorAs office called Bob, who put them in
touch with Vito.  Vito worked with Jim Burke, the director of the
California Alumni Association to draft an apology to Bruce
Snyder, with a cc: to his former neighbor.  The letter, signed by
Jim Burke, apologized for any embarrassment it might have caused
him, not for doing it in the first place.  This is now a dead

The San Jose Big Game Reunion "kicked butt."  The monthly alumni
band rehearsals are being moved to Wednesdays now.

Leadership & Development Committee

Linda has been discussing dates for the Ex-Comm and Co-Comm
workshops with the Band.  In the next few weeks they will
finalize dates.  It looks like:  Spring Show Planning workshop on
January 15 & 16, Ex-Comm workshop on January 21, and Co-Comm
workshop in early February.

Also, Vito re-affirmed to the outgoing and incoming Ex-Comms that
the CBAA is willing and able to help in any way we can with long-
term recruiting for the Cal Band.

Cal Band Backers

Hugh reported that the next meeting is next Wednesday evening.
There are two major developments.  First, there is the
development of the advisory group, "Friends of the Cal Band,"
which is co-chaired by Janet Cronk and Barney Rocca.  This group
is made up of mostly wealthy people looking for donations from
other wealthy people.  They are currently looking for other
members from southern California.

Second, the Band is preparing its annual winter solicitation.
This one is different from previous winter solicitations in that
previously the CBB hit up alumni for the endowment and the Band
hit up all other donors for the annual fund.  This year these two
solicitations will be combined into one, where the donor will
have the option of donating to either fund.  If they do not
nominate which fund they wish to contribute to, it will default
to the endowment.  This is important to let the non-alumni donors
know about the endowment, since many of them may not even know
that it exists.

Bob reported that the Cal Band is about to hire a Development
Director, who will help with this endowment.  For this academic
year, the money to hire this person comes from BobAs salary
savings (since he is only working 49%).  Next academic year the
Band will probably share this person with the other Student
Musical Activities groups.  The job description is already
prepared, and the hiring process should begin soon.  The job will
be a year-to-year appointment, but is expected to last at least
three years.  Anyone interested in the position should contact
the Band ASAP.

Membership and Finance

Hugh and Kathy reported that the Membership and Finance committee
met recently to discuss three possible additional categories of
membership.  The first is a rate for spouses and partners.  The
committee concluded that there was no real advantage to the
association or to the members to offering this kind of membership
category, and all it would do is add complication to our three
existing membership categories.  Accordingly, the committee makes
no recommendation for a spouses and partners rate at this time.

The second was a lifetime membership rate.  The committee felt
that the somewhat cyclical nature of our new memberships would
ultimately put our association at a financial disadvantage if we
did this.  Accordingly, the committee makes no recommendation for
a lifetime membership rate at this time.

The third was a free sustaining lifetime membership for retired
directors of the Cal Band, which would include James Berdahl and
Bob Briggs.  The committee liked this idea, and does recommend
that the association implement free lifetime memberships for
retired directors.  Hugh so moved, and Larry Anderson seconded.
The motion passed unanimously.

North Tunnel Echo

Eric reported that the upcoming issue is ready to go to press on
Monday.  It should be another good issue, 8 pages to the general

There has been some changes in funding for the NTE since the NTE
budget was last approved.  First, ad sales have been
disappointing, and ad revenues is projected to be below the $800
target, perhaps as low as $250.  Second, the Cal Band has offered
to pay for the postage of NTEs this year if we print their
endowment campaign news, so that they do not have to also pay to
mail news out to the same group of alumni.  This effectively
reduces the expenses of the NTE by approximately $500-$1000,
depending on how many issues we print.

The last time we discussed the NTE budget, we approved 2 general
and 1 sustaining issue.  Vito said that we would like to increase
that to 3 general and 1 sustaining for three reasons:
1)	To show our members that the association is doing quite
2)	To improve our recruitment drive.  (Each NTE issue will have
	a membership form.)
3)	To assist the Band with their endowment campaign by getting
	the word out more often and to more people.
The additional revenue needed to put out one additional general
issue should not exceed $900, and the association can afford it.
Vito recommended that we approve the additional expenditure.  Don
Brownson so moved, and Juliette Bettencourt seconded.  The motion
passed unanimously.

Award and Recognition Committee

Larry Agusta reported that now that the association can afford to
fund new awards for the Cal Band, the Awards and Recognition
committee would like to propose that the CBAA fund the creation
of the Bill Ellsworth memorial spirit award.  This award would be
given to a second or third year Cal Band member, not an officer,
who demonstrates outstanding "Go Bears" spirit in the style of
Bill Ellsworth, donating both time and enthusiasm.  The Awards
and Recognition Committee will work with the Cal Band Ex-Comm to
determine various details, such as selection criteria and process
(by the Band Ex-Comm, but the Alumni, or by Cal Band peers, for
example).  The award itself is envisioned to be crafted by Bill
Corlette out of a huge chunk of paint from the "Big C."  The
award would be a perpetual trophy, and would perhaps be
permanently located in a trophy case in the Band area.  However,
accompanying the award would be a certificate (using our desktop
publishing skills!) in a laminated plaque that each recipient
would keep.  The award would be presented annually at the Cal
Band banquet by the President of the CBAA.  Vito said that one of
the principal advantages of the CBAA creating this award is to
get greater visibility within the Band.  (ulterior motives
disclosed!)  The award would cost $850 to create, plus $50-75
each year for the plaque.

Larry Also mentioned that they are working on the development of
a Tony Martinez memorial award, to be given to an alumni or other
non-Band member for service to the Band.  The Awards and
Recognition Committee will make a recommendation for that at a
later meeting.

Ric Mart moved that we approve the expenditures noted, subject to
the agreement that the Awards and Recognition Committee continue
to work with the Band to iron out the selection criteria and
process details.  Hugh Barnett seconded the motion.  In
discussion, Jerry Taylor declared that he would not vote for this
unless Bill EllsworthAs name was spelled "correctly," with a
small "e" in ellsworth.  He moved that we amend the motion to
"correct" the spelling of ellsworthAs name.  Chris Bailey
seconded the motion.  The amended motion passed unanimously.

History Committee

Eric reported that we have only about 85 books left, and they
make great Christmas gifts, so get them while theyAre still
available!  As you can see from the financial statements that
Hugh passed out, the history book balances have been rolled in to
the association balances.  The book project has broken even if
you consider only book expenses, such as printing and
advertising.  If you consider all history expenses, including
money spend to archive and record history before we made the
go/no go decision on the book, then we should break even before
the books are sold out.

The next project that the History Committee wants to take on is
the creation of scrapbooks out of the jumble of stuff located in
the conference room.  (Note:  This room is going to become the
office of the new Development Director, and we have some 30 boxes
of historical archives in there, so we are about to have a
serious space problem!)  First on the agenda are the a70 Japan
and a76 America tours.  We want to get people who were on those
tours involved.

Cal Band Report

Rune said that we had already covered most of what he was
planning to talk about.  The only thing left was to mention that
BobAs official retirement party is scheduled for May 6 in Pauley
Ballroom.  There is a committee forming to work on planning the
details for it.  The funds collected at that event will be used
to support a scholarship fund that Bob has set up, called the
Briggs Family Scholarship, which rounds out the freshman
scholarships for all the instrument families.  Also, Rune wanted
to know who paid Regina Aaron to hold up a book and say "Buy a
Book" in her secretarial candidate speech!  (SecretaryAs note: I
swear it wasnAt me because I didnAt think of it, but if I had, it
would have been me!)

Richie Jenkins, the incoming Sr. Manager, said that he is really
pleased with the new Ex-Comm, which includes himself, Erin Vidali
as Drum Major, Mark Gervase as Student Director, Sara Ferejohn as
PRD, and Eda Chao as Secretary.

The new uniforms are in the mail!  There has been some discussion
of where and when they will be debuted, perhaps at the winter

Tellefsen Hall

Wade reported that seismic renovations are in progress.  There
are 43 people in the house, and 8 of them are women.

New Business

Vito requested that we be willing to donate surplus funds from
the Bob retirement gift fund of an undisclosed amount to an
undisclosed organization for an undisclosed purpose.  (Bob was
still in the room.)  "Trust me on this one!"  Linda Vogelsberg so
moved, and Greg Jones seconded.  The motion passed unanimously,
except for the abstentions of Juliette Bettencourt and Jerry

Linda announced that she will be leaving in February to go to
Costa Rica to teach English in a small village through HarvardAs
World Teach program.  She will be gone for ten months, and the
CBAA Ex-Comm has graciously agreed to fill behind her in her

Juliette Bettencourt has information on the "C" alumni club.
Contact her if you are interested.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 11 at 10am.
Location TBD.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, December 6, 1994, Kathy Heilmann,

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