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CBAA Council Minutes

March 11, 1995

11:00 am to 1:00 pm
290 Golden Bear Center

Members Present:  John "Vito" Gibson, Jerry Taylor, Juliette
Bettencourt, Larry Agusta, Greg Jones, Wade Williams, Tim
Castro, Don Brownson, Jane Lepisto, Lisa Holmes, Hugh Barnett,
Larry Anderson, Eric Heilmann, Kathy Heilmann, Rune Stromsness
(Ex-Officio), Bob Briggs (Ex-Officio)

Guests Present: Erin Vidali (incoming DM), Eda Chao (incoming
Sect'y), Sara Ferejohn (incoming PRD), Richie Jenkins (incoming
Sr. Mgr.)

Approval of Minutes:  Larry Anderson moved to approve the
minutes from the last meeting.  Juliette Bettencourt seconded.
The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report:  Hugh Barnett reported that the association
is in good financial shape.  Membership revenues are at a record
high and Alumni Band Day expenses were the lowest in three
years.  The Big Game Reunion made $712.  The book is just about
breaking even.  Our checking account has a balance of $8,642.10,
and we have net assets of $12,232.84.

Director's Committee Report:  Vito reported that the application
deadline is March 13.  The selection committee has met several
times to discuss the interview process.  There will be an all-
day meeting in two weeks to look through the applications.  They
are expecting 200 applications.  The selection committee is
going well; there seem to be good dynamics among the members.
Overall, Vito is pleased with the process.  At least three
former Cal Band members are expected to apply.

Performance Committee:  Don Brownson reported that Davis Picnic
Day is April 27.  Also, regular monthly Tuesday night rehearsals
are continuing, with a fair turnout most nights (8-10 people).
The Screamin' Hypin' Band is also having a revival.  Jerry
Taylor reported that the city of Sausalito has invited us to
play for their July 4 parade.  A number of alumni did this gig
last year on an informal basis.  Info will go out in the
upcoming NTE.

Alumni Band Day will be September 23 against San Jose State.  We
might have trouble getting a rehearsal field because of the new
grass in Memorial Stadium.  This may affect whether the Band and
the Alumni can do a joint show.

Leadership and Development:  Greg Jones reported that the recent
Ex-Comm and Co-Comm workshops were mostly successful, and we got
good feedback.  Thanks to all who were involved.

Cal Band Backers:  Hugh Barnett reported on the new Development
Director -- our own Barbara Goodson!  For the remainder of the
academic year, she is 100% Cal Band.  For next academic year,
she is 75% Cal Band and 25% for the other Student Musical
Activities groups.  The Conference Room has been converted into
an office for her.  She starts on Tuesday, and she already has
two meetings scheduled for her first day.  The Cal Band Backers
Board has been somewhat on hold until the Development Director's

Membership & Finance:  Kathy Heilmann reported that at the
suggestions of a CBAA member, we have decided to offer "gift
memberships" to the CBAA.  Prices will be the same as for
regular memberships.  Juliette Bettencourt suggested that we
pitch these gift memberships to parents of graduating senior Cal
Band members.

North Tunnel Echo:  Eric Heilmann reported that the final draft
of the upcoming NTE is circulating around the room.  This will
be another general distribution issue.  We would like to get
broader representation from all generations of alumni.  Please
consider writing a story or an article, or twisting the arm of
one of your comrades to do so.

Awards and Recognition:  Larry Augusta reported on the progress
of the development of two new awards for 2nd and 3rd year Band
members.  Richie Jenkins reported that the Band has talked about
this, and there are two concerns.  First, the distribution of
awards to Band members running for office could affect the
outcome of the elections.  Second, the same person or persons
might keep winning the first, second, third, and fourth year
awards.  The Band felt that a third senior award would work
better.  The existing two awards are for performance and
service.  A third award for spirit would be best.  Bob pointed
out that a lot of people join the Band as sophomores or juniors
and would not be eligible for a "fourth year" award.

Various brainstorming suggestions to remedy this problem were
made during the meeting:
-  Make candidates for office ineligible
-  Give the awards after the elections
-  Give the awards at some other time, such as Nor Cal party,
   Alumni Band Day, Spring Show, etc.
-  Give the award to any year student
-  Give a class award to the entire third year class
Upon further discussion, none of these ideas appear to be
promising.  Jerry Taylor stressed that the CBAA should honor the
Band's wishes on this matter.  The Awards and Recognition
Committee and the Band will jointly decide this matter before
the end of the fiscal year, June 30.

History Committee:  Eric Heilmann reported that we intend to
pitch the book to Band parents later this spring.  We have
extended the P.O. box until September 1, after which time we
will cancel it.  Should we pitch the book to Director

Cal Band Report:  Rune Stromsness reported on the status of the
new uniforms.  The Band got the vendor that they wanted
(Stanbury Uniforms), but the process has not been without
problems.  They received the uniforms in mid December, but the
vests and capes didn't fit together.  They were all returned to
the manufacturer.  One sample of the fixed uniforms has been
sent, and it fits OK.  The only remaining problem is that the
buckle and holes don't fit, because the buckle manufacturer
didn't follow the specifications.  This is also being taken care
of.  Some people have joked that the hat's starburst looks like
a blowfish.  The Band hopes to have the fixed uniforms in time
for Spring Show, but they're making no promises.  Rune sees no
reason why they won't be ready for the fall, but based on past
experience, they are making no promises.  So far the Band has
withheld payment on all but the pants -- the only satisfactory
uniform part so far.

Hugh said that at the time the new uniforms are premiered, he
would like the Band to recognize the three major donors: Garff
Wilson, the Class of 30, and the Class of 38.  Rune said that
they are discussing various options for how to premiere the

Rune reported that some major endowment donations are expected
in at Charter Day.  Also, the Winter Concert, 3 weeks ago, was a
great concert with the largest crowd ever.  The Band had a nice
reception before the concert.

Richie Jenkins reported on the sexual harassment seminars that
the Band leaders are going through.  It is a university-
sponsored program called SHAPE, which stands for Sexual
Harassment Advocacy and Peer Education.  The program is going
pretty well, and the Band leaders will probably educate the
entire Band at FTP.  There has been more and more talk among
Band members that some of the old traditions are inappropriate

Richie also reported that FTP will not be at Davis this year.
The semester got pushed back a week, and when they checked with
Davis, they were already booked for the new FTP weekend.  The
Band looked seriously at two local schools -- UC Santa Cruz and
Hayward State -- and picked Hayward State.

Bob reported that a fellow from St. Mary's contacted him.  They
want a new recording of their fight song, On to Victory, to
replace their forty-year old recording, but they have no band to
play it.  So the Cal Band will play it for their recording.  On
to Victory is taken from the trio to Invercargill March.  They
will do a "play-sing-play" version and a "play" version.  St.
Mary's will pay the Band's expenses and make a donation.  Also,
Mrs. Forrest Tregea is thinking of donating her grand piano to
the Band.  She will include a plaque with Forrest's name on it.

Spring Show is Saturday, April 22, the day after Charter Day.
Rehearsals are starting this week.  The show is 8pm in
Zellerbach Hall, one night only.  There will be a parent/donor
reception before the show.

The Band is now putting out the Highstepper, a parent/donor
newsletter.  Please give any items of interest to Sara or
Richie.  This newsletter goes out to donors who are not also
alumni.  The North Tunnel Echo is used to reach alumni.

Sara Ferejohn reported that the Band is now soliciting
advertisements in the Spring Show program.  Talk to her if you
are interested in buying an ad.  The CBAA usually buys an ad.
Jane Lepisto moved that the CBAA buy a quarter page ad for $60,
and Larry Agusta seconded the motion.  Upon further discussion
of the appropriate ad size, this motion was withdrawn.  Larry
Agusta moved that the CBAA buy a half page ad for $100, and
Larry Anderson seconded the motion.  The motion passed
unanimously.  The CBAA has a standard ad which the Band will

The Band is purchasing a new Band Van for $21,000.  They are
getting $8,500 from the University for overpayment of a lease,
and the remainder is coming from the reserves.  Dan Isiacsen (a
Band alum) is paying to have a backup beeper installed.

Plans are moving along for Bob's retirement party.  Invitations
will be sent out in two weeks to all Band alumni.  It will be a
large dinner in Pauley Ballroom on Saturday, May 6.  The CBAA
has handled the bar at Band events like NorCal party before.
This has worked out well, because the people who work get in
free and the Band saves a lot of money compared to hiring
professional bartenders.  A large party like this (400-500
people) will probably require 2-3 bars.  Vito will coordinate
getting volunteers.

Tellefsen Hall Report:  Wade Williams reported that TH is not in
rosy financial health.  The building is unreinforced masonry,
and laws require us to do work to reinforce the building by 1998
or discontinue operations.  A contractor has estimated the work
to cost $400,000-$500,000 to fix with I-beam and X-beam bracing.
But even after spending this kind of money, the house would
still be in need of cosmetic repairs.  TH can't afford this in
addition to the $150,000 mortgage.  Alternately, it would cost
$70,000-$80,000 to tear down and $1 Million to rebuild -- if you
could get permission.  TH is a registered historical landmark.
The board is looking into selling and moving.  The co-ed
arrangement is working pretty well.  About half the residents
are new Band members.  The house is almost full, down two

Old/New Business:  Kathy Heilmann reported that her sister
Jennie Smith is getting together a table of Band alumni to go to
the Charter Day banquet.  If you are interested, call her at
(415) 967-9548.  It should be a lot of fun.

Vito reported that the California Alumni Association is
soliciting nominations for their annual awards.  Linda
Vogelsberg was nominated by the CBAA last year, and Jerry Taylor
thought that she should have won, but she didn't.  Ric also
nominated us for Club of the Year, which we also didn't win.
The application deadline is March 24, and the awards are given
in the fall.  Let Vito know if you want to make a nomination
this year.

Larry Augusta brought up the subject of alumni scholarships.
What we charged $5 to participate in Alumni Band Day?  Then we
could collect money for scholarships.  We agreed to talk about
this item at a future meeting.

Juliette Bettencourt reported that she has been approached by
the Class of 60 about playing for their reunion, which is the
same day as Cal Day.  She will coordinate with Chris Berry and
get back to Heilmanns for inclusion in the NTE.

Jerry Taylor said that a Band history timeline would be very
useful.  It could show trends, evolution, and where traditions
began.  Greg Jones agreed to head this up.  We agreed to spend
money to print and mount the final product.  Greg will provide
us with more details at a future meeting.

The 1965 America Tour is planning a reunion.  Bill Dal Porto (SM
64) is in charge.  Contact him for more information.

Vito reported that there are some vacancies coming up on the
CBAA Council.  Contact him with any suggestions for new members.

The next meeting is set for Saturday, June 10.  The time and
location are TBA.

Respectfully, submitted, Kathy Heilmann, CBAA Secretary, April
2, 1995

(PS: Thanks to Eda Chao for taking notes for me while I was late

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