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CBAA Council Minutes

June 10, 1995

11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Larry Anderson's Home in Danville

Members Present:  John "Vito" Gibson, Jerry Taylor, Larry
Augusta, Greg Jones, Wade Williams, Tim Castro,  Jane Lepisto,
Hugh Barnett, Larry Anderson, Eric Heilmann, Kathy Heilmann,
John Psathas, Lindsay Hiratzka, Barbara Goodson, Victor Lee,
Richie Jenkins (Ex-Officio), Bob Briggs (Ex-Officio)

Guests Present: Dan Cheatham, Ed Goodson, Erin Vidali (incoming

Approval of Minutes:  Larry Augusta moved to approve the minutes
from the last meeting (as mailed out in hard copy, not the e-
mail version which contained a few typos).  Jane Lepisto
seconded.  The motion passed unanimously with one abstention.

Nominating Committee Report:  With Linda in Costa Rica, Vito is
taking charge of the nominating committee.  Don Brownson has
taken a job in Germany and will be gone for three years, so he
has had to leave the council.  Vito has asked Lindsay Hiratzka
to join the council.  Lindsay is a past president of the CBAA.
Jane moved that Lindsay be named to the new vacancy on council.
Larry Augusta seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
Welcome, Lindsay!

Treasurerís Report:  Hugh reported that we are in good financial
shape.  We have one NTE bill still outstanding.  From now on UC
Printing will bill the band who will bill us in turn.
Membership numbers and revenues are at an all-time high.  The
book project has broken even.  We only have 21 books left -- and
these are currently in the possession of our two consignors,
George J. Good and ASUC Store.

The proposed budget shows a net loss of $500, which is OK
because it includes a large one-time expenditure for the bill
ellsworth award.  We have sufficient cash reserves to manage
this modest loss.  Larry Anderson moved that we accept the
budget as presented, with minor changes as discussed.  Hugh
seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Approved CBAA Budget for 1995/96:

Revenues:   Memberships        $ 4,450
            Merchandise Sales:
               Books               450
               Shirts              250
               Hats                350
               NTE Advertising     600
Total Revenues:                $ 6,100

Expenses:   Merchandise             $0
            Alumni Band Day        700
            Music (ABD)            100
            Workshops              400
            NTE                  2,800
            Awards               1,500
            Administration         600
            Oral Histories         500
Total Expenses:                $ 6,600

Net:                             <$500>

Standing Committee Memberships:  We updated the list of members
of standing committees , adding and deleting names as
appropriate.  Jane Lepisto moved to accept the list as modified,
Larry Anderson seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

CBAA 1995/96 Approved Standing Committees:

Nominating Committee

Linda Vogelsberg (Chair, on sabbatical)
Bruce Hinkley
Barbara Goodson
Richie Jenkins (Ex-Officio)

Performance Committee

Chris Bailey (Chair)
Larry Anderson
Tim Castro
Lance Chong
Victor Lee
Ric Mart
Jerry Taylor
Linda Vogelsberg (on sabbatical)

Membership and Finance Committee

Hugh Barnett (Co-chair)
Kathy Heilmann (Co-chair)
John Gibson
Eric Heilmann
Victor Lee
Ric Mart
Robin Melnick

Awards and Recognition Committee

Larry Augusta (Chair)
John Gibson
Jane Lepisto

Leadership and Development Committee:

Linda Vogelsberg (Chair, on sabbatical)
Tim Castro
Lindsay Hiratzka
Greg Jones
Robin Melnick
John Psathas
Richie Jenkins (Ex-Officio)

Cal Band Backers Committee

Hugh Barnett (Chair)
Linda Vogelsberg (on sabbatical)
Daniel Yee
Dan Cheatham (non-council)
Bill Dalporto (non-council)
Steve Spafford (non-council)

North Tunnel Echo Committee

Eric Heilmann (Co-chair)
Kathy Heilmann (Co-chair)
Tim Castro
Linda Vogelsberg (on sabbatical)
Aaron Katzman (non-council)
Andrew Shih (non-council)
Jennie Smith (non-council)

History Committee

Eric Heilmann (Chair)
Tim Castro
Kathy Heilmann
Linda Vogelsberg (on sabbatical)
Dan Cheatham (non-council)
Aaron Katzman (non-council)
Andrew Shih (non-council)
Jennie Smith (non-council)

Director's Committee:

John Gibson (chair)
Larry Anderson
Hugh Barnett
Tim Castro
Eric Heilmann
Kathy Heilmann
Lindsay Hiratzka
Ric Mart
John Psathas
Jerry Taylor
Linda Vogelsberg (on sabbatical)
Paul Bostwick (non-council)
Dan Cheatham (non-council)
Jon Elkus (non-council)
Ajit Nair (non-council)
Steve Spafford (non-council)
Rune Stromsness (non-council)

Director's Committee:  Vito reported that the official
University selection committee has come to a consensus
recommendation for the new Cal Band Director.  However, the
offer has not been "rubber stamped" yet, so Vito cannot reveal
the new Director's identity.  48 extremely qualified people
applied for the job, including 7 Cal Band alumni.  The search
committee began meeting in March, several candidates were asked
to submit videotapes, 7 candidates made the short list, 5 came
to campus for an interview.

The chosen director has two goals for the Cal Band:
1)  Take the excellent musical standards of the Cal Band and
improve upon them.
2)  Begin active recruiting to increase numbers in the Band.

Selecting the director was a long and sometimes difficult
process, getting consensus from the many different
representatives on the committee.  But they were successful in
achieving their goals and objectives.  Vito says that he knows
we will be pleased with the selection.  Bob Briggs agreed.

There is also a possibility of a closer working relationship
with the music department.  That could prove beneficial for the
Cal Band.

Jerry Taylor moved that we go on record for the CBAA thanking
the Cal Band-related committee members (CBAA' representative -
John "Vito" Gibson, CBB representative - Hugh Barnett, Cal Band
representatives - Rune Stromsness and Ajit Nair) for their time
and effort put in to the director search.  Eric Heilmann
seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Jane Lepisto moved that we send a thank-you note from the CBAA
signed by Vito to each member of the search committee, thanking
them for their work.  Jerry seconded the motion.  The motion
passed unanimously.

Performance Committee:  Jerry Taylor made the report on behalf
of Chris Bailey and Ric Mart who could not be there.  Barbara
Goodson talked about Davis Picnic Day; we had about 30 people
there.  Tim Castro mentioned that after the parade the Alumni
Band played Alumni Band Fanfare for Jonathan Elkus.  Jonathan
Elkus wrote the fanfare in the 1950's but never heard it
performed until the Alumni Band played it for him that day!

Jerry Taylor is organizing an Alumni Band performance for the
4th of July parade in Sausalito.  At the next Alumni Band
rehearsal, Tuesday June 20 @ 7pm, we will be rehearsing the
Yankee Doodle Dandy dance step from the 70 tour (and others).
We will be doing this dance step on July 4.

Alumni Band Day is September 23 against San Jose State.  The
date is now definite.  The game will probably start at 12:30 but
could be moved to 3:30.  Rehearsal field might be a problem.
(The Cal Band doesn't have a rehearsal field yet!)  The likely
fields are Edwards and Whitter (a.k.a. Strawberry).  We need the
Band to let us know the athletic department's policies on apples
and tickets as soon as they know.  The Performance Committee
needs show ideas.  Erin Vidali will attend the next Performance
Committee meeting to coordinate for Alumni Band Day.

We have received a request for an Alumni Band SHB from a Mrs.
Blake for 1996!  Now that's planning ahead!

There was an Alumni Band performance at Cal Day, but there were
only 6 people -- and 2 of those were current Band students!

Leadership and Development Committee:  Greg Jones is still
working on a history timeline.  He passed out a draft prototype
and explained how the final product will use overlays.  He will
coordinate this effort with the history committee.  Tim Castro
is working on finalizing the Co-Comm workshop process.

Awards and Recognition Committee:  This committee went back to
the drawing board after the last council meeting.  The current
proposal is for each 3rd year member to get a memento, plus a
permanent plaque in the Band room, to memorialize bill ellsworth
(non-capitalization is correct!).  Possible mementos include a
brass paperweight, marble paperweight, or plaque.  Richie
Jenkins expressed his preference to have an additional award for
4th-year or graduating senior members to recognize the member
with the best spirit.  Bob Briggs said that many times it is
difficult to give only two senior awards, and none of the
existing awards adequately recognize spirit.  Vito asked whether
the objective of memorializing bill ellsworth is best served by
giving something to all 3rd year members, or by recognizing the
one member with the best spirit.  Most agreed that the latter
best fit the purpose of recognizing bill ellsworth.

Larry Augusta moved that we create an additional 4th
year/graduating senior award for spirit, named the bill
ellsworth memorial spirit award.  Larry Anderson seconded the
motion, and the motion passed unanimously.

Larry August moved that we also fund a 3rd year award.  Larry
Anderson seconded the motion.  In discussion, Hugh Barnett asked
whether it would be best to fund the 1st year pins?  Because
this issues does not need to be decided immediately, Larry
Augusta withdrew the motion.

The second recommendation that the Awards and Recognition
Committee prepared was a Tony Martinez memorial scholarship
fund, funded by a $5 charge to all alumni who participate in
Alumni Band Day.  The committee would like to base the
scholarships on financial need, but how do you determine that?
How do give out this scholarship without pointing out someone's
financial hardship, which might be embarrassing?

Jerry Taylor pointed out that the Tony Martinez award was
supposed to be to recognize outstanding alumni contribution.
Bob suggested endowing a 4th year blanket.  This matter was
tabled for a future meeting.

Cal Band Report:  Richie Jenkins reported that the Band's #1
concern right now is preparing for the new director.  If the
director is a Band alum, they will probably have some sort of a
reception.  If the director is not a Band alum, they will
probably have workshops, perhaps on weeknights.  They might do
workshops even if the new director is an alum.

FTP will be in Hayward.  The Band is finalizing selection of
fall season music this weekend.  It is hard to tell how
recruiting is going yet, because they don't know the results of
their mailout yet.

Jerry Taylor mentioned that you need to do something special to
announce the new director at the first game.

Membership and Finance Committee:  Kathy Heilmann reported that
this committee has not met in a while, but needs to coordinate
with Awards and Recognition regarding ways to raise funds for
any scholarships offered.

North Tunnel Echo Committee:  Eric Heilmann reported that we
have been waiting for the new director announcement to put out
this issue.  Since the announcement is going to be delayed, and
because Alumni Band Day is early this year, we are planning on
skipping the summer issue and going straight to the fall issue.
However, we will need 12 pages to cover everything.  The cost
will be less than for a single 8-page issue, but less than for
two 8-page issues.

Cal Band Backers Committee:  Hugh Barnett reported that he is
glad to have Barbara Goodson on board to work on fund-raising
for the Band.  The Band Backers board is now in more of a
coordinating role.  They might change the by-laws to reflect
this.  There is a new group forming -- Band force.  This is
modeled after Bear force, and it is a group of "worker bees" who
can be called upon to help with mailouts and other such
activities.  This is separate and distinct from Friends of the
Band.  The former is for people with more time than money.  The
latter is for people with more money than time -- they are
focused on getting big money pledges.

History Committee:  Eric Heilmann reported that we are
interested in preserving films, but it is important to do it
right.  We will be working on that in the near future.  Jerry
Taylor expressed interest in helping.  Since we are almost out
of history books, Hugh Barnett suggested that the we reserve
some history books in case we need or want them in the future.
Jane Lepisto moved that the CBAA reserve 5 books and review the
situation in one year.  Hugh seconded the motion, and it passed

Tellefsen Hall:  Wade reported on TH.  The house membership has
established an 800 number for TH recruiting.  They are trying to
reduce costs and continue to operate, stretching out the
required seismic improvements over as much time as possible.
Unfortunately, no Ex-Comm members intend to live in the house
next year.

New Business:  This year marks the 25th anniversary of the 1970
Japan tour, and Jerry Taylor is putting together a "minimal
effort reunion, " which will be the evening of Alumni Band Day.
Also, Bill Dal Porto is organizing a 1965 America tour reunion
the weekend of the USC game.

Barbara Goodson reported that she is merging the CBAA's alumni
database with Margy's donor database in order to keep the two as
up-to-date as possible.  However, all flags will be kept so that
we could re-extract the CBAA information any time we want if

The next meeting is set for Saturday, August 26.  The time and
location are TBA.

Respectfully, submitted, Kathy Heilmann, CBAA Secretary, June
11, 1995

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