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August 26, 1995


Members Present:  John "Vito" Gibson, Larry Augusta, Victor
Lee, Lindsay Hiratzka, Ric Mart, Dan Yee, Eric Heilmann,
Kathy Heilmann, Chris Bailey, Barbara Goodson, Hugh Barnett,
Tim Castro, Larry Anderson, Wade Williams, John Psathas,
Greg Jones, Juliette Bettencourt, Bruce Hinkley, Bob
Calonico (Ex-Officio), Bob Briggs (Ex-Officio), Richie
Jenkins (Ex-Officio)

Guests Present: Dan Cheatham, Aaron Katzman, Wade William's

Approval of Minutes:  Jane Lepisto moved to approve the
minutes from the last meeting.  Larry Anderson seconded.
The motion passed unanimously.

Cal Band Report: Vito introduced Bob Calonico, the new
Director of the Cal Band.  Bob was Student Director on the
'76 tour.

Bob Calonico reported that it has been a whirlwind first
month, with the Ex-Comm retreat, auditions in LA, FTP, etc.
Bob Briggs has been around to help and keep a watchful eye
on things.  There are 101 band members returning, and 80+
newmen, which is quite a large incoming class.

Richie reported that FTP in Hayward went well, although
there were a few glitches.  The newmen are very "Go Bears"
and talented musicians.  They are marching a 169 wedge.
Road trips have been a problem, though.  Recently, Robert
Cole, Sherry Showalter, Bob Calonico, Risk Management, and
Bay Area Rentals got together to talk about risks,
particularly for students driving vans on road trips.  Now
students (actually, anyone under the age of 24) are not
allowed to drive more than 100 miles for a band event, even
if it is in the Band Van or their own car.  This outcome has
hurt a lot of people in band, and it also causes budget
problems, because now the band must hire buses if it is to
go on road trips to away football games.  This decision is
not directed solely at the band, it also affects all
athletic teams, in fact any group that goes to an event as a
representative of the University.  One possible work-around
solution would be for young alumni (24 or older) to drive.
The band will go to San Diego on buses.  If they go to all
three road trips on buses it will take an extra $7-8k that
the band doesn't have.

They are also concerned about the practice field for next
year.  Edward's track stadium is being renovated, and the
band will not be able to use it next fall.  The band will
probably get Kleeberger field.  Also on the subject of
fields, this year's practice field for Alumni Band Day still
hasn't been determined.  It will probably be either Edwards,
Whitter, or Memorial.

Ric Mart pointed out that in 1961 when the band moved to BRH
the band was promised the use of Edwards as a permanent
rehearsal field.

Richie reported that the PR area has been working on the
Highstepper, a newsletter to parents and donors, and a
recruiting video.  They may want to ask alumni to assist
with recruiting.  Also, on September 16 there will be a Polo
match fund-raiser for the Band at Oakmont, near Santa Rosa.

Performance Committee:  Chris Bailey reported that the
Alumni Band performance at the Fourth of July parade in
Sausalito went well.  We got a plaque, and some publicity in
the local newspapers.

But Alumni Band Day is the topic at hand.  Logistics are
somewhat contingent on the location of the rehearsal field.
The show will be a countermarch drill to Semper Fidelis.  We
will need to use the band's end zone directors, P.A.
facilities, and ladders.  We will hand out music in the
band's music library.  There will be no "buckets" at the
game.  We may play for an alumni football reception.
Assignments are as follows:

Bright and Early (6am):
   Check-in Duty:  Kathy Heilmann, Barbara Goodson, Lisa
      Holmes, Tim Castro, Eric Heilmann
   Hats & Shirts:  Hugh Barnett
   Donuts:  Vito
   Coffee, Cups, Sugar, Creamer, Stirrers, Napkins:
      Barbara Goodson (with assistance from Margy
   Music, Room Q: Chris Bailey
Rehearsal Drinks:
   Soda Pop (2 liter bottles), Cups, Ice, Garbage bags (to
   put ice and soda in): Bruce Hinkley (with assistance
   from Jerry Taylor)
Game Time Refreshment:
   "Cardboard Apples" (apple juice boxes):  Bruce Hinkley
Post-Game Entertainment:
   Video:  Greg Jones
   Reception:  TBD

Chris will see about merging our reception with the alumni
football reception.  Barbara Goodson will find a venue if
that doesn't work out.  Vito will try to find someone to
handle the reception.

We discussed playing at the football reunion after the game.
This would be a ten minute performance, mostly Cal Songs.
Chris Bailey moved that we accept the performance, Greg
Jones seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Hugh discussed our shirt inventory.  We need an additional
50 shirts, all in size large.  After a discussion among the
women of the merits of buying shirts slightly more opaque
than those bought in the past, Hugh moved to buy 50 size
large shirts in a quality/weight grade one level higher than
bought before, and charge 10% over the cost rounded to the
nearest dollar for the shirts at ABD (no change in charge
for young alumni package).  Kathy seconded the motion and it
passed unanimously.

Vito said thanks to all the volunteers.

Treasurers' Report:  Hugh reported that we have good
membership revenues, even before Alumni Band Day, which is
historically when most of our revenues come in.  The
membership solicitations and the improved quality of the
North Tunnel Echo have readily translated into the highest
membership numbers in the history of the association.

Nominating Committee:  Vito announced that Juliette
Bettencourt will be joining the Nominating Committee and
Performance Committee.

Leadership and Development Committee:  Greg Jones reported
that this committee is moving right along.  Lindsay reported
that they have been asking themselves, what should be their
direction?  They met recently with Bob Calonico and Richie
Jenkins.  They talked about mending relations, and getting
the committee grounded on consistent solid footing, but it
won't happen overnight.  The committee is developing a
mission statement, which covers three areas:
  1) Put together annual workshops for Ex-Comm and the
  2) Increase visibility of the alumni, including regular
     appearances at FTP through the fall season, banquet,
  3) Provide continuity for long-range planning.
This will also help to create leadership within the CBAA.

Richie said that he hopes that working with the alumni won't
be thought of as "cheating" anymore.  Right now a lot of
officers think that they have to figure out everything on
their own.

Cal Band Backers:  Hugh reported that the Board is in
transition, there is a move to a coordinating council.  The
Friends of the Band, a high-level fund-raising committee,
has been formed.

Barbara reported that the NorCal party will be the place to
be this year.  The party will be at the Cronk's newly
remodeled house in Lafayette.

Membership & Finance:  Membership is at an all-time high.
Vito asked the committee to discuss the possibility of a
surcharge for Alumni Band Day.

North Tunnel Echo:  Eric reported that the fall issue is
out; we have just passed copies around.  This issue is 12
pages long, the longest NTE in history.  Vito applauded the
outstanding effort.  A lot of people have contributed to the
NTE's success.

History Committee:  Dan has recently put two more interviews
into the archives: Joe Kapp and Pete Newell.  Hugh has
pulled five books from our stock to keep for posterity.  Tim
Castro will not renew the P.O. Box.

Awards & Recognition:  Larry Agusta reported on the bill
ellsworth memorial award.  In alignment with the suggestions
the band has given, the committee proposes that this award
be given for spirit to a band member in their last year.
Larry read a proposed speech.  The dates of bill ellsworth's
participation in the band need to be verified; the history
book may be in error.  Bill's name should always be spelled
with a lower-case "e" in ellsworth.  Ex-Comm will have the
authorization to approve the funding and selection of the
award trophy, in order to get the award trophy in time for
the Band's fall banquet.  The motion to approve was made by
Larry Augusta, and Bob Briggs seconded it.  The motion
passed unanimously.

Other possible awards in the works include a Tony Martinez
award and a Bill Colescott award for alumni service.

TH Report:  Wade Williams reported that TH has put together
a recruiting pamphlet.  The house has 37 members, 8 of them
are women.  There are currently 6 vacancies.

New Business:  Bob Briggs is the new Director Emeritus of
the University.  Congratulations, Bob!

The next meeting will be December 2, time and location TBD.

Respectfully, submitted, Kathy Heilmann, CBAA Secretary,
September 16, 1995

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