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December 7, 1996

Band Rehearsal Hall, Berkeley Campus

Members Present:  Larry Anderson, Larry Augusta, Hugh Barnett, Juliette
Bettencourt, Joel Buringrud, Lance Chong, Barbara Goodson, Eric and Kathy
Heilmann, Lindsay Hiratzka, Lisa Holmes, Greg Jones, Jane Lepisto, Eric
Mart, John Psathas, Jennie Smith, Jerry Taylor, Wade (and Michael) Williams.

Approval of the Minutes:  Jane moved that we approve the minutes of the
last meeting, Jennie seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Reunion Committee:  Rough  financials were routed for everyone's review.
We came in  $180 over budget.  The $750 donated by the CBAA was used to
subsidize admission for 38 people, thereby allowing the sustaining member
price to remain under $40/person.  The party was generally well received,
however attendance was an unusual mix this year - many people from the 30's,
40's and 50's as well as quite a few from the 80's.  Usually we get a more
evenly spread sample from the classes.  The possibility was raised that the
other (tour) reunions that took place earlier this year may have satisfied
those alumni's need to get together.  Overall attendance was good/average at
about 140 people.  Barbara and Lisa suggested that we poll the alumni in
advance of the next reunion to see what would satisfy the most people -
more formal and more expensive (the Claremont for example) or less formal
and less expensive.  Since the goal of the reunion is to bring all of us
together this will be a good way to find out what would draw more people
to the event.  Barbara will include a post-card survey in the next
general issue of the NTE which can easily be returned.  This will provide
ALL of the alumni the opportunity to voice their opinions.  Hugh
congratulated the committee on a very nice evening.

Treasurer's Report:  Kathy is currently reconciling the reunion amounts
and noted the following general figures:

	$5,500	Checking balance
	 8,300	Invested
	 1,934	Designated for Band Blankets

	$  544	Liability - Japan Tour
 	$2,485	Liability - Video Project
	 -----	-----------------------------
	$14,911	Total Cash

The discussion of budget quickly gave way to a discussion of the moneys
designated for band blankets.  **This is not the first time this topic has
been discussed, and I will note only those comments that are new.**
There was some speculation regarding whether the money should be given
this year (when the band doesn't really need it  - only 14 seniors) or
given next year when they will desperately need it (given the large number
of seniors).  It was noted that there were no financial or tax
ramifications to either choice. The question became one of intent of
the donanting alumni not the band's specific needs this year.  Kathy
noted that we got more blanket money from the reunion (it was a line
item on the ticket order) while ABD did not bring in a lot of money.
ABD served more as a forum to get the ball rolling on the blanket campaign.
Jennie noted that more checks came from young alumni (90's) even though
their checks weren't very large than came from the older and presumably
more affluent alumni.  She suggested that the young alumni may have a
better understanding of how desperate the band's financial situation
is and a more personal understanding of a fellow bandsperson not getting
a blanket.  Rick suggested keeping the fund going (via NTE and future
gatherings) indefinitely, gathering a history of donations and then maybe
we could make a regular commitment to the band. At the end of the
discussion, Jerry moved that we A) maintain a blanket fund indefinitely
and continue to actively solicit money and B) reimburse the band for
their actual expenditures this year.  If there is an excess, we will
maintain a sub-account until next year and donate whatever we have
gathered at that time. Rick seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Leadership & Development:  John reported that the committee had invited
the new officers to suggest what they would find most helpful from the
alumni, noting what had been offered in the past.  The committee's goal
is to become more visible to all of the band not just the seniors/officers.
They had not yet gotten a response as of this meeting.  John also mentioned
that the committee would like to have some new members from the council.

Lindsay met with Bob Calonico to see how he is doing now that he is
settled in his new position as director and how the CBAA might be most
helpful to him.  He says he is concerned about control issues.  A few
problems have developed which have him worried about respect for power
within the student government, respect for the constitution, respect for
the university rules, Bob's responsibility, ExComm's responsibility.  He
noted that perhaps some of these issues will resolve themselves as he is
with the band longer and establishes a history.  He also noted that
perhaps the CBAA could help with some of these issues.  The goal of the
L&D committee is to be sure that the CBAA is truly helping the band in
some way.  Determining how we can best help is the key and not always
clear.  However, Leadership & Development will schedule a follow up
meeting to discuss these issues further and has a tentative meeting
with the band scheduled for March 1.

Videotape Project:  The project is now in the black.  40 of 200 have been
shipped.  A reminder that there are 10 tapes of selected shows from
1974-1991. The next NTE will advertise the tapes and Margie is selling
them too.  Spring Show 1997 will be the next big push for sales.
Eventually one of each tape will end up at the Bancroft library.
Barbara will see that the band buys one set and gives it to the library.

Greg brought up the next level of commitment to the band=92s video library
which he has christened the "Search and Rescue" project (see attached
proposal).  The band has a film/video library collection dating back to
the early fifties.  He is proposing that we form a committee of people,
perhaps some of the former history committee members, willing to do the
	inventory what the band has, research what can be done to preserve
	it professionally, have that work done, find what is missing from
	the collection and preserve it as well.
Given the scope of media used to build the collection and its current
state of deterioration, Greg is recommending a "triage" approach to the
preservation process.  Barbara volunteered to contact the Pacific Film
Archive to see if they can help with this project.  The next phase of
the project will be to upgrade the storage conditions as well.  Greg
needs people to help do this.  The band is overwhelmed trying to deal
with current films and is not concerned with the archives.  The committee
will still talk with the band since it is their collection.  Greg will
draft a letter for Hugh's review.  Contact Greg if you are willing to
help in any way with this project.  Currently he is planning early
February meetings to start, the committee will propose a financial
request for the next fiscal year (July 1), and he expects the entire
project to take a couple of years.

Nominations Committee:  Juliette reported the slate expiring in 1997 and
recommended renewing all of the following council members:  Hugh Barnett,
Joel Buringrud, Lance Chong, Lindsay Hiratzka, Lisa Holmes, Greg Jones and
Eric Mart.  Dan Yee has spoken to Hugh about leaving the CBAA in favor of
his membership with the CBB.  Linda has a new candidate to replace Dan.
If he accepts, Richie Jenkins will be the new council member and if not
we the council will approve a replacement for Dan.  Barbara moved that
the slate be approved, Rick seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Ballots will be sent out to sustaining members shortly to approve the
noted slate.

Performance Committee:  Juliette spoke in Chris=92 absence.  Generally ABD
was well accepted and enjoyed by all.  the reception was great with many
thanks going to Wayne Leonard!!  The South Bay Big Game bash was very
successful.  Juliette said the percussion section was amazing!  Very Go
Bears!  The CBAA will offer to help the band cover their commitments over
the Christmas break.  In addition, the band has requested that we help
them cover an SHB Saturday, January 18 at the World Trade Club in San
Francisco's Ferry Building.  A very generous donor is having his 90th
birthday party and the band cannot all go.  The CBAA will help fill in.

Awards & Recognition Committee:  The first Tony Martinez award was given
this November to Bill Colscott.  Bill sent a very nice thank you to Hugh.
Bill Corlette did a perpetual award that featured the "weasel" like Bob
Briggs' retirement award, but we still need a plaque for the recipient
to retain once the award is to be relinquished to the next recipient.
Eric Armstrong took several pictures of the presentation which will be
included in the next NTE.  The committee submitted a revised set of
criteria for the Tony Martinez award. (see attached)  Kathy moved that
the changed proposal be approved with the following further revision:
That the award would not be given to a member of the Awards & Recognition
Committee, a CBAA executive committee member or an employee of the band.
Lance seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  A further discussion
is necessary to address the CBAA's role in recognizing major donors to or
other friends of the band.

North Tunnel Echo:  Eric had hoped to publish a sustaining member issue
for the winter but this did not happen and the budget is in better shape
for the next general issue which will be published in the spring.  This
issue will mention, Spring Show in Sacramento, ABD, the Tony Martinez
Award, TH, aninterview with Bob Calonico, maybe a Q&A session with the
new band ExComm, the Aloha Bowl and the Reunion Questionnaire.

Cal Band Backers:  Barbara reported that the annual solicitation letter
will be sent out shortly.  The second tier of the "friends" group is being
contacted.  The Spieker award (discussed at last meeting) should be final
ized by year end.  (Final result:  $250,000 was pledged just after the
New Year.)

Cal Band Report: Since there was no band representative at the meeting,
Barbara reported that only 45 members of the band have been invited to the
Aloha Bowl since the bowl has their own half-time show.  Therefore, the
band will not be doing a regular half-time show but performing in SHB
fashion for the game.  Last Thursday the new officers were elected at
the annual banquet.  They are as follows:  DM - Michael Casares,
StuD - Mike Yoder, SM - James Benton, Secretary - Stacia Donovan.
Eddie Altimirano presented the ellsworth award on Hugh's behalf to
Adam Sweet.  Eddie is a recent alumnus and well known to the band, an
apt choice since Hugh was unable to attend.  Spring Show will be held
in Sacramento this year at Sacramento High School on April 26th.  Larry
Augusta drummed up a committee of alumni and band enthusiasts to
manage the band's needs for this off campus performance.  It appears that
all is going well.  Bob Calonico and Barbara are confident that the band's
expenses will be covered and that a large crowd will be in attendance.
Vito is acting as the liaison to the arts staff at the high school to
guarantee that the band will be well taken care of.  He was selected
(and I quote) "based on his long years of logistical experience such
as renting busses to go to StanfUrd"... (People who attend these meetings
are not usually verbally abused in this fashion.)  The band will also be
performing at the Cal Day scrimmage on April 13th as their "Spring Show"
- all marching no vaudeville.

A special compliment was passed around for Sam Arucan for his fabulous Big
Game charting.  Kudos!!

Tellefsen Hall Report:  The needed construction is currently planned for
the summer, but they do not have a loan as of yet.  The Thanksgiving
dinner was a great success and there were many guests there to enjoy it.

Proposed By-Laws Revisions:  Due to the length of this meeting, this topic
will be discussed at the next meeting.

New Business:  Larry Augusta brought forth a tax discussion.  When
incorporating the CBAA he only applied for tax exempt status at the state
level.  He is now proposing that we apply for federal exemption as well.
Larry therefore requested and Juliette moved that the CBAA spend $150 this
once to apply for tax exempt status at the federal level (Larry will do
the work to complete the application process).  Kathy seconded and the
motion carried unanimously.  Larry also brought up the issue of acceptable
deductions as a result of our tax exempt status. (see attached)  A further
discussion ensued regarding our liability as an organization (which is in
fact) covered under the Cal Alumni Association umbrella as well as our
personal liability as council members.  (see attached)  Barbara will get a
copy of the relevant CAA documents for review at the next meeting.  However,
it was generally agreed that we are more than adequately covered.=

The band is selling hats ($10) and men's and women's watches ($30) with the
logo.  Contact Margie if you are interested.

The next meeting will be held March 8, 1997 (time and place to be

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Holmes, 15 January 1997.

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