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March 8, 1997

Band Rehearsal Hall, Berkeley Campus

Members Present: Larry Augusta, Hugh Barnett, Juliette Bettencourt, Bob Briggs, Joel Buringrud, Barbara Goodson, Lisa Holmes, Greg Jones, Jane Lepisto, James Benton (S.M.), Jennie Smith, Linda Vogelsberg, Wade Williams.

Guests Present: Antonia Lau (band member)

Introductions: Hugh introduced Richie Jenkins as the recommended replacement for Dan Yee who recently resigned from the CBAA council in favor of his membership on the Cal Band Backers. Barbara moved to appoint Richie to the vacant seat on the council. Juliette seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes: Lisa amended the minutes of the December 7 meeting by adding Lisa Goddard's name to the list of newly elected band officers (PRD). Barbara moved that we approve the minutes of the last meeting as amended, Jane seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Report on Council Elections: As of the meeting, 199 of the 423 ballots sent to sustaining members of the CBAA had been returned. 195 approved the slate of councilors presented, 2 abstained and 2 voted no. (Since the meeting several more ballots have been received pushing the response to more than 50%. A new milestone.) Several responses included write in candidates wishing to be a part of the council as seats become available. These names will be passed on to Linda and the Nominating Committee for their reference. Thanks to everyone who responded! The ballot/slate of councilors process is discussed later in these minutes.

Cal Band Report: James reported that the band is again issuing a Pacesetter. For those of you unfamiliar with this item, it is a yearbook including anecdotes and photos of the fall, winter and spring seasons' activities. The band is in NCAA mode and eager to support the bears wherever they may go. TA workshops are starting. November 1 (OSU) will be Alumni Band Day this year. The only other option was September 20 but it is the first game of the season. Otherwise our opponents are all bringing their bands! There is a conflict with Cal Day and Davis Picnic Day - both slated for April 19. The concert band will play at Cal Day. Barbara will sign up the alumni band for Davis Picnic Day and will invite those not involved with the concert band to join the alumni band for the parade. The drum major is working on the logistical problems this causes. Juliette will contact Chris to set up the alumni band's performance both at the parade and at the battle of the bands. The concert band members will join the alumni band at the battle of the bands as soon as they can after their performance at Cal Day.

Spring Show practice has begun (marching et al) for the big April 26 performance at Sacramento High School (7:30 pm). Vito is working on ticket sales and publicity - both are going well. Flyers have already been sent out to high schools in the Sacramento area. The UC Alumni Club of Sacramento (thanks to our CAA affiliation) is sending out 13,700 announcements/invitations at no cost to us. Larry and the committee are looking for sponsors to help cover additional costs. Please donate and come see the show. It is very well organized and they have already banked $3,000. The band feels it is a good time for this change in venue. The show however has not changed drastically. It is the same vaudeville style, but has fewer skits.

Performance Committee: Chris was absent so Barbara mentioned several of the upcoming performances available. The Sausalito parade on July 4 is being managed by Jerry again. The town of Truckee has requested that the alumni band perform on July 4 as well. (They are offering to put us up for the night to make the trip more reasonable.) The town of Ross has also requested that we perform in their parade on July 4 but it was generally agreed that this would compete with the Sausalito parade and we should therefore turn them down. Barbara will send out an e-mail to see who may be interested in the Truckee performance and will contact Chris to let him know the details.

Alumni Band Day will be a topic of discussion at the June meeting. Hugh and Chris will meet in advance to alleviate the routine requests and consolidate the discussion at the meeting. Hugh will also contact Alumni House to reserve it for the post-game reception. There was a long discussion about possibly inviting the cal band to join us at this reception and what we would need to do to accommodate them (two times as much food as we normally have or three?!!). The details will be worked out before our next meeting. Juliette moved that (assuming we get Alumni House) we invite the entire cal band to join us at our reception, Jennie seconded and the motion carried unanimously. In addition, Barbara will request of the drum major that the alumni band be able to join the cal band on the field for the post game concert, and assuming he is willing, she will apply for the appropriate permits.

North Tunnel Echo: Since Eric and Kathy were out Jennie reported that the Spring Issue of the NTE was in its final draft and pending any changes was ready to go out. This issue will mention, Spieker Gift, Spring Show in Sacramento, ABD, TH improvements, cal band video order forms, council information, lots of "echos", the Berdahl response, and various other articles and letters. It was noted that several people have requested smaller issues sent out more often and this request will be passed on to Eric and Kathy to evaluate its feasibility. Eric and Kathy are looking for new photos (not just the History Book stash) to include in the NTE. If you get good pictures you are willing to share, please send them copies.

Fund Raising: The Spiekers committed $5 million to the university. $250,000 designated to the Band and $750,000 still undesignated. The remaining $4 million was given to the Haas school. They said they were very happy to be able to donate to the band. Thanks to Barbara and Janet Cronk for all of their hard work. There have been two bequests (upon death trusts) made to the band recently one for $20,000 and another for $18,000. The Annual solicitation generated a record high $40-$45,000 for the annual fund. Thanks to all of you who donated. The NorCal party will be on September 26 (before the USC game) and will be the usual buffet and cal band performance. It will be somewhere in Contra Costa County but the exact location has yet to be determined.

A $100,000 challenge has been put to band alumni by an anonymous alum. S/he will match dollar for dollar of any donation up to October 31, 1997. Barbara is working hard to make this as profitable as possible and checking on all of the details/wishes of this generous alum.

Awards & Recognition Committee: Larry Augusta reported that the committee continues to work on a keepsake award for the recipient. They are currently considering a mounted photograph of the recipient with the award.

This discussion brought up the issue of a permanent display case for cal band and alumni band awards. It is Bob Calonico's wish to spruce up BRH in any way possible this year. Perhaps the CBAA could help build or modify the sound room adjacent to the small foyer at BRH's entrance to safely display all of the perpetual awards. Everyone agreed that Greg's suggestion of this site was a good one but each of the perpetual awards would need a permanent ward for the recipients so the trophy itself could be displayed. After Spring Show the committee will contact Bob Calonico to discuss the possibilities and how the CBAA members could help with this project.

Leadership & Development: Hugh reported that the ex-comm workshop had just been completed. Greg added that John Psathas put together a great team and wanted to thank both the alumni and the students for their excellent work. James said that the students liked the workshop. It helped to motivate working as a team and looking to problem solving instead of vague issues. The students had been asked to prepare three specific issues that concerned them, Bob Calonico got to express his concerns and everyone discussed them. A very constructive session. The co-comm workshop has been postponed to April 5. Greg and the committee will prepare for this workshop since John is headed to France for quite a while.

Nominations Committee: Linda and the committee have created a list of people they will be contacting as seats become available. This list was generated both by people who have expressed an interest in being on the council and by people the committee think would make good councilors. The list currently includes a lot of men and former officers. The names submitted with this year's ballots will help to balance out the pool of interested applicants. The committee is also trying to think of ways for interested alumni to participate (even those from outside of the Bay Area.) These people could perhaps work on committees remotely or represent the alumni in their area at meetings if they were willing to travel to Berkeley a couple times each year. Another possibility would be to encourage volunteers to help out on projects and hopefully they would want to take a seat on the council when one became available. Other suggestions are welcome as the committee considers this issue.

Videotape Project: The tapes will be brought to Spring Show and they will soon be available through Margy in the band office.

Senior Blanket Follow-Up: It was agreed that we will reimburse the band for the blankets for THIS year (1996/97). James will send the exact dollar amount to Hugh and he will pass along to Kathy to pay. We will continue to raise money to help the band with this project. Larry Augusta suggested a raffle; Richie suggested buying tickets to go to the Band Banquet. Hugh suggested people bring their blanket fund raising suggestions before the council and if agreed upon, begin work on these projects to supplement our outright request for funds.

Tellefsen Hall Report: The seismic upgrade is going ahead this summer, and is expected to be finished by the start of school in the fall. This schedule is somewhat problematic for recruiting but the board and the house are working on this issue as well as the DAop/TAop issue.

Councilor Election Process: Lisa suggested that we discuss this process since she viewed it as more of an exercise for by-law satisfaction than an actual election. Hugh noted that currently we send out annual ballots of the year's eight councilors up for reelection. In this manner, one third of the council is reviewed/approved by the sustaining membership every year. If 20 sustaining members petition the council to write in a person, this can be done as well. The election is handled more like a corporate entity than a full blown democracy. Jane reminded those present that in the past this was designed as a gesture toward our membership so they could voice their opinions and allow/remind them that they can always volunteer or suggest others they wish to see on the council. Barbara noted that we got quite a few new names this year and several positive comments. We also got a couple negative comments, which is why Lisa brought the discussion before the council. Greg sensed some people felt that our activities were shrouded in mystery. Subsequently, it was suggested that we offer (via the NTE) to send minutes to anyone who wants them and post the e-mail address where the minutes are published for those who would like to read them on-line.

Proposed By-Laws Revisions: Due to the lack of people attending this meeting, this topic will be discussed at the next meeting.

New Business: The band is selling a lot of new merchandise all of which will be advertised on the new Cal Band Web page which is currently being drafted.

Bob Briggs suggested that we have more get-togethers somehow. Perhaps tailgates after games or meet at Kips. We could send out postcards or flyers to let EVERYONE know, not just our small group of friends. Linda and Juliette will form an informal "social committee" to work on this for the fall. Contact them if you have any ideas or wish to help.

The next meeting will be held June 7, 1997 at Barbara and Ed Goodson's house (time to be announced).

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Holmes, 11 April 1997.

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