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August 23, 1997

Band Rehearsal Hall, Berkeley Campus

Members Present: Larry Anderson, Larry Augusta, Chris Bailey, Hugh Barnett, Juliette Bettencourt, Bob Calonico, Barbara Goodson, Kathy Heilmann, Bruce Hinkley, Lisa Holmes, Greg Jones, James Benton (S.M.), Jennie Smith, Jerry Taylor, Wade Williams.

Guests Present: Rune Stromsness

Approval of the Minutes: Lisa thanked Richie Jenkins for taking minutes at the last meeting in her absence and, as there were no changes it was moved, seconded and unanimously passed that the minutes from the last meeting be approved. Please note: in the future I will note motions that are Moved, Seconded and Unanimously Passed as MS&UP to save time and space. If a motion results in a different outcome, I will make detailed notes of those results.

Nominations Committee: The committee (Chair - Juliette) will prepare the 1998 slate of 8 council members for the up-coming election. Hugh recommended that Richie and Jerry sit on the committee with Juliette. With this same election Hugh recommended that we vote to expand the council from its current 24 members (plus Bob, Bob and the current Senior Manager) to 30 members (plus ex-officio councilors) to better represent our largest ever membership. A supportive discussion ensued and it was decided that we would submit the 24 to 30 member expansion on the ballot with the 1998 slate of officers. MS&UP.

Therefore, the ballot will show the 8 person slate to be renewed, the suggested expansion of the council, and a 6 person slate if the voting member approves the expansion. Assuming we expand the council, each subsequent election will have a 10 person slate for approval.

The committee/Juliette recommended Rune Stromsness to fill the vacant council seat left by Victor Lee. MS&UP.

Performance Committee: Chris reported that two performances have been done since our last meeting. 7/4 in Sausalito which was great fun thanks to Jerry and Juliette for their organization and help. On 7/21 the CBAA was asked by Lloyd Bracewell to perform at the Clark Kerr campus. Only 6 people showed up - not good representation for us. Chris will survey the CBAA membership regarding what and where we want to perform so he accepts only the type of "gig" we are eager to do. Anyone interested in helping him design the questionnaire, please let him know.

Chris and James discussed the agenda of ABD. OSU is bringing their band but they are not performing at half time. Rick Mart will be the Drum Major again. The Band will be performing "76 Trombones" during their show; we may try to perform it together. Chris, James and the Band Drum Major will meet to discuss the show. The Performance Committee will be managing the details of the day off-line (not at this meeting) and will contact volunteers directly. Bob and Hugh are going to draft a letter to former Chancellor Tien inviting him to march with us on ABD.

Wayne Leonard cannot manage the ABD reception as he has in the past therefore we need an alternative. Kathy has a friend, Darcey Yaley, who wants to get into the catering business and will do the reception for cost to get the experience and exposure. A long discussion ensued regarding other changes to the reception and if it would be wise to change anything else since we were changing the manager/caterer this year. Finally it was decided that Wayne and Hugh will give her all the information and insight they have regarding the event. Barbara will work with her on the menu, expenses/budget and contract. And it was MS&UP that we invite the 4th year and older Band members to join us since it won't add much to the expenses and will express our good will to our potential new members.

A reminder that the San Jose Big Game Lunch at the Fairmont Hotel will be the day before the Big Game. Meet at 11 a.m. at the fountains. Juliette will send all the details to Kathy for the next NTE.

Financial Report: Not a lot has changed since the last meeting. Kathy reviewed the income statement and balance sheet and noted that one issue of the NTE was not yet paid because we have not yet been billed. (See the approved budget discussed at the last meeting but omitted from the minutes.)

Senior Blanket Follow-Up: The Band will need approximately $4,000 this year. We have $1,000 left over from last year's fundraising efforts; we allocated $1,000 in this year's budget and that leaves $2,000 to be raised before the December 2, 1997 Band Banquet. Larry Augusta put together a raffle proposal that was discussed at some length. Eventually it was moved that the CBAA officially take on this raffle to raise the $2,000 still needed for this year's senior blankets. MS&UP. Jennie and Lisa volunteered to help Larry with his efforts. Information about the raffle and order forms will be included in the next NTE, tickets will be sold through ABD with the drawing taking place at the ABD reception. The prizes will include meals at local restaurants, band goodies and even a chance to conduct the band.

Parents' Organization: Hugh brought up the possibility of the CBAA helping the Band to formalize a Parents' Group. James responded that the parents are informally organized now and the Band would like to keep the flexibility that this allows them rather than creating an artificial structure.

North Tunnel Echo: Kathy mentioned that they are looking for submissions for the fall issue. So far they have info for ABD, the Big Game Lunch and the raffle. Her e-mail is

Videotape Project: John Psathas was out but it was noted that 75 of the original 200 tapes have been sold and more are being made. A reminder that some of the proceeds are being put toward the video preservation project. Kathy will show the profits as a line item in the budget to track them easily.

Awards & Recognition Committee: Larry is still researching a permanent gift to give the recipient of the Martinez Award. The original idea of a plaque which included a photo of the recipient with the trophy was too expensive. Barbara offered to check with the company who makes pins for the NorCal Party as a possibility for something usable. The idea for a permanent display case in BRH was dismissed after the band members who receive trophies said they want to keep the trophies with them for the year.

Fund Raising: So far the anonymous match program has raised $50,000. Get those checks in before the October 31 deadline!! The NorCal Party will be September 26 at the Haas Business School.

Cal Band Report: FTP was in Davis again (had been in Hayward most recently.) There are currently 210 band members, 18 basses, 8 snares, 169 wedge, 60-70 newmen. James said this was about as big as they could comfortably be and still fit in the locker rooms etc. The Band is currently working on Pregame and will be performing at the 49ers game 9/14. Before he left, Chancellor Tien wrote $40,000 into the budget for travel - flying to away games and SHBs. What a guy!! There will be no SoCal party this year. There is instead a university event for which the Band will play and be compensated as if they were plying for the SoCal Party. Thanks to several generous donations the Band will be able to purchase a few more uniforms (allowing more people to be fit properly) and a few more basses. So far, the new Chancellor seems pretty pleased with the Band. They surprised him at his office with a hit band and he eagerly conducted.

Tellefsen Hall Report: The seismic upgrade is done. The students are back in the house. There is a new dining room floor, a new practice room in the basement, a study room with computer access, and a new heater. Bob Desky donated some money to lay a block 'C' in blue and gold tile in the basement floor. The total cost was approximately $260,000 for construction and $60,000 for engineer/architect services. Currently there are 44 people in the house (full), 32 men (12 new) and 12 women (3 new) living on the second floor.

The next meeting will be held December 6, 1997 at BRH.
Respectfully submitted, Lisa Holmes, 23 September 1997.

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