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December 6, 1997

Band Rehearsal Hall, Berkeley Campus

Members Present: Larry Anderson, Larry Augusta, Chris Bailey, Hugh Barnett, Juliette Bettencourt, Robert O. Briggs, Joel Buringrud, Bob Calonico, Eric & Kathy Heilmann, Lisa Holmes, Richie Jenkins, Greg Jones, Jane Lepisto, Eric Mart, April Deerr (S.M.), Jennie Smith, Rune Stromsness, Jerry Taylor, Wade Williams.

Guests Present: Dan Cheatham, Erin Glimme

Approval of the Minutes: As there were no changes to the August meeting minutes, they were approved. MS&UP

Performance Committee: Chris reported that ABD was a success. He thanked April and Bob for the Cal Bands cooperation and flexibility. The logistics went well. Even though there was not enough rehearsal time, the performance went well. This year the group was small (about 130 compared to 160 last year). There were a lot of Alumni at the reception who did not march, so by the end of the day we had a normal sized crowd even though the game was late in the season. The reception seemed pretty good - good food and right on budget. Many good comments went around for Ric, Chris and Paul for their flexibility with the small group and a fun show. Wade made a few special notes (once an Ad-Commie always an Ad-Commie) - He liked the card numbers (as did most people) and thought that we should try it again now that we have some of the kinks ironed out; some people left mid-morning which made it particularly difficult for those left behind (talk about adapt and perform theory put to the test); there were only diet sodas (a crime right up there with no coffee at check in); and the BRH door was left unlocked when everyone had cleared out for the stadium. (I note these not to be a nit picker but to remind those who need to know for next year. If this was the worst of our troubles then the day was truly a success.)

Chris made special mention of the San Jose Big Game lunch - congratulations to Juliette on another smashing success. The Alumni that went played very well and it was a big band!!

The Band has requested that the Alumni assist them again this winter break by filling in at basketball game SHBs. There are a few games for which the Band cannot play and several that will be sparsely attended due to the break and the Bands ski trips. Dates, times and details will be mailed out to all of the Bay Area Alumni as soon as possible. Please join in the fun and help out the Band.

Finally, Chris has drafted a questionnaire (see attached) to be finalized by the end of January regarding the Alumni Bands interest in future performances. He would like to get some clear feedback regarding our activities. Council members should call him with comments on the draft. The completed questionnaire will be sent out with the 1998 ballot in early February.

Fundraising at ABD for Senior Blankets: We have collected a total of $512 over the last 12 months, most of which was collected from the raffle. Thanks to Larry and Jennie for all of their hard work and to Bob for donating the Cal Band prizes. Unfortunately, this was only enough to purchase three or four blankets. The council Ex-Comm will discuss our long-term commitment to funding the blankets at a separate meeting and Larry and his committee will discuss future plans for the raffle.

Awards & Recognition Committee: The committee has not met. The ellsworth award was given to Gabe Baze - Tenor. Hugh was not at the banquet (his invitation was lost in the mail). Richie was there. He made a nice speech and presented the award.

Larry will get a permanent gift to give the recipient of the Martinez Award by June in anticipation of the next reunion and therefore the next presentation of the award.

Financial Report: Kathy noted that the budget presented was largely fictional since UC Printing hasnt billed us for several NTEs. However, overall we are doing pretty well. Hugh agreed to contact Margie about paying the Band the money we raised this year for the senior blankets. Membership renewals are going well both through the NTE reminder/order form and, of course, ABD. The video project has made $1591!! Congratulations John.

North Tunnel Echo: Everyone agreed that having four solicitations in the last issue was too much and wont be repeated. Another NTE will be issued in the spring in anticipation of Spring Show. Echos and other news should be mailed or e-mailed to Kathy (

Nominations Report: There has been no meeting yet. Lance (term expiring 2000) and Barbara (up for renewal this year) have moved and therefore leave vacant seats. Linda (up for renewal this year) has also said that she will not be returning to the council, so there are currently three vacant seats. The remaining six council members whose terms are expiring in 1998 wish to stay on the council. Several individuals have expressed interest in joining the council. The 1998 ballot will therefore contain the six names of those wishing to remain. The people recommended to fill the three vacant seats will be presented with the slate of counselors offered with the expanding council proposal.

Videotape Project: John Psathas was out but Hugh noted that 90 of the original 200 tapes have been sold and more are being made. The project is well into the black. The 76 tour and 78/79 tape have made up 2/3 of the total sales. An ad will continue to run in the NTE for the tapes and John recommended that we talk em up. People seem to buy the tapes when even slightly encouraged.

Ric asked if we could put something together from the film collection. At this time we are waiting for the improved technology to become affordable so that we can archive the film collection. When that happens, we will make copies for distribution/sale. In the interim, we cannot risk the possible degradation of the collection caused by making copies. Jerry noted that there is $500 in the budget for a 1970 tour tape to be made. Apparently Bob Stidell took some movies during the 40s and should be contacted when we create a stable archive of the film collection.

Greg reminded everyone of his proposal a year ago to put together a Film Committee. A group people who are interested in archiving the film and video collection will gather resources and Alumni who may be able to assist with the project. They will address the topic from all angles including timing and breaking this massive project down into reasonable pieces. The resulting Film/History Committee includes the original members of the History Committee as well as Rune, Erin, Greg and Hugh.

Greg reported also that there is a lot of new interest in camera crew. The Band has funded some new equipment but needs more and is requesting financial assistance from the CBAA. This request will be reviewed by the Film/History Committee and brought to a future council meeting.

In connection with this project, Bob Briggs asked about having the old Cal Band records transferred to CD. Reggie McGovern (Fidelity Sound Recording in San Jose) has contacted him and Bob Calonico. The committee should talk with Bob and Reggie about this project. Perhaps we could do this and use the profits to fund senior blankets! It was suggested that we could make a best of CD comprised of several of the old albums since there is so much recording time on an individual CD. The committee and the Bobs will address this issue at a separate meeting.

Cal Band Report: The new officers were elected at the end of the year banquet and are as follows: Rob McGuire, Drum Major; Chris Mitchell, Stud; Justin King, PRD; April Deerr, Senior Manager; Ernie Chan, Secretary. Now that the structure is in place, Ex-Comm will be discussing Spring Show. The Ex-Comm meeting minutes are now posted on CBAA e-mail for anyone interested in their discussions - thanks Ernie.

Bob reported that Linda Twichell is the interim development director (Barbara Goodsons old job.) The next step is a formal search for Barbaras replacement. The alumni donation matching project got above $95,000. Thanks to all who donated! A reminder that Chancellor Tien designated a one year $40,000 stipend for travel for the Band before he stepped down. Chancellor Berdahl has announced that this will be continued indefinitely. Yipee!!!!!!!!

Someone made a simple request that the Band turn the Big Game half-time show to face the Cal fans when the game is at StanfUrd. This started a long discussion of ideas about what is good and bad about what the Band is currently doing (with great restraint on everyones part not to say When I was in the Band...) The use of Cal Chart computer program was a big topic of discussion and whether this useful tool has become a crutch. What is the Band doing to entertain the entire audience? It was suggested that the Alumni bring their ideas and concerns to the Ex-Comm workshop where they can be actively addressed. Someone aptly noted that change necessarily breeds creativity (and a bit of panic at the beginning of course) but creativity is what we are all asking for, although each persons syntax was a bit different.

Tellefsen Hall Report: The construction is done. Its a nice place now said Wade (in his usual matter-of-fact way.) The safety requirements have also been met. Jerry offered a well earned congratulations to Wade saying that he has overcome so many hurdles including safety, adding women to the house and building an attitude that the house is a good and fun place to live. After years of bad news, TH is full and doing well in large part due to Wades efforts.

Other News: Richie suggested that we give Ex-Comm a Franklin Planners time management/goal planning book and seminar. Leadership and Development committee will meet to discuss this possibility. Hugh and Bob Calonico will talk to Ex-Comm to see if they would like to do this. It was mentioned that it may be more financially reasonable to have the band contact Franklin Planners directly to get the educational discount and we could reimburse them.

The next meetings will be held February 28, 1998 at BRH and June 13, 1998 at a location as yet to be determined.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Holmes, 7 February 1998.

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