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March 7, 1998

Band Rehearsal Hall, Berkeley Campus

Members Present: Larry Augusta, Chris Bailey, Hugh Barnett, James Benton, Juliette Bettencourt, Sara Ferejohn, Eric & Kathy Heilmann, Lisa Holmes, Richie Jenkins, Jane Lepisto, John Psathas, and Rune Stromsness.

Guests Present: Mary Sobieralski, Alumna, Director Berkeley High School Pep Band

Approval of the Minutes: There was only one change to the December meeting minutes; the new PRD is Justin Lorts, not Justin King. Once the change was noted, the minutes were approved. MS&UP

Nominations Committee: There is no new Vice President as of yet. Juliette will announce him/her at the next meeting. We've added Sara Ferejohn and Erin Vidali as new council members (replacing Barbara Goodson and Linda Vogelsberg.) We will add one more council member at the next meeting to fill Lance Chong's vacant seat. Mike Yambrovich and one other person will be added if the council expansion is approved by the membership. The recommendation to expand the council will go out with the ballot for the 1998 slate approval. The ballot/expansion is waiting for a response from a nominee to fill the other new seat.

Performance Committee: The Alumni are scheduled to play April 18 at Davis Picnic Day. We will play for the parade only (unless some people want to hangout with the Band for the Battle of the Bands.) The Cal Band (Concert Band) will be doing work for Cal Day and Picnic Day (Battle of the Bands not the parade.) The StuD will be in contact with Chris/Juliette/Mike Yambrovich to coordinate the logistics.

No date has been selected for ABD as of yet. Hopefully it will be early in the year since there are many home games. (Since the meeting, ABD has been set for November 14, 1998.) There are a few performance requests now, not much.

Currently, we perform at ABD, Davis Picnic Day, Sausalito's 4th of July Parade and the Big Game luncheon in San Jose as well as a few basketball games. The survey regarding performances has not yet happened. Chris is trying to get it together to send it out but he got very little response to the draft he routed to the council. Maybe no response is a vote of approval of the draft. Maybe the form of the survey doesn't matter. Maybe we just need to give our membership a chance to voice their opinions and know we are actively thinking about this. Mary, Erin, Sara and Lisa will help Chris get this going.

Over Christmas break the Band asked us to help with a few basketball games. A request went out to all Bay Area Alumni, but there was very little turn out. One game had no band at all. This is part of the reason for the survey of what the Alumni really want to do not just what they say they want to do. Also, this brings up the issue that the Band is over-committed. Not an issue for us to work on, but one of which we should be aware and help when we can. Most members of the Band don't even know what it is like NOT to be over-committed since budget tightening has caused the Band to take any money generating SHB they could get over the past 5-10 years. In addition, having basketball games at the Coliseum takes a much greater time commitment.

This summer the performance committee agreed to meet with the StuD to anticipate this coming year's needs, note them in the NTE, mention them at ABD and talk up the performances where the Band needs us early on. This may help. It was also suggested that an E-mail go out two days before any game/job as a reminder to get people involved.

North Tunnel Echo: It was suggested once again that we publish a brief update in between our beautiful/large issues. People are grateful for the wonderful newsletter but want news more often.

Eric and Kathy are planning to publish the first week in April so the issue will go out the second week in April. They will be promoting E-mail for alumni communication, requesting nominations for the Martinez Award and will note the date of ABD.

Financial Report: Kathy noted that our finances look fantastic on paper but we have still not been billed for at least two years of NTE (by UC Printing).Kathy will check back with Margie about any bills that have been received and will research how many we have not been billed. Even still, we are doing very well.

Awards & Recognition Committee: The Martinez Award is being discussed by the committee. After the June meeting Vito, Jane and Larry (and Bob Calonico and Kathy) will gather nominations and make their suggestion to the CBAA ExComm. The recipient will be announced at our August meeting.

Larry made a proposal for the keepsake item for the 1996 Martinez Award. The item would be a wooden plaque with a 5x7 studio photograph of the award and a brass plate with the recipient's name and year. There would be a $150 startup cost for the photo plate and a $60-70 biannual cost for the individual plaques. A motion was made to allocate $250 this year to establish the award and prepare this year's plaque. MS&UP

The Band has said no thanks to the trophy cabinet idea. The band members who receive the awards like to keep them and always return them at the end of the year. A question was posed to James for the ExComm - Would they like a perpetual plaque for each award that would stay out on view while the award recipients kept the actual trophies? This would allow the entire band to have a sense of the history of these awards while they lived with their various keepers. James said he would ask ExComm.

Richie would like to recognize Gurk Meeker for his huge time donation (over 1,000 hours) both as a student ('92-'96) and an alumnus. He created version3.0 of CalChart that Stunt really wanted. He works at Industrial Light and Magic and continues to donate a great deal of time to the Band. A wonderful example of dedication and generosity.

Reunion Committee: Lisa Holmes will chair the committee and is looking for volunteers to help with planning and to help the evening of the event. She has drafted a survey for the membership which will go out in the April NTE to allow Alumni to vote on the format the reunion will take this year. She will call the Claremont and Alumni House to reserve these hard to get rooms (most expensive and cheapest) in case one of these options is selected. When all of the votes are in, she can cancel or confirm these rooms. Erin volunteered (in absentia) to help on the committee.

The Brussels Band reunion for their 40th anniversary will be at the end of October (UCLA home game weekend). Hugh and Larry are working on this.

Videotape Project: John Psathas reported that Margie continues to sell videos. The History/Film committee is looking into getting 1992 and later years (which are missing) while we are waiting for the CD technology to become affordable for the archive project.

Cal Band Report: The (Cal Band Concert Band) Wind Ensemble performance March 6th was very nice and Jazz Band is going well. As noted above, the Wind Ensemble will be performing at Cal Day. Spring Show will be April 25th in Zellerbach. Stunt and Mac had planned out all of the acts as of this meeting- very impressive! The Band is doing a joint performance with Berkeley High School. Basketball finishes up today at the Coliseum. The new committees are in place and the reception for large donors before the Arizona basketball game went very well. The chancellor came and he continues to maintain a supportive working relationship with the Band.

Tellefsen Hall Report: The creek is now clean, the practice room is being built and the cook is great! We are requesting that our next meeting be held at TH so we can see all of the good work that has been done there. Sara will check with Wade.

Other News: It was suggested that we put together a career mentor program for the Band. Other alumni groups do this for their affiliated students. Perhaps we could put together a list/network as a resource for the Band. Juliette will write an article for the NTE asking our Alumni for their interest and suggestions.

James will check back with the new ExComm to see if they have any interest in the Franklin Planners Richie suggested we offer ExComm as part of our Leadership/Development program.

Bob Calonico held a meeting with several Alumni (from various eras) and the Band's leaders to discuss concerns and ideas. After last meeting's dump of Alumni ideas on April, this was a much more constructive forum to express our thoughts and hear those of the Band.

The next meeting will be held at 10 am on June 13, 1998 at TH.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Holmes, 27 May 1998.

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