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June 6, 1998

Tellefsen Hall, Berkeley, California

Members Present: Larry Augusta, Larry Anderson, Richie Jenkins, Rune Stromsness, Chris Bailey, Mike Yambrovich, Jane Lepisto, Wade Williams, Lindsay Hiratzka, Bob Calonico, Jennie Smith, Juliette Bettencourt, Kathy Heilmann, Eric Heilmann, Lisa Holmes, Hugh Barnett, and John Psathas.

Approval of Minutes: No changes were made to the minutes and were subsequently approved. MS&UP (motioned, seconded, and unanimously passed)

Nominations Committee: Juliette proposed the following people for their respective positions on the CBAA Executive Council: Rune Stromsness for Vice President and Jennie Smith for Secretary. She proposed to keep Kathy Heilmann as a temporary Treasurer until a replacement can be found. Juliette proposed to retain Eric Heilmann as the Editor of the NTE and Chris Bailey as the Performance Committee Chair. All nominations were approved by the Council. MS&UP

Hugh recognized and thanked Lisa Holmes for her two years of hard work and dedication as Secretary of the CBAA. Hugh also recognized and thanked Kathy Heilmann for her numerous years as first Secretary and then Treasurer of the CBAA. And last, but not least, Hugh thanked those members remaining on the Executive Council: Chris Bailey, Eric Heilmann, and Juliette Bettencourt and also Wade Williams for his hard work with the TH project. Many heart-felt thanks to all of you!

Then the meeting turned over to Juliette as the new President when she recognized and thanked Hugh for his hard work, dedication, and guidance as the President of the CBAA from 1990-1992 and again from 1996-1998. Thank you Hugh!

Election Results: Lisa Holmes reported on the results of the election that was mailed to all Cal Band Alumni earlier this spring. She reported that about 41-42% of the ballots were returned, which she was happy about (although it was slightly lower than last year). There were only 4 abstentions and 4 didnt approve of the new members to the CBAA Council. Ten members even wrote in their own names. Lisa suggested again that we have CBAA Council members "at large" (that is, outside the SF Bay Area).

On the ballots, members had the opportunity to express their opinion on whether or not we should expand the size of the CBAA council. At the time of the posting of these minutes, the author is unaware of the actual percentages of those who approved or disapproved, but those who did not approve had this to say: 1) Its hard to get 30 people to all agree on anything, let alone more than 30. 2) More people doesnt necessarily mean more energy/enthusiasm.

Discussion of the election results led to a discussion of the Council, its purpose, the idea of "fresh blood" (new and eager members), its enthusiasm, etc. Chris Bailey suggested having a meeting dealing only with the discussion of the purpose of the CBAA. Is it social?? To assist the Band?? (The Council agreed to meet at Tellefsen Hall on July 18, 1998 at 10 a.m.)

Larry Augusta mentioned his resignation from the Council. He has been greatly involved in the last several years and has put in a lot of time, especially coming from Sacramento. Richie Jenkins agreed to work with Larry to ensure the Martinez award gets properly taken care of.

Financial Report: Kathy Heilmann reported that the CBAA is all paid off with respect to UC Printing. (Phew!) We have also paid the Cal Band all monies designated for the Cal Band Blanket Fund. Kathy decided to do a two year analysis of the CBAAs budget instead of a one year analysis since it makes more sense, given the two year seasonality of its budget expenses (CBA reunion every other year, etc.). She was happy to announce that in the last two years, the CBAA spent almost exactly the same amount as it took in revenue and dues. Basically, we are in the same financial state now as we were two years ago (which is to say, a good financial state).

The discussion of the budget led to the report of this years reunion. Lisa Holmes reported that the reunion this fall would be at (drum roll please) the Faculty Club!! Many, many thanks to Lisa for taking care of the location early enough so we could have the opportunity to have the party there. As usual, the reunion will be the Friday night before Big Game. And whats even better is that the price will be pretty reasonable, too. Lisa motioned that the CBAA pay the room fee ($868) as the maximum subsidy for the reunion. MS&UP. It was noted that any possible savings from the Bob Briggs membership will only be used to insure the price of the reunion at the low rate of $35 per person and not to lower it further.

Hugh presented a draft budget to be used as a working budget with the intent that at the next regular CBAA meeting, it would be finalized. MS&UP

Performance Committee: Chris Bailey is still working on the survey about ABD. He said the survey is kind of long and its a slow progress. Mike Yambrovich (welcome to the Council, Mike!) reported that the Cal Alumni Band had a representation of 11 people at Davis Picnic Day. The instrumentation was "fair" and they ended up playing with the UC San Diego band. Mike suggested that next year, if Davis Picnic Day conflicts with Cal Day (the Universitys all-day "Open House"), that the Cal Alumni Band should play Cal Day instead.

Upcoming events: Sausalito on the 4th of July. Although Jerry Taylor was not present at todays meeting, it was reported that the performance is definitely happening. It was proposed that the this annual performance be an official performance of the Cal Alumni Band. MS&UP.

Over the past few years, several members of the Cal Alumni Band have played their instruments at the Lair of the Bear for their annual Young Alumni Weekend. The members only play a couple of times and get half off the total price of the weekend! Aaron Katzman originally organized the Alumni Bands presence in 1994 and since his untimely death, Andy LaBatt has been organizing the efforts. Jennie Smith proposed to officially sanction the performance by Cal Alumni Band members at the Young Alumni weekend at the Lair of the Bear. MS&UP

Alumni Band Day: It is late this year! The only feasible date for this fall season is November 14, 1998, which is only one week before Big Game. (The Bears play the University of Arizona.) We had hoped to play at the Cal vs. Nebraska game, but the Cal Athletic Department is expecting to sell out that game and did not feel inclined to just "give away" tickets to the Alumni Band. At present, our concerns for the late season game are: weather, style, show, and time limits in the joint rehearsal. The question was brought up, "Do we still do the script California??" This, of course, brought up a concerned debate involving many opinions. Although no official decision has been made as to whether we alter the script California, do something totally different, or keep it as it has been, the discussion will continue and the Performance Committee will listen to anyones suggestions or concerns.

Awards and Recognition Committee: Due to Larry Augustas resignation from the CBAA Council, someone is needed to head this committee. Thank you to Richie Jenkins for taking charge! He will determine when they will meet to discuss possible recipients.

North Tunnel Echo: The next issue of the NTE is ready to go to printing real soon. It was ready, but then we got notice of Professor Emeritus Garff Wilsons death. Eric Heilmann was hoping to include something in the NTE about Professor Wilson, but didnt have anything in particular just yet. He said it was going to press no matter what by Monday, whether or not there is a full article about Professor Wilson. Eric also mentioned that the newsletter includes information on the Martinez award, ABD, and the July 4th performance in Sausalito.

Discussion led to the topic of the NTE in general. We need to rethink how often we send it out and how: What about the number of pages? Do we go with a lower cost vendor than UC Printing? What about the quality of each one? There was mention of possibly starting a Communications Committee ("Comm Comm"??). It was noted that if we start a discussion along these lines, we should also include talk about the CBAA web page and improving it. (This is a potential discussion topic for the "special" CBAA meeting on July 18, 1998.)

Reunion plans: As mentioned above, this years reunion will be at the Faculty Club on campus. Lisa mentioned that the room we have reserved has a fireplace, an open bar and an espresso bar, and on-campus parking (75 spaces). She is guessing that attendance will be smaller this year than in the past because ABD is so late in the season. Because the Faculty Club is also a hotel for some guests, the noise is restricted after a certain time. The DJ has to stop playing music at 11pm. We have the room until 12:30, so there will be plenty of time to talk and catch up with friends while being able to hear them! We will be sending out invitations to the reunion later this year. Several people mentioned that we should offer complimentary tickets to some people, especially Margy Wilkinson for all of the hard work and assistance she has given us. Larry Anderson, Erin Vidali, and Elaine Wing-Hillesland have volunteered to help out with the reunion.

Cocktails will be at 6:30 and dinner starts at 7:30. And the Cal Band will get there when they get there.

Videotape Project: John Psathas said the videos are currently on sale through Margy and that sales have slowed to a "trickle." We still have lots of videos from 1983-1991. John has gotten very busy lately and expressed an interest for someone else to take over the project and sell more videos. (This just in: since the most recent NTE went out to the general public, many more video order forms have been received.)

Video Restoration Project: Richie Jenkins has taken over Greg Jones responsibility as the head of the Video Restoration Project. Richie will bring a proposal to the next meeting for a budget for the project. (Richies budget will be presented at the next regular meeting and not the "special" meeting since he will be preparing for his wedding to Cal Band Alum, Trisha Spinks!) He notes that he needs to search for missing videos. Eric Heilmann expressed an interest in helping Richie on this project.

TH Report: Todays meeting was held at TH partially so the Council could get a good and up-close look at all the renovations that have been completed at Tellefsen Hall. Among the many changes are: steel beams, a new foundation, cross beams, blue and yellow tiles in the basement that make a Big "C," working fire sprinklers, new furnace and water heater, fire alarm system, smoke detectors, recessed lighting, fluorescent lights and more. It was noted that most changes were only done to the southern side of the house and that the northern side will be done sometime in the future.

There are currently 44 people in the house. Last year there were about 10-12 women out of 44 (they filled three rooms). Two years ago, there were about 18 women in the house. Wade doesnt know anything about the gender makeup of the house this coming fall. The second floor bathroom is now a co-ed bathroom with shower stalls, etc.

Cal Band Report: Bob Calonico reports that the NorCal party will be held the night before the Cal vs. Nebraska game, Friday, September 11, 1998. The location is yet undetermined. It might be at either the Chancellors House, Haas courtyard, or the Field House of RSF (Recreational Sports Facility). Bob also reported that he had a great visit with John Woods, the Directory of the Ohio State Band. Mr. Woods met with Bob, MAC, and Stunt over the Memorial Day weekend. Bob has been talking with Mr. Woods about possibly giving the Alumni Band some way of playing once a month or so. (Not just 6 or so basketball games in two weeks in the winter.) The idea is to get year-round activities to get some momentum going in Alumni Band members.

He also reported that the Development Director position (to replace Barbara Goodson) should be hired this month.

New Business: We discussed convening for a special meeting to talk about ways to invigorate the Alumni Band and to make it more of a year-round organization. We decided to meet on July 18, 1998 at 10 am at Tellefsen Hall.

The next regular meeting will be at Larry Andersons house in Blackhawk from 10am - 12pm on August 22, 1998. It will be a potluck BBQ. Anyone is encouraged to attend, but please bring something to share!.

Mike Yambrovich wondered if the Council could approve items via email. Or does it have to be done in-person? This is a topic that will need to be discussed further and checked against the Constitution and by-laws.

The interim Development Director left in mid-march, but the Endowment is doing well. There are $1.5 million in money and pledges in the Cal Bands Endowment! =)

The meeting adjourned at 12:26 p.m. as the members of the Council went on a tour of TH.

Respectfully submitted, Jennie Smith on July 16, 1998.

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