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July 18, 1998 Special Meeting

Tellefsen Hall, Berkeley, California,

Members present: Joel Buringrud, Larry Anderson, Andy LaBatt, Sara Ferejohn, Rune Stromsness, Jennie Smith, Bob Briggs, Jane Lepisto, Chris Bailey, Hugh Barnett, Juliette Bettencourt, Kathy Heilmann, Eric Heilmann, Bruce Hinkley, Jerry Taylor

Non-members present: Gary Brown, Andy Shih, Dan Cheatham

Approval of Minutes: One correction: Alumni Band Day is only *one* week before Big Game and not two. The date given, however, was correct. Some comments were made about the wording in Bob Calonico's band report. Although the minutes said that "Bob has been talking with Mr. Woods about possibly giving the Alumni Band some way of playing once a month or so" it should be noted that Mr. Woods is not providing opportunities, only *suggestions* on how to get alumni more involved.

The minutes were approved with the one correction made. MS&UP

Nominations Committee: Rune Stromsness mentioned Aaron Glimme as a possible nominee. He then questioned whether the council should be covering "regular" subjects such as this at a special CBAA meeting. We need to check the by-laws.

We were very pleased to have more (than usual) non-council members present at this special meeting. A discussion started and everyone agreed that we need to make it more clear/obvious that CBAA council meetings are OPEN to ALL. Read: PLEASE COME. More of a PR effort on the Council's part is necessary to recruit more people to participate and provide their input. Thank you Gary Brown, Andy Shih, and Dan Cheatham for coming to today's meeting (and on such short notice, too).

Electronic Communication: Rune Stromsness and Jennie Smith propsed some new (and some slightly different) methods of electronic communication. They proposed forming two new email distribution lists: one for the CBAA Executive Committee and one for all members of the CBAA council. (All members of the CBAA Ex-Comm currently have email and most members of the council have email.) Although not all council members have email, any time-critical information that needs to go out can be also be communicated by phone to those people.

Rune and Jennie also suggested adding another email announce list for all alumni. This "super" announce list (for lack of a better term just yet) would be something similar to the One Minute Berkeleyan. Only ONE message a month would go out (which means little traffic) and it would be moderated. That is, only Rune, Jennie or whomever would moderate the list can post anything. The email message would contain important info pertaining to alumni performances, events, CBAA meetings and the like. To keep it brief, it would contain only the "critical" information and would refer the reader to a website to learn/read more. The purpose of this list is to communicate important information to more alumni. The traffic should be kept to a minimum so as to not "threaten" alumni with too much email.

Kathy Heilmann liked the idea of this kind of a list, but also suggested simplifying the lists. She suggested that we only have two lists overall and not three. (There are currently two lists so adding this "super" announce list would be the third.) Some people discussed that there really is a distinction between the current announce list and this new super-announce list and suggested that three lists wasn't too outrageous or confusing. We can put a feature article in the NTE explaining the different lists and their purposes, etc. Also, we can have someone at ABD at a station to collect email addresses and to explain the lists.

Kathy Heilmann said we should make a place on the CBAA membership for people to enter an email address. But she also (as everyone else agreed) that we should *only* put someone on an email list with their permission.

Andy Shih suggested a phone "hot line" for people to call in to find out about any upcoming events. (This is handy for those who are email-challenged.) Kathy Heilmann said she will look into the possibility of getting a voicemail box (or mailbox tree) at work for a hot-line of this sort. (Pretty handy that the company she works for produces them.) She will report on this at the regularly scheduled August meeting.

Rune will set up a "guest book" on the CBAA web page for people to enter their (snail mail) address and email address information. Juliette asked if there exists a link from the CAA website to the CBAA website. If not, then we should look into the CAA putting up a link to our site.

The question of approving items via email was brought up. People mentioned concerns about allowing enough opportunity for discussion, proper notification, and logistics. Most people agreed that something like this is easier to do on a smaller scale (for example, Ex-comm only). The by-laws already state that it is okay for Ex-comm to meet and vote via phone and email. Therefore, nothing needs to added on that account.

Printed communication: We need to do a membership solicitation mailing. A motion was made to pay for this mailing and it was approved: MS&UP. The Executive Secretary wil do this and the Vice President will send thank yous.

Almost everyone agrees that we would like to have a monthly or bimonthly newsletter that goes out to the alumni. It could be a "NTE Jr." or "NTE lite." But the question still remains, which sucke--um, I mean, willing volunteer will head such an effort? The other question is, can we afford it? Sara Ferejohn volunteered to take care of a monthly/bimonthly newsletter. Her lovely assistants are going to be: Andy Shih, Chris Bailey, Jennie Smith, Erin Vidali, and Rune Stromsness. (Erin arrived after the meeting and agreed to help out.) Lisa Holmes, who agreed at the last CBAA meeting to be an "Event Coordinator," can be a good focal point for dates, etc.

The discussion somehow moved onto the future date of September 26, 1998, which is "reunion weekend" for the University. It also happens to be High School Band Day. Juliette asked if we wanted to reserve an area on campus for Band alumni to meet. In the interest of time (it was getting late into the meeting at this point), everyone decided to drop this subject to move onto the main purpose of today's meeting.

Main topic: What is/should be the purpose of the CBAA?

The bullet points below are general comments that various people made throughout the discussion.

--Winter basketball games (to fill in for the Band)

--The by-laws state that the CBAA's purpose is to advance the Band's and the University's interests. It then mentions that there's a social purpose, too. (But the first part is the most important)

--The by-laws are stated as they are in order to preserve our non-profit status

--Should we expand performance opportunities?? (e.g. jazz, dixie, orchestra, singing, etc.)

--What about joint performances? With either the Cal Band or other alumni groups.

--Social vs. performance/supporting the Band

--We need to be realistic when it comes to getting performances together

--What about producing a book that lists the alumni members' occupations that can be used for mentoring purposes, etc. (for current Band members and alumni)

--It we're going to do performances, we must do them well. If we can't do performances as our purose, then we should default to social purposes.

--Be careful about stepping the the Band's toes when it comes to performances. (Maybe we should be a separate "venue"??)

--Maybe we should change the date/timing of the formal reunion (not this year, of course, since it's already been scheduled) so that it is not necessarily tied to Big Game activities.

--Too keep the role of mentoring new Band officers

--Sounds like we're already being true to our by-laws (for example: history project, Band Director search, and more), so maybe we just need more events (social, performance, etc.)

--Has there been too much emphasis on monetary help to the Band?? (Our contributions are miniscule compared to their overall budget.)

--We can help with recruiting all over. We could be like "scouts" in the areas we live.

--Should we increase alumni visibility to the Band? Especially if we still want to do some sort of workshop for new officers. (In order to avoid the problem of "no" visibility to all of the sudden the "intense" visibility of a workshop.)

--If we do do some mentoring/workshops, the focus should be on *skills* and *tools* and *NOT* "you should do this and that, blah blah blah."

So overall, the discussion covered all areas. The impression this author got was that there is a desire for social, performance, and mentoring purposes/events. As the by-laws are currently written, our main priority must be to advance to interests of the Band and the University. Then secondly, to have fun. Since we determined that we are indeed advancing the interests of the University and the Band, we can focus on our other needs and purposes. (We, of course, still need to at least maintain status quo with how we "advance the interests.") The question comes to, what are the priorities (after what is stated in the by-laws)?

No decisions or votes were made at this meeting and this discussion topic is certainly not complete or finished. If anyone would like to contribute their ideas, suggestions, or comments about any of this, they can write to the CBAA at the Cal Band's address or email

Performance requests: The city of Lafayette is having a parade on September 20 for their 150th anniversary. It was approved: MS&UP. Chris Bailey will organize and will ask about possible monetary donations to the Band (or something else altogether).

Respectfully submitted, Jennie Smith on August 4, 1998

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