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August 22, 1998
Larry Anderson's House, Blackhawk, California

Members present: Aaron Glimme, Richie Jenkins, Rune Stromsness, Erin Vidali, Jerry Taylor, Kathy Heilmann, Eric Heilmann, Juliette Bettencourt, Jennie Smith, Larry Anderson, Lisa Holmes, Chris Bailey, Wade Williams, Joel Buringrud, Andy LaBatt, and Sara Ferejohn.

Non-members present: Chris Mitchell, current Student Director (representing Bob Calonico)

Approval of Minutes: One clarification: The mentoring suggestion was for *all* Band members, not just Ex-comm.

The minutes were approved with the one correction made. MS&UP

Nominations Committee: Aaron Glimme has accepted nomination to the council. Another (unnamed) nominee is still thinking about it. Aaron's nomination and election were approved. MS&UP.

Juliette has talk to a potential Treasurer and she is thinking about the position.

Treasurer's Report: There is no written report. There has been "very little activity since the last meeting." Very little expenditures and some new memberships. So we are in approximately the same financial status as before.

Performance Committee: The questionnaire was formatted and is almost ready to go out to the alumni. The Lafayette Parade (Sunday, September 20, 1998) is coming up. Meet bat the Lafayette BART station before 9 am. When Chris gets more specifics, he will send an announcement to the email discussion groups and call some people. Jerry Taylor got a call from Reina from the CAA the Sunday, September 27 "Tour de Bears" run/walk to and from all Bears on campus. The event raises money for CAA scholarships. Tour de Bears was voted on and approved (pending response from the Cal Band Ex-Comm to make sure there is no stepping on toes), but we are going to "push" and advertise the parade more so than the Tour de Bears. MS&UP (There was concern at the council meeting about having two CBAA performances on back to back weekends. Some were concerned that either one of them would have a lower turnout, on the assumption that many people would only choose to do one and not the other. Others thought having the option to do either or both was better because if we had only chosen one, some people might not have been able to do it. This way, approving both performances, people have the option to do whatever fits in their schedules.)

Awards and Recognition committee: There are two new members to this committee: Erin Vidali and Karen Glimme. Thanks Erin and Karen!! (Hey, that rhymes!) The committee's major task right now is choosing the recipient of the Tony Martinez Award. Thank you to those who sent in nominations via email, etc. Richie, Karen, Erin, Kathy H, and Bob C. will pick the recipient. The person will be announced at the reunion (which is Friday, November 20, 1998, BTW). The finalized recommendation will be brought to the CBAA Ex-Comm by mid-September.

NTE Report: The NTE had several submissions for stories. This is great! =) The NTE editors will write about Alumni Band Day, of course among other things. The next issue will come out sometime soon and in time for ABD.

Reunion report: The reunion is on budget so far: that means $35 for sustaining members, and $40 for non-sustaining members. Lisa Holmes is looking into the possibility for a speaker. The Band will stop by after the bonfire.

Archiving Project: Richie, (Rommel Suratos, Chris Hack, Aaron, and Rune are also on his committee) recommend:

  1. To move all films to Bancroft Library. This also helps to clear out more room for the Band. A question arose about issues concerning accessibility. The response is that there isn't really a concern about not being able to get access to the films.
  2. To start saving the older VHS recordings.
The best bet is to *eventually* go digital. Right now it is still not cost effective enough, but the assumption is that someday it will be. As for a way to cover costs, someone mentioned the possibility of having individual alumni to sponsor a show to save. (There might be more interest for people to save shows they participated in.) The Band is going to buy a digital Sony camera which will work in addition to its analog camera.

Leadership Committee: For the past year and a half, the CBAA has done no workshops for the Band. Bob Calonico approached Rune about a workshop in the spring. We voted to include Richie and Larry Anderson on the Leadership Committee. MS&UP.

Budget 1998-1999: Kathy is uncomfortable proposing an unbalanced budget. (For the past few years, it has been unbalanced: anywhere between $1500 - $2500). We currently have extra money in the bank. The budget the Juliette brought to the meeting was voted on and approved. MS&UP.

The council has talked in the past about the nature of its budget having a two year cycle. This is primarily due to the fact that the reunion only occurs once every two years and also because memberships last for two years (and therefore get renewed every two years which means an influx of revenue). There was talk that we need to get a more accurate description of the 2-year cycle of our budget.

We will do a six-month "check-up"/status-check of the budget (which will be two meetings from now).

Alumni Reunion weekend: On Saturday, September 26, 1998, Cal is hosting its "reunion weekend." The different CAA groups can reserve a spot on campus before the football game (for no money) in order to have a reunion. Juliette recommended that we reserve a spot and have a BYOS (bring your own stuff) kind of picnic. The motion was approved. MS&UP. (The spot should be somewhere near Doe Library.)

Alumni Band Day: The Performance Committee can meet with Stunt sometime soon. Everything is on track so far. The catering for the gathering after the game has not been discussed for this year and no location has been reserved yet. There was talk that we should probably go "easy" on the food this year since the reunion is the following weekend. Most people will have the opportunity to meet and chat again in just seven days. The Performance Committee is responsible for finding someone for the catering.

Communication Committee: Rune has set up the email aliases for: each officer of the CBAA; CBAA Ex-Comm, and the CBAA Council. Kathy reports that we can't realistically use Siemens (her employer) for a CBAA voicemail box. If we did use it, it would down half the time and therefore not be reliable.

New Business: Juliette and Rune want to reinstate the Membership Committee. Some things to consider are the 2-year cycle and the possibility of a life membership in the CBAA (similar to the CAA). Aaron will chair the committee and his willing helpers are; Jerry Taylor, Rune, and Sara Ferejohn.

The Brussels/Rose Bowl bands will have a reunion after the UCLA game at the Marina Radisson Hotel (used to be the Marriott).

Juliette reminds us to not forget about the Big Game Luncheon in San Jose!! It's always the Friday before Big Game. More details about the event and where and when to meet will come soon.

TH Report: Not much is new. The house is full (yay!) and there are more women this year than last year. The same chef is coming back.

Cal Band Report: Chris Mitchell (the current StuD) was present for Bob Calonico. Thanks Chris!! He reports that the Band will rehearse on Hearst West Field (which is only 80 yards long). Because of some sound ordinances, they will have to hold their rehearsal from 6-8pm! Their Saturday morning rehearsals will be held here, too. They are still working on getting lighting for the field. Stunt charted a 190-person wedge. Right now, there are 204 members (they had originally projected 230) so things might be tight. PR-Comm sent out some marching fundamentals videos to recruits during the summer and Chris said he can really tell the difference in some of the recruits. Good job PR-Comm!

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on Saturday, November, 7, 1998 from 10 am - noon. Juliette will ask the Band about using BRH. Otherwise, Rune will try to get a room in Dwinelle Hall. (Update: the meeting will be in BRH.)

Respectfully submitted, Jennie Smith on November 3, 1998

Corrections as approved at the November 7, 1998 Council meeting

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