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November 7, 1998
Band Rehearsal Hall, Berkeley, California

Members present: Aaron Glimme, Chris Bailey, Jane Lepisto, Rune Stromsness, Richie Jenkins, Bob Briggs, Sara Ferejohn, Erin Vidali, Andy LaBatt, Juliette Bettencourt, Hugh Barnett, Ric Mart, Stelly Kuo, Andy Shih, Jennie Smith, and Jerry Taylor.

Non-members present: Justin Lorts, current Public Relations Director (representing Bob Calonico), Rob Maguire (current Drum Major), and Dan Cheatham.

Approval of Minutes: Two clarifications: In the paragraph about the Performance Committee, take out the sentence "Someone also got a request for the alumni band to play at the Bear at Memorial Stadium (date??)." The following sentence should start with "The performance..." instead of "Both performances...". These two changes are necessary because the "performance" at the Bear at Memorial is the same event as the Tour de Bears mentioned earlier. Amended minutes were approved. MS&UP.

Nominations Committee: Stelly Kuo and Andy Shih have accepted nomination to the council. Stelly's and Andy's nominations and election were approved. MS&UP. Welcome Stelly and Andy! Juliette nominated Jane Lepisto to be the Treasurer. Her nomination and election were approved. MS&UP. Thank you Jane!

Treasurer's Report: Jane says there have been 135 membership renewals so far since the membership renewal solicitation went out earlier this fall. She has more than $3200 to deposit in the checking account. (Some of it has been deposited already.) Due to computer difficulties, she didn't have a written report for this meeting, but she said that we have positive balances in the investment CD, savings, and checking accounts. Jane will have more concrete numbers next time when her computer isn't acting up!

Performance Committee: Here we will only talk about non-ABD stuff. The Lafayette performance mentioned in the previous minutes didn't happen. Chris Bailey called the city back to inquire about possibly donating money to the Cal Band, he was told that there was nothing. He then replied that the Alumni Band would not be performing at the parade. The Tour de Bears did happen, however, but with a small contingency. (4 trombones including a bass trombone, 1 clarinet, 1 piccolo, and 1 tenor sax) Folks who went said it was fun and it "worked well." Chris hopes that this will be an annual event for us and that they will ask us next year... The San Jose Big Game Luncheon is coming up!! It is at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel. As usual, there is some concern about instrumentation, especially with first trumpets. (So, if you're a first trumpet reading this and are in the Bay Area the day before Big Game, you have no excuse to *not* come to the event!) There is a total of 30 slots available for the Alumni Band. You get free, *good* food. Meet at 10:45 am at the fountains in the plaza between the hotel and the San Jose Museum of Art. RSVP to Chris Bailey (510-339-9105, or Juliette Bettencourt (408-923-4142, to sign up. Matt Bouza will be the Cal honoree and Ken M. will be from, you know. . . that place.

Be aware: Basketball season is coming up. The Cal Band has its ski trips during the winter and they *might* ask us to help. Rune, Chris, and Juliette will be contacting the Band as often as possible to get info from them as soon as they know when they might need us. Stay tuned for more details! (What we do know so far as that the Band will have its ski trips on Dec 17-20 and Jan 14-17.)

Awards and Recognition committee: The committee has met with Kathy Heilmann and Bob Calonico. They came up with a winner of the award and the CBAA Ex-Comm already approved the nomination via email. The honoree is (drum roll please...) Dan Cheatham! Thank you, Dan, for all of your hard work over the years. Dan's recognition will be announced at the reunion (which is Friday, November 20, 1998, BTW). Bill Corlett is creating the award that Dan will be able to take home and he is also having Dan's name engraved on the permanent award. There is no news on the Bill Ellsworth award yet.

NTE Report: The NTE went out in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Copies were present at the meeting. Folks should be receiving them in the mail any day now. (There was some concern that all the mass mailings from the November elections might have slowed down the delivery, but hopefully that won't be the case.) As for the NTE Lite, Sara sent out a postcard that included info about the Tour de Bears, ABD, and the San Jose Big Game luncheon. The postcard went to Bay Area alumni. We need people to take over the NTE!! Eric and Kathy Heilmann have been doing an excellent job for many years, but it is time to pass the baton. Aaron and Andy Shih expressed and interest to consider working on the NTE. There has been no commitments yet, but there is still time to sign up! At this time, taking over the NTE is relatively easy because you will be given the template to lay out the newsletter. You will also be given the software and all necessary files.

Reunion report: Lisa was not here, so Erin gave the report. She says that Chancellor will speak at the reunion. (Woo hoo!) Lisa will talk with Chris Mitchell (current StuD) about when the Band will be able to play for us. Lisa still needs 3 volunteers to help out the night of the reunion. RSVPs are due by November 10. (Ed. Note: the CBAA website says the RSVPs are due by November 11, so turn those forms in now!) Erin says we have 70 people signed up so far and that we need 100 in order to break even. So come one, come all and bring your friends! We still have free parking spaces left! The reunion is at the Faculty Club and the parking spaces are at the lot below the tennis courts on Bancroft Avenue. We have collected $745 for the Senior Blanket Fund so far. Speaking of reunions, the Brussels/Rose Bowl group got together one week ago for 2 days. They had a great time (as usual). Pete Newell was the guest speaker. Hugh said it was one of the best ones yet!

Archiving Project: Richie said that this coming Wednesday they will transfer the old films to the Bancroft Library. Also, the Band received its new camera. It's much higher quality than before ("Broadcast Quality"). It records onto digital tape (therefore, no quality loss when copied). The first show it recorded was UCLA. Aaron says they are looking into costs of transferring old VHS onto a digital format. Richie wants to recruit more people from other "eras" (not just from the 90's, which most of the current committee is from) to talk about how to go about transferring, fundraising, etc.

TH Report: Wade Williams was not present at the meeting. But Sara and Erin go to the TH Board meetings. They said there is some work being done on the showers. The house is still full. They are saving money for the next phases of the retrofitting in the future.

Cal Band Report: Justin Lorts reported on the Cal Band. He said it will be interesting with the rains now in the season. The rehearsal fields gets very deep in water and mud. (He made a motion that showed several inches in depth!) Rob is working on a solid Big Game show. There are currently 203 members. The ABD show will be the "Frank Sinatra Show" and will also be the day for the Sproul Steps photo. It is confirmed that the two bands will be doing the Script California for ABD.

Alumni Band Day: Rob Maguire joined the meeting in time for the discussion on ABD. Chris Bailey has talked with Rob about logistics. Our rehearsal field will be Heart West Field if its dry and hopefully Kleeberger if its wet. There was a lengthy discussion about several different "what ifs" scenarios if it rains extensively enough to prevent the bands from using Hearst field. But never fear, there will *always* be a contingency plan! The Alumni Band will perform (in some form) rain or shine. Chris is still thinking about what to do to make the Alumni Band show easy. Maaaaaybe it'll have something to do with the whole tree-incident thing, but no one knows (or will say) for sure. We'll have to wait until Saturday to find out. Logistics about the game time shift and possible rain is of the biggest concern right now. Check in and donuts will be at 9am and downbeat is at 9:30 am sharp! Even though the game time shifted 3 hours, ABD check in has only shifted 2 hours. This allows more time for alumni to talk, etc. Also, the CBAA will be providing lunch for the marchers instead of a food reception after the game. There will be an opportunity to watch the show after the game in BRH. Lisa Holmes is taking care of lunch. She has the Alumni House reserved for that purpose from noon to 3 pm.

Communication Committee: Rune has announced the new CBAA Headline News email list. Some people have already signed up. We strongly encourage all people with email address to sign up for this list!! It is a very low volume (guaranteed to have no more than 12 messages a year) and messages will *only* come from the list moderator. Emails will announce important, upcoming events and will provide a website reference for the reader to get more information. (Go to for more information.) The first message will go out this week regarding all the upcoming events.

New Business: Aaron thanked the CBAA Secretary for getting out the membership renewal solicitation. The CBAA Secretary thanks Rune and Jane for taking care of the replies in such a speedy manner! The membership committee is still discussing the possibility of lifetime memberships and will come up with a proposal soon. Rune has been contacted by someone at the CAA about having the CBAA help the CAA fund an Oski tie (straight tie, not a bow tie) that Band members would receive and would wear to special SHBs. The CAA has already had the ties made and plans to give some to Band members anyway and will also sell some at places like the ASUC store. The CBAA members were concerned about how any donations to this effort would only help out the CAA's budget and not the Cal Band's budget. Also, the CAA has no plan for the future about how to take care of this. No council member supported the idea of supporting the CAA's budget with this effort. The CBAA would rather spend money on the Band directly. Chris moved that we thank the CAA for buying the Oski ties for the Band members and that we not pay any money. MS&UP. Announcements: Coming up we have the Cal Band reunion and the rescheduled NorCal party. Go to the CBAA website for more info! (

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be on Saturday, February, 27, 1999 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. Location is TBD (but will hopefully be BRH). The odd time is due to the fact that there is a "home" (at the Coliseum) basketball game that day at 1 pm. (Note: since these minutes were published the meeting time has been moved to the normal 10:00 a.m.)

Respectfully submitted, Jennie Smith on November 9, 1998

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