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Unofficial CBAA Council Minutes

Saturday, February 27, 1999
Choral Rehearsal Hall, Berkeley, California

Members present:  Andy LaBatt, Sara Ferejohn, Richie Jenkins, Aaron Glimme, Rune Stromsness, Jane Lepisto, Jennie Smith, Jerry Taylor, Juliette Bettencourt, Wade Williams, Hugh Barnett, Chris Bailey, Andy Shih, Larry Anderson, Mike Yambrovich, Bob Briggs, Kathy Heilmann, and Eric Heilmann.

Non-members present:  Dan Cheatham, Siobahn Taylor (daughter of Jerry), Kristin Warren (current Senior Manager) and Tony Valdivia (current Drum Major).

Approval of Minutes:  There were no amendments to last meeting’s minutes.  Minutes were approved as is. MS&UP.


Treasurer’s Report:  We have received almost $7,000 in renewals since the solicitation went out in the mail which is the highest to date (yay!).  We had previously estimated and budgeted about $4,000 in this year’s budget.  Also, ABD came slightly under budget this past fall.  Juliette was thinking of changing a few line items in this year’s budget to make it a non-deficit budget.  But we will get to this when we talk about New Business, at the end of the meeting.

Performance Report:  We have a request to play in Atherton on Sunday, May 16.  Chris Bailey sent out an email to see what the interest would be and it seems pretty good.  This will be voted on under New Business.

We have an invitation for Davis Picnic Day, which (of course) falls on Cal Day again, Saturday April 17.  We’ll discuss later under New Business.

Thanks so much to the Cal Band for being so organized about informing us about winter basketball games!!  We had a great time playing and helping out and everything worked out great.  The Band was appreciative of the help, too.  All games were attended by an SHB.

The San Jose Luncheon on the day before Big Game happened again with the usual success.  We even had enough trumpets this time.  J  We were on the New Media News show which airs on KRON (local NBC affiliate) and Bay TV (a local cable channel done mostly by the KRON people).  Juliette has a video clip of us; we were on screen for about 30 seconds.  Go us!

Alumni Band Day was last November.  Unfortunately, we had a smaller than usual turnout.  Most people are assuming this is due to the fact that it occurred so late in the year.  Juliette was happy that she received no letters of disappointment to our tree reference.  Doing lunch instead of the after show snacks went over very well, not to mention under budget.

Speaking of ABD, Kristin Warren and Tony Valdivia informed us that currently, the possible dates for ABD for Fall 1999 are: September 4 (Labor Day weekend), November 13, or possibly September 25 (Cal Day).  The Cal Band’s debate as to what date to invite the Alumni Band comes down to their decision as to whether or not they want to host a High School Band Day this year.  If they choose to do HSBD, they would do it on September 25, which would leave the Alumni Band either mid-November or Labor Day weekend.  The Cal Band was being very considerate in asking us our opinion at this CBAA meeting.  We made it very clear that the Cal Band’s needs come FIRST.  They need to decide on their own whether doing HSBD is important to them or not.  Many CBAA council members encouraged them to do it because it serves a recruiting purpose which is ultimately the most important thing to keep the Cal Band alive and consequently, also the CBAA.  The Cal Band Ex-comm will make a decision next week about their Fall plans and will then inform the CBAA.

A motion was made about ABD: If given the choice by the Cal Band of either September 4 or November 13 to do ABD, then September 4 is the first choice.  But if the Cal Band chooses not to hold HSBD and instead they decide to give the CBAA the choice of September 25, then that would be our first choice.  This motion was approved by all but one, there were no objections, and there was one abstention.

Leadership Committee Report:  Rune and his Leadership Committee have been working with the members of the Cal Band Ex-comm to organize the New Ex-comm workshop.  In attendance at the workshop will be 7 alumni, all of Nex-comm, and of course Bob Calonico.  The workshop will be shorter than usual (only a few hours) as per the Ex-comm’s request.  It will be followed by an informal dinner afterward.  Nex-comm will decide which alumni they want to invite.  Invitations will go out next week.  Nex-comm will organize their own Co-comm workshops.

Awards and Recognition Committee Report:  Ben Lee, an EECS major, received the bill ellsworth memorial award at the Cal Band Banquet last Fall.  It was reported that all members of the Band were very excited about this.  Congratulations, Ben!

North Tunnel Echo Report:  Eric Heilmann is glad that on the agenda today is the item to find a new NTE Editor.  All council members participated in giving many, many thanks and praise to Eric and his wonderful assistant Kathy Heilmann for all of their hard work and dedication over the past several years for making the NTE a professional, user-friendly, exciting and informative newsletter.  It is one of the best ones of all California Alumni Association’s newsletters!  Thank you again!!  (For more information about the upcoming NTE, please see the New Business section of the minutes.)

Archiving Project Report:  Richie Jenkins and his committee prepared an extensive proposal and brought it to the meeting.  If you want to see a copy of the proposal, you can email or visit the CBAA’s website at  Basically, the major item in the proposal is to purchase a DVCAM VCR (including insurance and tapes) in order to save performances that are in the most danger of deterioration (that is, the older VHS tapes).  This VCR is compatible with the Cal Band’s new digital video recorder.

The rest of the proposal talked about possibly getting people to “sponsor” a show to pay for its archival.  The proposal is much more extensive than what is mentioned above.  If you are interested in all of the details, please take a look at it.  Excellent work, Archiving Project Committee!!  Many, many thanks for your research and dedication.

Tellefsen Hall Report:  The house is still full.  They are looking to fill to vacancies on the TH Board.  Talk to Sara Ferejohn if you’re interested.

Cal Band Report:  Spring Show is Saturday, May 8 at 8pm in Zellerbach Hall on the Cal campus.  The Ex-comm approved all acts yesterday.  There will be about 100 people marching.  They even had to cut some people from the marching block!  Also, the marching segment of the show will be longer than in years past, as per many audience viewers’ wishes.

Reunion Report:  Thanks to Lisa for organizing the fun event!  Everyone had lots of fun and really enjoyed being on campus in the Faculty House.  There were a lot of last minute sign ups.

Membership Committee:  Aaron Glimme and his committee put together a thorough proposal about starting Life Memberships in the CBAA.  The goal is to stabilize the CBAA’s income.  Currently, the CBAA’s income is on a two year cycle since most renewals are paid for two years at a time.  The (original) proposal stated that a life membership would cost $275 if paid in one lump sum and would cost $300 if paid over 5 years.  (The proposal was amended as stated under New Business in the minutes.  See below.)  Thanks to Jane Lepisto, Aaron, Rune Stromsness, and Sara Ferejohn for creating the proposal.  The proposal (as amended by the CBAA) is presented below:

1)       The CBAA will offer lifetime memberships for

a)       $275 paid in full or

b)       $325 over 5 years (5 payments of $65 each).

2)       Any individual who has paid for a life membership, or is current on payments for a life membership, shall have at least the same rewards, privileges, and discounts as regular members.

3)       All lifetime membership payments shall be directed to a Lifetime Membership Endowment Fund.

4)       The CBAA shall take annual distributions from the Endowment Fund as follows:

a)       Distributions shall be made at any time after July 1 in each fiscal year.

b)       The distribution shall be the greater of:

i)          4% of the average value of the Endowment Fund at the end of each of the 16 quarters ending on June 30.

ii)       $9.00 for each member receiving lifetime membership benefits on the preceding June 30.

5)       Investment:

a)       The Executive Committee shall determine a manner of investing the fund that should earn a reasonable return without undue risk to the capital.

b)       New payments received for the Endowment Fund may be deposited in normal CBAA accounts as they are received providing that they are transferred on a regular basis (at least annually) to the account(s) where the Endowment Fund is invested.

While the value of the Endowment Fund is under $1,000 it shall be kept with other CBAA funds and shall not be credited interest.

Communication Report:  The CBAA Headline News email list has about 250-300 people.  Yay!


Performance Requests:  A motion was made to approve the May 16th performance in Atherton.  MS&UP.  (Contact Chris Bailey for more information.)  A motion was made to not approve the Davis Picnic Day performance.  MS&UP.  (For those of you interested in performing at DPD, you can as a ringer for the UCSD band.  They have made a general invitation to anyone who is interested in joining them.)  A motion was made to approve the yearly Fourth of July parade and brouhaha in Sausalito.  MS&UP.  (Contact Jerry Taylor for more information.)

NTE Editor:  A motion was made to nominate Sara Ferejohn as the new NTE Editor.  MS&UP.  YAY!!!  We have a new NTE Editor!  (A collective sigh of relief from the general area of the room where Kathy and Eric Heilmann were sitting was heard.)  Now that Sara is the new NTE Editor, she gave an update about what is to come in the new NTE issue this spring.  The feature article will be about the late Glenn T. Seaborg.  Other articles to be included are: about Spring Show, ABD, the San Jose Luncheon and more.  Contact if you have any information for an echo or if you want to write an article or include some photos.  The deadline for any items will be March 17.

Elections:  Ten CBAA council terms are about to expire in one month.  A motion was made to renominate 9 of those 10 people (the tenth person expressing a desire to not be on the council anymore).  MS&UP.  Also, there are 3 more vacant seats.  Jennie Smith will send out election ballots to all sustaining CBAA members.  There will be a space for members to write in someone’s name.  Remember, there are 3 vacant seats, folks…

Finance/Investment Plan:  Jane Lepisto reported that we only earn about 4.0% on our bank account instead of the previous 4.85%.

Revise Budget:  We have $3,000 more in our budget than we originally had planned.  A motion was made for the following:

                to increase the Ex-comm workshop from $200 to $600

                to increase the oral history project from $150 to $500

                to increase the hats and t-shirts allotment from $400 to $700.

That is an increase of $1,050 total.  MS&UP.

A motion was made to approve Part A of the Archiving Committee  proposal (the part talking about buying the DVCAM VCR) with the understanding that the committee will seek the best discounted price.  MS&UP.  A motion was made to approve items B, C, and D of the archiving proposal with the understanding that the details will be discussed at the next CBAA meeting.  That is, the motion is to approve the concept of sponsoring shows.  MS&UP.  (See the proposal for the details.)

Life Membership:  Juliette recommended to keep the lump sum payment for life memberships $275 (as stated in the proposal), but to change the 5-year payment plan to $325 instead of $300 (which was stated in the proposal).  A motion was made to approve the proposal with the recommended change made by Juliette and under the assumption that details about lapse payments will be discussed later.  MS&UP.

Next meeting:  The dates of the next two CBAA council meetings were designated:  Saturday, June 12, somewhere in Berkeley and Saturday, August 21 at Larry Anderson’s house in Blackhawk.

Respectfully submitted, Jennie Smith on March 4, 1999

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