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Unofficial CBAA Council Meeting Minutes

Saturday, June 12, 1999
Tellefsen Hall, Berkeley, California

Members present: Rune Stromsness, Jane Lepisto, Jennie Smith, Chris Bailey, Kathy Heilmann, Eric Heilmann, Juliette Bettencourt, Bob Briggs, Mike Yambrovich, , Aaron Glimme, Andy Shih, Lisa Holmes, Richie Jenkins, Jerry Taylor.

Non-members present:

Approval of Minutes: There were two changes to the minutes. One was to remove Kristin from the non-members present to the members present. The second change is to correct that September 25, 1999 is "Reunion Weekend" and "High School Day" and not Cal Day. Minutes were approved with changes. MS&UP.

Election Results: The election ballots went out and the results that were received as of June 12, 1999 were as follows: 101 votes for YES, 1 vote for NO, and 1 abstention vote. 17 names were written in and two of those names were written in twice. Rune will be contacting those individuals to find out if they are interested in joining the CBAA council.


Nomination Committee Report: There are now two additional nominees for the two CBAA seats that expire March 31, 2000. The two nominees are Antonia Lau and Barbara Goodson. There was a motion to approve these two nominees. MS&UP. Congratulations and welcome to Antonia and Barbara to the CBAA council!! J

The Nomination Committee is looking for potential candidates for the new Vice President, Executive Secretary, and Treasurer slots. If you are interested in one of these positions, contact anyone on the Nomination Committee. Once there are candidates for these positions, we can vote on them.

Juliette will create a list of all the different committees that are currently in use by the CBAA so that CBAA council members and CBAA members who are not on the council can decide which committee they want to join. These appointments will be decided during the fall CBAA council meeting.

Please note that you do NOT have to be on the CBAA council to be a member of a CBAA committee. Anyone can help out and everyone is encouraged to help out. Also note that you can join any committee any time of the year, although typical appointments start in the fall.

Treasurer's Report: Our budget is solidly into the black. (yay!) The budget is very healthy. We have 9 paid in full Life Memberships and 2 installment payment Life Memberships.

Performance Report: The performance on Sunday, May 16 in Woodside was wonderful and a great success! Chris Bailey reports that the crowd really appreciated the band tremendously. There were about 22 - 23 people and the instrumentation was good.

Performances coming up: 4th of July in Sausalito. Jerry Taylor is "a little behind" in sending out his normal invitations to people who have come to this gig in the past years. Chris Bailey wants help to get the word out. Jerry will set everything up. The parade starts at 10 am. Jennie Smith moved to send out a postcard to people in the approximate area (according to zip code) to inform them of the event. One person opposed the vote, the rest approved.

(Editor's note: The approved postcard did not go out. When the list of people in the local vicinity was counted, it turned out to be a huge number (in the thousands). It was discussed over email that it was not prudent to send out a mailing to that many people for this event.)

Bob Briggs moved to reimburse Jerry Taylor for the costs of breakfast stuff for the July 4 gig. MS&UP.

Alumni Band Day (ABD) is extremely close. As determined by the Cal Band Ex-Comm, ABD is on Saturday, September 4, 1999, which is during Labor Day weekend. Cal is playing Rutgers at Memorial Stadium. Kick off is at 2:30 pm, instead of its usual 12:30 pm. (Side note: The Athletic Department has decided to move all home games that are NOT televised to 2:30 pm. They are hoping to lure more families to the game, allowing them time with any kids in the morning.)

Leadership Committee Report: The Ex-Comm workshop was on April 11, 1999 in the Hall of Fame room on the Berkeley campus. Rune Stromsness said that the evaluations that were returned back to him were positive. It was a success.

Awards and Recognition Committee Report: No new news to report.

North Tunnel Echo Report: The NTE landed in mailboxes 1 week before Spring Show. Please send echoes!!! A one page "NTE Lite" will go out in late July to all people on the mailing list. There will no (or few) echoes and no history articles. This will be the first issue of the NTE Lite. Please note that the NTE Lite is NOT a replacement for the NTE. Instead, it is only a supplement.

Archiving Project Report: The Archiving Committee will buy the digital VCR and tapes in late summer and will start archiving old shows as soon as possible. They will set up a table at ABD for people to sponsor archiving different shows.

Tellefsen Hall Report: No new news to report.

Cal Band Report: The Cal Band has chosen its shows for the Fall season. The NorCal party is tentatively scheduled for October 22, 1999. (Hopefully it will be in the fancy Club Room at the soon-to-be-new Haas Pavilion.) Spring Show 2000 might be in Haas Pavilion instead of Zellerbach.

Membership Committee: We have 9 paid in full Life Memberships. We have 2 Life Memberships that are using the payment plan. Therefore, we will most likely have enough money to start a mutual fund sometime this fall.

Communication Report: The CBAA Headline News email list has about 250-300 people. Yay!


Merchandising Information: Mike Yambrovich will help coordinate the inventory of Cal Alumni Band shirts and hats, etc. He will also work with the Band to make sure there are Cal Band items to sell at events like ABD, etc. Mike and Chris Bailey will do an email poll to see if alumni will also be interested in buying "alumni" merchandise.


Membership - yearly dues: The question has arisen as to whether or not we should raise our yearly dues. After some introductory discussion, members of the council decided to form a membership and finance committee which will be chaired by Juliette Bettencourt. Other people who volunteered to work on this committee are: Aaron Glimme, Chris Bailey, Andy Shih, Kathy Heilmann, Mike Yambrovich, Jane Lepisto, Rune Stromsness, and Lisa Holmes. This newly formed committee will meet before the next council meeting.

Inventory/Sales Reports: This was covered during Jane Lepisto's Treasurer's Report.

Performance Requests: In the past, ABD costs have never covered photocopying costs.

Also, Cal Alumni Band volunteer librarians have requested that we purchase a stock arrangement of Grand Ol' Flag. Rune Stromsness made a motion to approve an increase of $100 for this current fiscal year to cover the 4th of July expenses, ABD photocopying expenses, and money to purchase a stock arrangement of Grand Ol' Flag. MS&UP. (Editor's note to the CBAA council: My notes say that Rune motioned to approve $100, but Juliette's agenda says $200. Can anyone confirm which number we approved?)

Elections, future years: Someone noted that it seems that everything happens at the same time of year and that therefore, we should take a look at the by-laws. Currently, the by-laws say that elections go out in November. But for the last 3 CBAA Secretaries, the elections have gone out in the Spring. Several people mentioned that they would like to change the by-laws. The next CBAA council meeting will have an agenda item to talk about this.

Reunion Schedule: We might not be able to get the alumni house for ABD. We might have to look for another venue. Many people like the idea of doing both lunch and an after show gathering for ABD. If we did do both, the after show gathering wouldn't be up to quite the same standard as in years past. What we do with this issue will be decided on during the next meeting.

Next meeting: The next meeting is Saturday, August 21 at Larry Anderson's house in Blackhawk. (Editor's note: the location has since been changed to somewhere in Berkeley, hopefully at the Band Rehearsal Hall.)

Respectfully submitted, Jennie Smith on August 17, 1999

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