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Cal Band Alumni Association Council
August 21, 1999

Councilors present: Larry Anderson, Chris Bailey, Hugh Barnett, Juliette Bettencourt, Barbara Goodson, Kathy Heilmann, Lisa Holmes, Richie Jenkins, Sara LaBatt, Antonia Lau, Jane Lepisto, Andy Shih, Rune Stromsness, Erin Vidali.

Member present: Andy LaBatt.

Representing the Band: Kristin Warren.

Call to Order: Juliette called the meeting to order and had each person introduce him or herself. She announced Ida Berdahl had passed away suddenly earlier in August. Sara will include this in the NTE Lite.

Minutes:The minutes of the June 21 meeting were amended that Richie did not attend and $100 were approved for Alumni Band Day photocopying expenses and $100 to purchase music for July 4. MS&UP to approve amended minutes.

Committee Reports

Nominating: Rune reported we have two councilor spots yet to fill.

Leadership: Rune reported the outgoing Ex Comm will update the packets for training for next year.

Treasurer: Jane distributed the current budget report, balance sheet and profit/loss statement. She needs an estimate of the value of CBAA property (bass drum, cymbals, banners, coffee pot). Jane reported last year was lucrative due in part to selling life memberships. We have twelve paid in full so far. She also reported we are not selling shirts and hats as quickly, due in part to better quality merchandise.

Performance: Chris reported the July 4th parade went well, especially Jerry's cute Music Man thing and Jonanthan Elkus's directing Golden Bear (his arrangement). Chris announced the following performance requests: the Fun Zone on ABD, a parade in Moraga on October 23, Cal Basketball Midnight Madness on October 15/16, the San Jose Big Game luncheon.

Awards and Recognition:Richie had nothing new to report. There will be no Martinez award this year, and the ellsworth award will be determined later.

North Tunnel Echo:Sara said the her first NTE went out the night before Spring Show. There was no NTE Lite in July, but one will go out before Alumni Band Day. It will be one page front and back. Juliette asked if this schedule were viable. Sara said yes, it's good to have this smaller format in between the larger ones. Discussion ensued as to whether each issue should go to the entire membership. The due date for articles for the next NTE is August 30. Lisa suggested a pie chart be included showing where sustaining membership dollars go. Hugh, Larry and Jerry will work on an Ida Berdahl article. Sara says "SEND ECHOES."

Archiving: Richie says phase one will be complete when the digital recorder arrives. Phase 2 will start as soon as sponsors are found for specific shows or years. Info will be available for potential sponsors at ABD.

Membership: Jane reported since July 1 we've received eight two-year, one one-year, and five life memberships. Renewal notices just went out.

Cal Band: Kristin reported 220 at FTP this year with 50-60 new members. Extra new uniforms are due to arrive just before the first game. The Nor Cal Party should take place October 29, place TBD.

TH: Sara read a report from Wade stating TH is full even after raising fees this year. Phase 2 of the seismic renovations will take place in 2001-2002. This will cost $300,000. Right now they are putting in a walk-in freezer for Nancy (the cook), re-doing the laundry area, and replacing all the windows on the second and third floors. A DSL line has gone in. If you'd like to be on the TH board, please talk to Sara. This year for the first time the house is half men, half women. Half of the house is new residents, and half returning.

Old Business:

Alumni Band Day: The check in for ABD is at 8:00 and the downbeat at 8:30. Camera crew will handle donuts and coffee, Jerry will handle drinks for rehearsal. Volunteers were recruited for check in and post-rehearsal clean-up. Lunch will consist of box lunches wherever rehearsal ends up. The post-game reception will take place at Alumni House. Lisa needs a tape of the show for the reception. A word-of-mouth invitation was issued for break-off Band. Chris said the show will mostly be stand-and-play with swing-era music.

Merchandise pricing: Jane wanted to know if we should increase the price on CBAA merchandise. The resale permit has expired and needs to be renewed. We need a new system for merchandise sales accounting. It was moved to petition the Band for an update to Quicken and to hire an accountant for review of our books and for advice. MS&UP.

Membership and Yearly Dues: Juliette suggested we raise the dues next year to pay for the archiving project.

Committee Assignments: Juliette sent a sheet around to review and/or change committee assignments. One need not be a member of the CBAA Council to serve on a committee.

The 1999-2000 budget was approved.

Midnight Madness: MS&UP to approve gig. October 15, Haas Pavilion.

Fun Zone: MS&UP to perform if we feel like it that day.

Break-off Band: MS&UP.

CBAA Database Security: Discussion of this topic was tabled until the next meeting.


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