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Cal Band Alumni Association Council
December 4, 1999, in the Band Rehearsal Hall, Berkeley, California

Councilors present: Barbara Goodson, Stelly Kuo, Jennie Smith, Andy LaBatt, Sara LaBatt, Rune Stromsness, Richie Jenkins, Aaron Glimme, Larry Anderson, Antonia Lau, Wade Williams, Lisa Holmes, Jerry Taylor, Bob Briggs, and Juliette Bettencourt.

Member present: Harpo (Matt McCormick-Bjork)

Representing the Band: Kristin Warren, Sr. Manager.

Non-members present: Stephanie Miller-Lamb (the Interim Director of Administration and Development for Student Musical Activities. She started in that capacity on December 1. The permanent position is still being recruited for at this time.)

Minutes: The minutes of the August 21, 1999 meeting were amended that Andy LaBatt is a councilor, and not just a CBAA member. MS&UP to approve amended minutes.

Committee Reports

Nominating: Rune has been too busy with work, so little of any significance has happened. There are 2 vacant seats because Greg Jones has said he wants to give up his position on the council. The committee will meet in either December or January to nominate officers for next year. If you're interested, or know someone who might be, let Rune know.

Leadership: The committee has updated the packets that will go to Nex-Comm. They have written a letter to Susie Crow (the new Sr. Manager) to see if they want a workshop or not.

Treasurer: Rune talked for Jane, who was not present. We have a lot in checking and savings, mostly from Lifetime Memberships. Also, the invoices for recent mailings are not represented, because they just came in (the NTE and NTE Lite). Our numbers for current memberships are slightly low. We are still in a two year cycle. For a copy of the Treasurer's report, email Jane Lepisto at or call her at (916) 452-1630 (home).

Performance: Chris Bailey said we had a late start to ABD. There was miscommunication between the Alumni Band and the Cal Band about the schedule. But things worked out and the show went well. Alumni Band members had plenty of time to practice for the show because we cut out some of the show. It was the smallest ABD in a long time, which the CBAA council expected because the show fell on Labor Day and due to the late notice to alumni.

An item to address next year is that we need to designate getting someone to guard BRH to keep it open during lunch. Thanks so much to Andy LaBatt for taking care of that at the last minute this year!

Since ABD fell on the first performance, members of the Alumni Band composed the Break Off Band instead of current Cal Band members. The Break Off Band went well. There were about 20 people and they got back at 9:30 p.m.

At the reception at the Alumni House, we held a moment of silence for Ida Berdahl, Ryan Sanders, and Dick Coleman to honor their lives.

Send new show ideas to Chris Bailey!!

Awards and Recognition: The Ellsworth award went to Neoma LaValle. Juliette was happy to see so many women get awards at the Cal Band Banquet this year!

North Tunnel Echo: An NTE Lite will come out sometime. . . soon, perhaps! J Either a postcard or an NTE will go out with basketball dates on them. An NTE Lite will go out sometime in the next two months. SEND ECHOES. SEND ARTICLES to Sara LaBatt at either or (510) 530-0533.

Archiving: We have about $2,400 in donations, and $600 more are promised. The 1990s are mostly sponsored, and the 1980s need some help. Look at the autumn NTE to see what shows and seasons are available for sponsorship!

Membership: Aaron Glimme says there is lots of activity with the Lifetime Memberships. We currently have 34 paid in full Lifetime Memberships! (36 including Margy Wilkinson and Bob Briggs, who were honored with Lifetime Memberships.) We have enough money to invest the money and start drawing from it. Jane is working on making some color, laminated memberships cards.

Cal Band: The Cal Band banquet was long this year. (The Band got kicked out of the room at midnight!) The New Ex-Comm members are as follows:

Ex-Comm 2000-2001:
Senior Manager: Susie Crow, 1st Alto
PRD: Kristin Bruce, Piccolo
Student Director: Rob Shmerling, Snare Drum
Drum Major: Julia Hall, 1st Clarinet
Executive Secretary: Ben (Milhouse) Van Houten, 2nd Alto

Jerry Taylor commented that he and many others were thrilled that the Band played to the end zone for the Big Game half time show. Kristin said the Band didn't play after the Big Game because two years ago, too many people got hurt and they didn't want to risk that again.

TH: There is not much to report. TH had a good initiation, they are having good camaraderie, and there are equal numbers of women and men. There are still openings available on the board. Contact Wade Williams if you are interested.

Old Business:

Database Maintenance: About three years ago, our database was integrated with the Cal Band's database. Rune has been great at taking care of the database and getting information when necessary. But Rune won't always be there. So Barbara Goodson proposes that the CBAA receive back from the Band a portion of the database that is ours. The question then becomes, do we just receive an updated copy periodically, or do we update it always?? Barbara volunteers to upkeep it.

Lisa Holmes proposed that every year we get an electronic update of our database and Barbara will maintain it and be a point of contact. Sara LaBatt seconded the motion. MS&UP.

Alumni Band Day: See above under the Performance Committee report.

New Business:

Membership-Investment: The Membership Committee is recommending that we invest the Lifetime Membership money into the Fidelity Asset Manager: Growth Fund. In order to do this, we have to adopt a Corporate Resolution for a new account, as determined by a form Rune brought with him. Rune moved to adopt the Corporate Resolution as written on the form. Barbara seconded it. MS&UP. (The form was filled out and signed by members of the CBAA council and CBAA Ex-Comm.)

Reunion schedule: Lisa Holmes will head the committee and Larry Anderson and Barbara Goodson will help. Lisa is still taking more volunteers! Harpo mentioned that alumni last year wanted more than 10 minutes of Cal Band play time. . . if possible. At the next CBAA meeting, we will discuss whether the reunion will be there night before Big Game or a different game.

ABD 2K: There are three possible dates for ABD 2000: September 2 (vs. Utah, on Labor Day weekend), September 30 (vs. WSU), or November 4 (vs. OSU).

We need to talk to the Band about which weekend they will give us. The Performance Committee at first likes the September 30 game, BUT that is already a 4 week show for the Cal Band, so they might not want to give it to us.

Sara LaBatt moved that we give a prioritized list to the Band as follows: first: 9/30, second: 9/2, and third: 11/4. Lisa Holmes seconded the motion. MS&UP.

Oral Histories: This topic was postponed to the next meeting in the interest of time.

Election Timeline: We are tabling the discussion of changing the bylaws to the next meeting.


Lady In Red: The current Band, on average, doesn't know the music or lyrics to the song Lady In Red. Bob Briggs wrote out the music. Alumni members might make a video for the Cal Band, or something like that, to demonstrate how to sing (and act!) the song.

Cal Band Sweats: Sara LaBatt says the sweats orders are in. Contact her if you need yours.

NorCal Fundraising Party: We honored Margy Wilkinson at the NorCal fundraising party at Haas Pavilion (a.k.a. former Harmon Center for the Performing Arts). Also, Bob Calonico announced that the Cal Band has reached its endowment goal! Yay!!

More Performance stuff: Late Night (the first NCAA-allowed "practice" allowed) went well. The entire Cal Band was in SoCal for the football game, so they were unable to perform at Late Night. Andy LaBatt said there were 50 people and we received 25 shirts, all too small.

The San Jose Luncheon was great, as usual. We even had validated parking. Andy LaBatt motioned to have the Cal Alumni Band perform at Cal Day in April. Sara LaBatt seconded. MS&UP.

Meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: MARCH 4, 1999 in BRH **1-3 p.m.** (because there is a basketball game that evening at 5pm)

Respectfully submitted, Jennie Smith on March 1, 2000

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