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Unofficial Minutes

Cal Band Alumni Association Council

March 4, 2000 in the Band Rehearsal Hall, Berkeley, California

Called to Order at 1:15pm

Councilors present: Bob Calonico, Rune Stromsness, Aaron Glimme, Richie Jenkins, Jane Lepisto, Barbara Goodson, Andy LaBatt, Sara LaBatt, Hugh Barnett, Juliette Bettencourt, Lisa Holmes, Bob Briggs, and Erin Vidali.

Members present: Karen Glimme, Tina Avila, and Dan Cheatham

Representing the Band: Susie Crow, incoming Senior Manager '00

Non-Member present: Emma Glimme (daughter of Aaron and Karen)

Minutes: The minutes of the December 4, 1999 meeting were amended that we do not currently have 34 "paid in full" Lifetime Memberships, rather 25 paid in full lifetime memberships and 34 TOTAL lifetime memberships (including paid in full and those paying on the installment plan). Moved by Rune, seconded by Sara to approve the minutes as amended. MS&UP.

Note1: Dan Cheatham would like to say that Jennie Smith has been doing a great job with the minutes! We discussed that the minutes should be posted to both cbaa and calband announce, and thought that this was already being done.

Note2: Attached is the CBAA Council Roster list. Please send any corrections to Jennie Smith at

Committee Reports

Nominating - Rune Stromsness

  • Rune has a slate of 9 officers (there was 10 until last night when someone backed out!). 8 of them are renewing their memberships: Joel Buringrud, Barbara Goodson, Lindsay Hiratzka, Lisa Holmes, Richie Jenkins, Sara LaBatt, Antonia Lau, and Eric Mart. 1 of them is new: Tina Avila '91, Clarinet. Move by Aaron Glimme, seconded by Barbara Goodson to accept this slate of 9 people to the council. MS&UP.
  • We are going to insert ballot cards for the election in the next NTE to sustaining members only. There will be 2 batches of the NTE: one to sustaining members and one to the rest to accommodate this.
  • Rune found a candidate for the Vice President job (since Rune will be President on April 1), Aaron Glimme. Aaron accepted the nomination. Moved by Rune, seconded by Sara LaBatt to approve Aaron Glimme as the new Vice President. MS&UP. Congratulations Aaron!!!

    Leadership - Rune Stromsness

  • Rune met with Susie Crow (incoming Senior Manager) and Krisin Warren (outgoing Senior Manager) about the upcoming Ex-comm workshop. The date is tentatively set for Sunday, March 19th. The only thing that may conflict is that there is the TH Open on that day as well. We discussed possibly moving the workshop to Saturday, March 18th. The band will decide. Since Rune is flying out of the country tomorrow, Sara LaBatt and Richie Jenkins will be in charge of putting together the workshop.

    Treasurer - Jane Lepisto

  • The money for the Ex-comm workshop will have to come out of our savings.
  • Memberships are down this year: for 1 year memberships we are down 8, 2 year memberships we are down 43, and Young Alumni we are down 11. We are in our "off" year this year, and lifetime memberships have a little bit to do with it.
  • Year to date (July 1 - present) lifetime memberships are 21 paid in full and 6 installment.
  • In June, 70% of the membership will expire.
  • We talked briefly about the history books, mentioning that because only 2000 were printed, they may appreciate in value. We have 5 locked away currently.
  • Moved by Barbara Goodson, seconded by Hugh Barnett to approve financial report. MS&UP. A copy of the financial report is attached.

    Performance - Andy LaBatt

  • A HUGE thanks to the current band for letting the alumni play at the holiday basketball games and Ski Trips!!!
  • We discussed the first men's basketball game that occurred on December 18th, 1999. We wanted to make sure that the cancellation notice also went to the cbaa list. (Rune forwarded it).
  • We would like to have one basketball game that is truly "sponsored" by alumni. We feel this will get more alumni to come if they know it's just them. We could either be the "main" band, or we could set ourselves up to be the "opposing" band to the current Cal Band.

    Awards and Recognition - Richie Jenkins

  • Richie is interested in giving up being chair for this committee. The position involves meeting with the Cal Band to discuss the ellsworth spirit award every year, picking the winner of the Tony Martinez award (service to alumni) every 2 years, along with any other recognition that needs to be given. If you are interested in being the new chair or have any questions regarding the position, please contact Richie at .

    North Tunnel Echo - Sara LaBatt

  • Keep sending those echoes in! We never have too many! The deadline for THIS upcoming NTE is Monday, March 7th, but keeping sending them for the next edition.
  • We have 2 big articles: President's report and !tang (funk/rock band made up of mostly Cal Band members). We would like to have more big articles. Bill Corlett recently passed away (he did all of the carvings for the band, including the Highstepper award and Bob's bear) so we are looking for someone to write an article about him.

    Archiving Project - Richie Jenkins

  • Continuing to transfer VHS to digital at a rate of about 1 season per week. Aaron Glimme is in the middle of the 90s, so he is almost done with the season tapes! (The VHS tapes started in 1986.) The digital tapes are indexed with all of the pertinent information: start time, end time, songs played, ABD, if there was an opposing band, etc.)
  • We need to rent a U-Matic player for seasons prior to 1986.
  • Ideas were brought up to make "special" tapes such as an all-ABD tape, all of the 1812 overture shows done by the band, all of the bowl games, etc. Aaron says that this will be really easy to do with the new digital tapes and hopes to have some samples for sale at Spring Show!
  • We have $5200 in total sponsorships. That breaks down to $2400 for films at $100/show; $1200 for full seasons at $100/season; $1400 in the general fund; and $200 undecided because people's first choice for show/film was taken.
  • VHS tapes will be sent to the sponsors in about 1 month. These will have some fancy graphics on them!
  • If you would like to sponsor a show or season, please visit the Archiving webpage at or email for more information. For a list of shows that are available to sponsor, please visit: or see the attached list.
  • All films are currently being stored in the Bancroft Library.
  • We may want to have an order form in the NTE for people to order the "special" tapes listed above. That way we can feel out what kinds of things people would want. Or if we aren't prepared to do that, we will at least let people know that these kinds of tapes will be on sale at Spring Show so that people can get excited about buying them. We want to have a monitor set-up at Spring Show to show off these tapes.
  • A big THANKS to Aaron for all of his time in completing this project! (And to Emma for giving him the time to do it…)

    Membership - Aaron Glimme

  • Aaron is interested in giving up being chair for this committee. If you are interested in being the new chair or have any questions about the position, please contact Aaron at .
  • The committee is currently working on enhancing the value of memberships to attract more members. Maybe provide a discount on sweats? Discount on tapes?
  • Renewal letter will go out in May to those memberships that are expiring.
  • The Cal Band is calling people to see if they are graduating or not. Once we get that list, we will send a letter to their parents asking if they want to give a "gift" membership to their child.
  • Regarding the membership database, we reiterated that in the last meeting, we decided to have one person in charge of having a copy of the alumni database (Barbara Goodson).

    Cal Band Report - Susie Crow/Bob Calonico

  • There is a serious budget issue in the band currently. The band started this year being $30,000 in debt. The current Ex-comm has developed a budget that will reduce that debt to $25,000 by the end of their tenure. Rune complimented the new Ex-comm for doing a great job in trying to reduce the deficit.
  • They want to start getting money from the endowment to help their budget.
  • The band is looking to cut "internal" things that fans will not see, for example, only having hotel rooms in L.A. for one night instead of two.
  • The problem with the growing budget has a lot to do with the increasing number of students in the band! We have grown dramatically in the past couple of years and with that comes spending more money. Bob would like to keep steady at 220 members.
  • Another problem is the growing travel costs. We know have to use planes/busses instead of vans which is a lot more expensive. For away football games, the band is trying to have the individual band members pay no more than $100/game to travel there, the rest to be subsidized by the band.
  • Regarding the Annual Fund, this has basically been dropped since Barbara Goodson left. When she was here, we had a full time person in charge of funding the band, and now it's left to Bob and Ex-Comm to figure out, when it's not really their job. They don't even have Margy to help anymore! Barbara volunteered to get the Annual Fund back up and running… for free!!! This will GREATLY help the band and we are all very thankful to Barbara for volunteering her time!
  • We need to let everybody know that just because the endowment has been reached, doesn't mean the band is fine financially!!! Barbara will write something about this for the NTE. The endowment was NOT meant to fully fund the band, but only to be an aid.
  • Bob Calonico wants to say a special thanks to both Chancellors Tien and Berdahl for their very special interest in the Cal Band. Please don't call them to complain about the Band's financial troubles, they have been over-gracious in their monetary support to the Band. They have upped what the University gives to the band for travel expenses ($40,000). Berdahl was the primary person responsible for putting his foot down that the Band must rehearse from 4-6pm and that they need a field. THANK YOU!
  • Spring Show is Saturday, April 22nd, 2000 at 8pm in Zellerbach Auditorium.

    TH Report - Erin Vidali

  • TH Open is Sunday, March 19th, 2000, 1pm at Tilden Park.
  • Chris Tellefsen dinner is planned for Wednesday, April 5th, 2000.
  • They are currently in the process of interviewing possible managers for next year. They have 3 very qualified applicants.
  • The major projects TH is working on is installing a walk-in fridge for Nancy, fixing all of the windows, and making the first floor bathroom ADA accessible.
  • The next Board meeting is on Tuesday, March 14th, 2000 at 7:30pm in TH.

    Old Business

    Alumni Band Day - Andy LaBatt

  • Our date preference is 1. Sept. 30th, 2. Sept. 9th, 3. Nov. 4th. Ex-Comm still has to discuss dates and will let us know their feelings.
  • The date of ABD will help decide the dates of the NorCal party (usually the L.A. weekend, October 13th) and the reunion.
  • As always, we are looking for music/show ideas! Please send all of your ideas to Chris Bailey at or Andy LaBatt at .

    Election Change Proposal - Juliette Bettencourt

  • Right now, there are specific dates in the bylaws when certain officers are supposed to be elected. Juliette would like to change this to a "45 day window" but not specify the exact dates because it makes it too hard to follow and there is no room for error.
  • Juliette will bring them for next time to officially change, but wanted to bring it up. We all agreed that the specific dates hinder us in our decision making process.

    Cal Day - Andy LaBatt

  • Cal Day is Saturday, April 15th, 2000, from 9am - 4pm.
  • We have spoken at past meetings to have a "Cal Band Alumni picnic" for Cal Band alumni and their families. We wanted to play as well, probably roaming around campus a little bit.
  • Andy has reserved a space on the Campanile Esplanade for the entire day! The only time when we could not play would be 12-1pm when the Campanile Carrillonist will be playing. Therefore, we can tell people that they can show up at any time after 9am, we will all eat lunch at noon, and play at around 1pm. Then people can stay as long as they like afterwards.
  • We discussed doing a BBQ versus everyone bringing their own food. In order to do a BBQ, we would need a food permit and a fire permit. Both of these permits have a lot of silly restrictions (there must be a source of water, a bucket of water handy to douse the coals, meat must all be brought in the same package, etc.). We decided that for this time, we would have everyone bring their own food and drink and watch how the other BBQs go around us and maybe do that next year. Also, we have no budget for this event, so this will not burden us financially.
  • Chris Bailey will bring all necessary music and hand it out there. There will be no rehearsal, just warm up and play!
  • We might need to contact the band to borrow some basses and drums. Bob said this was no problem.
  • We will advertise this event in the NTE and email lists. We want people to RSVP so we know what kind of instrumentation we will have. Andy is going to send out an Evite (an invitation sent over the internet) to track responses. People can also call Andy directly (check your NTE!) or email him at .

    Oral History Budget - Dan Cheatham

  • Dan requested that his original budgeted amount of $500 be replenished. Since we are really low on checking funds right now, we need to wait until July 1 when some funds get freed up.

    New Business

    Fall 2000 Reunion - Lisa Holmes

  • When should it be? Night before Big Game? We think some people possibly don't come because there is so much else going on, but it might attract some people who only go to one game a year. We could have an "alumni weekend" the weekend of ABD, with the reunion and other events. The reunion could be the Sept. 30th weekend to correspond with Homecoming. We really need to wait until ABD is deciding and then we can proceed from there.
  • The idea was discussed to have a Big Game reunion in the even years when Cal plays Stanfurd in Berkeley, and have a "reunion" to coincide with ABD on the odd years.
  • There are 4 possible dates: Friday, Nov. 29th before Big Game; Friday, Sept. 29th vs. WSU (Homecoming); Friday, Oct. 12th vs. UCLA (this would depend on the NorCal party); or Friday, Nov. 3rd vs. OSU.
  • Lisa has tentatively reserved the newly re-opened Spenger's for all of these dates! They are well priced, VERY exciting about the Cal Band, and are conveniently located.

    Cal Homecoming Weekend - Juliette Bettencourt

  • Talked about in relationship to a possible reunion.

    Performance Requests - Andy LaBatt

  • We were requested to play on Monday, April 17th for alumni spirit groups. Since this is a Monday night, and after our Cal Day picnic, we thought it would be much easier for the Cal Band to do and referred to them.
  • Lair of the Bear Young Alumni Weekend is June 9-11th, 2000. We have done this for a few years. The weekend is for alumni who graduated within the last 10 years. It's ~$45 per person and involves a lot of playing, socializing, and drinking (a Beer company usually hosts the event). Moved by Sara LaBatt, seconded by Erin Vidali to approve this performance. MS&UP.
  • Lair of the Bear weekend with George is July 23rd, 2000. George usually asks the Cal Band to play for one day, sleep on the deck, and drink. We need to think if we will be able to do this performance if the Cal Band doesn't. [Last year, neither band was able to do it]
  • 4th of July Parade in Sausalito, July 4th, 2000. Jerry Taylor was not at this meeting, but we would assume the details to be the same as in years past. Moved by Juliette Bettencourt, seconded by Andy LaBatt to approve this performance. MS&UP.

    Basketball Alumni Band Day - Juliette Bettencourt

  • Talked about briefly before… maybe having the men's basketball game where the Cal Band is skiing on it's first trip be "Basketball ABD" and therefore inspiring more alumni to come. Ex-Comm will discuss this.

    Lyrics Contest - Juliette Bettencourt

  • We are very interested in having a lyrics contest for "added verses" to the Stanford Indian Song, since we cannot sing the original ones (in public) anymore. Susie Crow said she doesn't think the band has the time or interest in doing this, so the CBAA can definitely take this on. The current Cal Band can of course still submit lyrics.
  • The CBAA will host the lyrics contest, and the finalists will be voted on and approved by Ex-Comm. Watch for details!

    Senior Membership Mailing - Aaron Glimme

  • Talked about earlier, we will send letters to the parents of recently graduating seniors asking if they want to give a "gift membership" to their Cal Band alumni child.


    Charter Day

  • Friday, March 24th, 2000, evening. It is at the San Francisco Marriott, $50 for young alumni of 10 years or less, $75 for everyone else. Bob Briggs is trying to get a Cal Band table together, so talk to him if you are interested! . The alumnus of the year is Alice Waters.

    Spring Show

  • Saturday, April 22nd, 2000, 8pm, Zellerbach Hall. The price is $5 for Cal Band members and students, $10 for general admission, and $15 for reserved. Everyone should have gotten a ticket order form from the band in the mail already. If you didn't, please contact the incoming PRD, Kristin Bruce, at to get one or for more information.

    Cal Band Sweats

  • Sara LaBatt did all the leg work last year and would like to pass it on to someone else. If you are interested, please contact Sara at . All sweats are delivered, except a lonely pair of boxer shorts. We placed the order with the band 1 week after ABD and didn't receive the sweats until late November. Not sure what we can do about this. The band likes it when we order sweats, because the price goes down based on volume. Still, the band lost money on sweats this year. We have to pick the prices based on how many we THINK we are going to sell before we actually sell them! Unfortunately, the band and CBAA underpriced our items a little bit.

    CBAA Website

  • Jennie Smith and Stelly Kuo have volunteered to maintain the website. Thanks!!!

    Bill Corlett

  • Bill has recently passed away. We are looking for someone to write a story for the NTE. He would like donations to be made to the Cal Band.

    Meeting adjourned at 3:15pm.

    NEXT MEETING: SATURDAY, MAY 13TH, 2000 at Barbara Goodson's house (directions to come).

    We think the time will be 12pm - 2pm, watch for upcoming details!

    Respectively submitted,
    Erin Vidali
    (in place of Jennie Smith who could not attend this meeting)

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