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May 13, 2000; Home of Barbara (Mello '77) & Ed (Bass 'xx) Goodson

Called to Order at 12:15 PM. Juliette Bettencourt (outgoing CBAA President) took the opportunity to first thank Ed & Barbara for hosting this meeting at their home.


Juliette Bettencourt, Jennie Smith, Rune Stromsness, Aaron Glimme, Barbara Goodson, Michael Yambrovich, Lisa Holmes, Jane Lepisto, Erin Vidali, Wade Williams, Kathy Heilmann, Richie Jenkins, Jerry Taylor, Antonia Lau

Members Present: Dan Cheatham


NON-MEMBERS PRESENT:Carol Suveda (SMA Development); Wade's son, Kathy's son, and Belle and Warren Goodson

MARCH 4, 2000 MINUTES: Jennie Smith (outgoing Secretary) thanked Erin Vidali for taking the minutes at the March 4, 2000, CBAA Council Meeting. The following changes will be made to the March 4th minutes:

  1. Nominating Committee report change: 8 of them are renewing their memberships to -- 8 of them are incumbants.
  2. Nominating Committee report change: (since Rune will be President on April 1) to -- (since Rune will be President on May 15).
  3. Leadership Committee report change: Krisin Warren to -- Kristin Warren Bliss.
  4. Treasurer report change: We talked briefly about the history books, mentioning that because only 2000 were printed... to -- We talked briefly about the history books, mentioned that because only 1000 were printed....

Rune moved and Barbara seconded to accept the March 4, 2000, minutes as amended. The motion was unanimously passed.


The entire slate of 9 councilors was voted for by 41-members. One write-in candidate was submitted who will be approved by the council is they accept the nomination.

Juliette suggested that there should be a reference sheet regarding election procedures for future reference in order to avoid the confusion experienced this year in the timing of the entire election process.

Kathy Heilmann moved and Aaron Glimme seconded the motion to accept the entire slate as passed by the sustaining membership. Passed unanimously.


Juliette noted that every four years the CBAA gets a new "president-elect" (AKA the vice-president). When she started as vice-president 4-years ago, she didn't know what was ahead, but it has been exciting. She would now be handing the reins over to the soon to be president, Rune Stromsness, and the "president-elect," Aaron Glimme. She continued on to thank the council and other members present and encouraged all to support Rune and the CBAA so we can all continue to perpetuate the combined mission of the CBAA of supporting the Cal Band and it's alumni's fellowship.

Barbara Goodson -- Thank YOU, Juliette. Applause

Rune Stromsness then presented plaques on behalf of the CBAA (courtesy of Mister's Stromsness and Glimme) to Juliette Bettencourt honoring her service to the CBAA as President, Jennie Smith for her service as CBAA Secretary, and Jane Lepisto for her service as CBAA Treasurer.



Jane Lepisto -- Secretary 2000-2002

Richie Jenkins -- Treasurer 20002-2002

Barbara moved and Kathy seconded the motion to approve the nominations for Secretary and Treasurer for the 2000-2002 period. Passed Unanimously

Rune noted that both Sara LaBatt and Chris Bailey have both agreed to continue on respectively as North Tunnel Echo editor and Performance Committee Chair.

Aaron Glimme also requested that if anyone knows of individuals interested in becoming CBAA council members, to contact him for more information. Currently there are two vacant seats on the council.


Set up for this year's workshop was organized by Sara LaBatt and was held at Dreyer's Headquarters (alas, apparently the soft-serve dispenser was not working that day). Also participating in this year's workshops were Richie Jenkins, Aaron Glimme, James Benton, and Chris Berry Bailey, and Erin Vidali and Stacia Donovan. Evaluations from the Band were very positive, they felt it was helpful to have someone who had not been an Ex-Comm member participating. Barbara Goodson commented that when she attending the workshop in Bob Calonico's first year as Band Director that the same comment had been made. Aaron Glimme thought it was beneficial to have Band Members along with Ex-Comm members of the same era to discuss the different perspectives. One item discussed at this year's workshop was damage control. Discussion centered on how to present things to the band. New Ex-Comm seems to be handling the big issues well. Lisa Holmes also commented that she was thrilled that non-Ex-Comm Alums participated in this year's workshop.


Generally speaking, while this past year's income exceed predicted budget income our available cash was much more limited than in previous years due to the start of offering life memberships. Another drain to cash availability was starting another big project at the same time, namely the Video Archiving Project. It could be that we will continue experiencing a major decrease in annual available cash for the next 5-10 years, until our Fidelity life membership account gets to a point where the income gets back to the level of those prior to offering them.

In the short term, however, we will be having our annual membership drive coming up in early June which will bring in some ready available cash to cover such items as deposits for this year's reunion. Fortunately, this year's membership drive is in the part of the cycle where we get the majority of our renewals as compared to this past year. Also, once the Video Archiving Project starts having shows and seasons available for purchase on tapes, we will be able to return the funds to our CD that were withdrawn to purchase the equipment being used.

Aaron Glimme noted that at Spring Show they showed a video which generated a tremendous amount of interest. One last consideration, according to Jane, is that a request was made by Monica Johnstone (Clarinet '77), who now lives in Australia, that it would be much easier for her and others to renew memberships if we accepted credit card payments, as in Monica's case she has to go to the bank and get a check made out in American dollars in order to renew. Juliette suggested that the new treasurer, Richie Jenkins, could investigate the possibility of being able to accept credit cards. Antonia Lau also noted that we would need to find out what surcharges would be and then ask for memberships be raised that much more to cover that cost. Jerry Taylor thought that California Alumni Association might have some information on credit card usage that would be of use to us in this instance.


Alumni Band Day will be on September 9th, the first home game of the season. Jerry requested that Susie Crowe (SM) notify us if they find out that the game time changes. For ABD Erin Vidali will be working with Julia (DM) on the show. They are hoping to have complimentary themes. Lisa Holmes also wondered about the possibility of having an entire joint half-time.

Cal Day was fun and per Juliette turnout was about 20, but they were good. Andy LaBatt did a great job of getting the word out (kudos, Andy!). Lair of the Bear, Andy LaBatt is working hard to get participants. 15 have signed up, but still need more trumpets than percussion. Juliette noted that Andy's use of e-mail for Cal Day was great, but we still need to use snail mail (USPS) to get the word out too. Rune will note who attends and make sure that those get coded in the database.

Juliette noted that she did not receive the NTE until after Spring Show. UC Printing had the job done the Wednesday before and Rune received it on the Friday of the week following. Apparently there was a slow down due to stuffing NTE with the two different ballots (council and reunion). The High Stepper has been sent for printing as of this meeting.


Lisa Holmes has graciously volunteered to take over as chair of the committee. This year at the Big Game Reunion there will be awarded the third Tony Martinez award. Nominations should be directed to Lisa for consideration. Barbara Goodson requested that the council be sent (e-mail) of the criteria for candidate selection again as a reminder.

NORTH TUNNEL ECHO -- Rune Stromsness (?) For Sara LaBatt

NTE went out and received by most right after Spring Show. An NTE Lite will go out this summer to get the word out about Alumni Band Day. Headline News is currently going out to approximately 302.

ARCHIVING -- Richie Jenkins

He is very pleased with the progress of transferring the videos to digital due to Aaron Glimme's efforts, he has spent countless hours and deserves countless kudos! All u-matic footage (over 100-hours) has been transferred to digital through two "u-matic" parties. A u-matic player was rented for a weekend. The 1st transfer session ended on Saturday due to equipment breaking down. A second weekend had one player breaking down on Friday at 10pm, but after getting a second player the work was completed. Unfortunately, some tapes from the late '70's were not savable.

Transferring VHS to digital is continuing. In the next few months they should have all transferred. Spring Shows 1990 and the 1999 Fall Season are available and they sold a total of $229 of tapes at the recent Spring Show.

Lisa Holmes noted that she is extremely impressed with the speed at which this project has progressed and that all participating in this should be praised (specifically, Richie Jenkins, Aaron Glimme, and Rune Stromsness).

This year's Spring Show was recorded at both an up-close view and a normal back view. Aaron is currently editing the two views together and it should be the best looking video of a Cal Band performance. It will be fun to watch and much more sellable. The committee decided not to take pre-orders in case something happened which caused a delay in providing the tapes. ***Also please note, Aaron Glimme has committed to giving a copy of the final version to UC Public Affairs for use in a Cal recruiting video!!!!***

Aaron notes that since all of this is a part of the theme to help the Cal Band as this year the Band doesn't have the equipment to do season tapes for current Cal Band members. The CBAA Archiving Project will provide season tape copies at cost ($5/tape) this year for members and approximately 25 have responded. (The Cal Band generally provides interested members with copies of the season tapes at no cost if the member provides the blank tapes.) So, more than likely this will be the only time this will occur.

Camera Crew is working closely with the Band regarding what to buy to replace the stolen equipment. This led to a general discussion of the hidden costs of copying tapes in regards to the Band's tight financial situation.

Richie also reported that the first film has been transferred to tape (to ensure quality, if fine, then that is vendor they will use). Last year film was used for the full season was 1975. Bicentennial Tour footage has been transferred to digital. Jerry Taylor requested that work be done on transferring the 1970 Japan Tour to digital (PLEASE!), as the reunion committee still owes people video tapes!

MEMBERSHIP -- Jennie Smith

Letter to parents will go out this week. (Complete text of draft will be attached to draft minutes of this meeting.) This letter is going out to parents of everyone who is NOT planning on coming back to the Band next year. Dan Cheatham asked if there was any way to spell out that it is not necessary to do four full years in the Cal Band to join the CBAA. Kathy Heilmann noted that as a marketing professional she would suggest starting the offer with the Life Memberships since this letter is probably going out to those that can afford it, and then follow with the other forms of membership. Lisa Holmes suggested shortening the letter, her boss would never have read the draft version.

CAL BAND REPORT-- Susie Crowe (SM)

FTP will only be for new members, TA's, DA's, Stunt, Ad-Com, and Ex-Com in Hayward as a cost cutting measure. This will be held at CSU Hayward starting Friday, August 11th. Full band will then assemble on Sunday and then continue with a full week in Berkeley. Some concerns raised about how that would affect FTP, but Jane noted that it was very beneficial in hers and Juliette's first FTP as that was the one following the Bicentennial Tour and the returning bandsmen were given an "extra day off" and didn't join the new men until the afternoon of the second day. Jane viewed it as a bonus in getting extra focus on basics for all of the new men in advance of having the entire band assembled. The year financially will be ending well and might be in the black if don't spend anything.


A fire hydrant broke up the street from the house and flooded the basement which has left a big mess behind. The Contractor for Phase II seismic upgrade work scheduled for Summer 2001 has been selected (the same one who did the previous work). All other projects are taking longer than expected. TH had neighbors and parents over last week Sunday and which TH chef cooked. There is one vacancy on the board (they really need a civil engineer).



Juliette notes that in the past few years the CBAA has not been able to meet the deadlines indicated in our by-laws. She makes the following recommendations for consideration and approval by the council.

May 13, 2000 Bylaws


The proposed timeline change is to bring council practice in agreement with our bylaws. Elections haven't adhered to the bylaws' timeline due to the hectic nature of the Nov/Dec months (ABD, basketball fill-ins, holidays, etc). Balloting during the holidays minimizes membership response. Shifting the election decreases the stress on the secretary and may increase voter interest and ballot returns.

These changes need council approval only.

#1 Section 5.3.3 Voting for Councilors

Current (a): Between November 1 and December 15 of each year, the Secretary shall commence an election of Councilors by written ballot in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 4.6.

Change to: The Secretary shall commence an election of Councilors between the Fall and Winter Meetings, or no later than January 30th by written ballot in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 4.6.

#2 5.3.3

Current (c): All ballots shall be returned by January 15 in order to be counted. The Secretary may extend the deadline a reasonable time if the number of ballots returned by the deadline are insufficient to constitute a quorum.

Change to: Ballots shall be returned within 35 days of the initial mailing of ballots in order to be counted. The Secretary may extend the deadline a reasonable time if the number of ballots returned by the deadline are insufficient to constitute a quorum.

#3 Section 5.4 Term of Office

Current: All elected Councilors shall hold office for three years, commencing on April 1 following their election, and continuing until a successor has been designated and qualified.

Change to: All elected Councilors shall hold office for three years, commencing on May 1/June 1 following their election, and continuing until a successor has been designated and qualified.

OR... We could have the Councilor terms match the Officers, i.e.,

Change to: All elected Councilors shall hold office for three years, commencing at the Spring Quarter meeting following their election, and continuing until a successor has been designated and qualified.

These motions will be voted on at the next CBAA Council Meeting.


4TH OF JULY -- Jerry Taylor

Jerry passed around pictures from last year's parade. The Sausalito Community Calendar has a picture of us on the July page! They need us! Chris Hardman and Phil Frank of Farley fame have invited us to participate again this year. The theme they would like is Dudley Do-Right. Chris Bailey is currently in Italy and will discuss this when he returns. Bring the kids!!!!


Received 42 response. The message was to keep the reunion the night before Big Game. One suggestion received was to invite alumni to bring their instruments and have it on ABD eve(?). As a result, this year's reunion will be at Spengers and we will need a $500 check to hold Friday, November 17th. We should be able to keep the event to a total cost of $40/sustaining member and $45/nonsustaining member for food, drinks, place, decorations, sodas for the band, and potential guests of the CBAA (e.g., Tony Martinez award recipient and guest).

A long discussion ensued regarding the length of time (rather the lack of time) the Cal Band (hit band) spent at the Faculty Club at the previous reunion. They played one song coming in and then promptly exited to Fight. Susie Crowe was asked to communicate to the Ex-Comm how much the CBAA Reunion appreciates the Cal Band and that we would greatly appreciate receiving at least the same amount of time in performance as other alumni groups where the Band performs the night before Big Game (more would be even better, but I suppose we can't be that greedy).

Aaron Glimme moved and Michael Yambrovich seconded that the council approve Friday, November 17th CBAA reunion held at Spengers and that $500 be covered as the deposit. Passed unanimously.

ALBERTSON'S FUND RAISER -- Michael Yambrovich

Albertson's provides the opportunity for non-profit organizations that benefit youth to utilize cards similar to those at Safeway and Lucky's. The card is presented at the time of purchase and a percentage is credited to the organization (from 1-4%). 150 cards come with the application and additional cards are available at approximately $10/100. It was noted during discussion that the Cal Band could easily use all 150 just among their own members. Jane did noted that her initial take on the proposal when Mike sent out the e-mail about it was that any money raised would be handed directly over to the Cal Band. However, Juliette noted that since one of the CBAA's missions was to promote the Cal Band that it was just as appropriate for the CBAA to keep any money raised. Rune stated that we could go for the initial 150 cards and review the activity at the next council meeting.

Michael Yambrovich moved and Aaron Glimme seconded that the CBAA signs up for this program at this time with just the initial package of 150 cards (thus no out-of-pocket) and see what happens. One nay and the rest were yea's.


The work currently being done in changing the web site is due to Stelly Kuo. At this point it is a temporary web site, mostly one long page. A sample of proposed revisions was distributed (see attachment to draft minutes). It may be possible to post ABD songs ahead of time. The goal is to have the web site updated monthly to encourage more frequent visits by alumni (possibly get video clips posted to the site). We should be able to add order forms for tapes. Hopefully, by the next meeting the web site revision will be completed. Go Stelly! And many thanks!!!


1. Review list of committees and sign up for what you are interested in participating on before you leave today.

2. Alumni Band Day is 9/9/00, therefore, we need an August meeting.

3. Next meeting set for Saturday, August 5th.

4. December meeting date also set! Be there on December 2nd!

E-MAIL LISTS-- Michael Yambrovich

He reports that the Aggie Band does a good job and has multiple e-mail groups. He notes that once he contributed to a chat room with the CBAA and got flamed for his trouble (flamed?, what is that?). Rune and Jennie noted that while we do have CBAA announce and headline news in addition to a discussion list we do not have a chat list and that can be added.


Rune requested that this be tabled to the next meeting due to time constraints. Jerry Taylor stated that we should have merchandise available at ABD. Barbara Goodson noted that the problem is having a market survey to know what would be wanted and Tom Larsen (Baritone '78) did a market plan in the past. We should get in touch with him to find out if we could receive a copy of it.


Carol Suveda notes that the Cal Band is considering NorCal party dates. It was strongly suggested that the earlier in the season the better (while the team is still winning!). Unfortunately, this season only has four home games in addition to Big Game, Rosh Hashanah and/or Yom Kippur occur during September 29th (eve of Wash St game), Oct 13th (eve of UCLA game and Homecoming) could be a problem also, finally November 3rd (eve of Oregon State and final home game before Big Game) is late in the season and may impact attendance. She will be suggesting September 8th (eve of Utah State and first home game)?

Erin Vidali will be working with the new drum major, Julia to do a Stunt Charting workshop in mid-June.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Lepisto (Mellophonium '76)

CBAA Secretary-Elect


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