A Cal Band Oral History

This archive contains the oral histories of prominent members of the Cal Band's past, present, and future. The Oral History Project is ongoing, hence, this archive will be continually updated with new and updated interview transcriptions. Check here often for new information.

As a courtesy to the personalities interviewed, we have only placed in this archive interviews which have been reviewed by the interviewee. This archive currently contains transcriptions of interviews with:

Larry Augusta
Richard Auslen (4.2 MB pdf)
Larry Austin
Fred Barker
Dr. James Berdahl (part 1) (part 2)
Madison Devlin
Ralph Edwards
Dick Erickson (740k pdf)
Bill Fay
Mike Flier (1.3 MB pdf)
Bennett Friedman
Don Griffith
Bill Isbell (4.7 MB pdf)
Huntley Johnson (684K pdf)
Joe Kapp
Clark Kerr (1.6 MB pdf)
Andy LaBatt
Alcide Marin
April Maynard
John McGill
Ghery D. Pettit (2.2 MB pdf)
Bob Rice (6.2MB pdf)
Charles Richardson
Bernard Rocca, Jr.
Glenn Seaborg
Joe Starkey
Elizabeth "Betsy" Tellefsen (5.5 MB pdf)
Herb Towler, first interview
Herb Towler, second interview
Forrest Tregea
Arleigh Williams
Garff Wilson

Interviews with the following people below have been completed and transcribed, and are currently in review stage. After they have been reviewed, they will be posted to this archive. If you need to read the interview sooner, contact .

Larry Anderson
Bud Barlow
Juliette Bettencourt
Paul Bostwick
Robert O. Briggs
Bill Colescott
Bob Desky
Bob Doud
Al Downey
Abe Hankin
Robert Hanson
Lindsay Hiratzka
John Howell
Allen Humphrey
Monica Johnstone
John Larissou
Jim Lieberman
Neil Lucas
Joe Paulino
Cy Silver
Tom Simonson
Robert Steidel
Nathan Stelman
Bob Stevenson
Malcom Taylor
David Tucker
Various (Jamie Rawson, Rob Rawson, Dan Blick, Mary Alarid, Doug Slaton)
Margy Wilkinson

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