Interview With April Maynard

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April Maynard, ASUC Senator
Laura Smith, Executive Secretary 1989
Date of Interview:
June 15, 1993
Laura Smith (?)
[Initials added for clarification. 8/27/06. AJC]

Laura Smith’s telephone interview of Ms. April Maynard (Attorney-at-law) J

LS:When was the band first approached with the idea of becomming co-ed? Did other students object to it being all male and approach the ASUC, or did the idea start within the ASUC senate itself?

AM: My memory, and I could be corrected, like I told you is that.. I was in the senate, and it was budget time, and I became aware that there were no girls in the band, and that it wasn’t coincidence, that girls weren’t allowed. Is it correct that Janie Wong was also involved?

LS: I’m not sure.

AM: That’s my memory. I don’t remember it being a lot of hubbub. There was probably a lot of pressure in the band, I know that they were against it, and real anxious about it and just flabergasted that the concept would even be proposed, but my memory of the student govermnent...was that my position was that they just wouldn’t get any asuc funding. We weren’t thinking about trying to enforce it any other way at that point but just the initial message was that we... they...we weren’t going to give them any money if they weren’t going to allow any women. It was just pretty simple and straightforward. There wasn’t any real attempt to coerce anybody or convince anybody, it was just “this is the way its going to be”, so make your choice. I do remember one night going over to where the band used to be with Janie. I don’t remember them being really angry at us I didn’t feel physically threatened or anything-- it was just pretty straightforward.

LS: Was the decision to cut the band’s funding pretty well accepted by the rest of the ASUC senate?

AM: There were some... some of the more conservative parties, I don’t remember what they were called. A few were against it, but most of the people... It was not a real problem. I’m sure the band got really upset, but it seemed inconceivable that they didn’t allow women.. like a TRADITION WITHOUT A REAL PURPOSE. [emphasis added, but what a quote! -- LS]

LS: How did the ASUC get along with other student groups?

AM: Well, we were working on the budget, and everybody wanted money. That was about it. The senate just worked on funding them...

LS: Is there anything else that you remember that you would....?

AM: No. It’s been a long time. I don’t remember much more than that.

LS: At this point, I stopped the tape, then decided to tell her of the “God damn you, April Maynard” tradition. She thought it was very funny, and told me “I feel so honored”. That has to go in the book somewhere.

[Printed 01/31/94]