Cal Band History Committee

Chair: Linda Vogelsberg
Editors in Chief: Eric Heilmann and Kathy Heilmann
Oral Historian: Dan Cheatham
Interview Coordinator: Tim Castro
Design Coordinator: Aaron Katzman
Members at Large: Michelle Gluck, Andy Shih, Doug Slaton

Photographs were provided courtesy of the Bancroft Library, Dan Cheatham, Manny Fernandez, Ed Kirwin, the University of California Marching Band, and the personal collections of numerous Band members, alumni, and friends.

We would like to give special thanks to the following individuals and organizations, without whose help this project would not have been possible: the University of California Marching Band, the Cal Band Alumni Association Council, University Archivist Bill Roberts, and UC Printing Services.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their contributions of oral history, research, writing, editing, and page layout, and other support to the history book project:

Regina Aaron, Yumiko Abe, Laura Ackley, Lloyd Amborn, Larry Anderson, Eric Armstrong, Jim Armstrong, Sam Arucan, Larry Augusta, Richard Auslen, Larry Austin, Chris Bailey, Bud Barlow, Hugh Barnett, Ronald Barnett, Bruce Benzler, Christine Benzler, James Berdahl, Juliette Bettencourt, Dan Blick, Coleen Borrego, John Borrego, Paul Bostwick, Russell Bradford, Robert Briggs, Don Brownson, Bob Calonico, Theresa Carey, Heather Cecchettini, Matt Chamberlain, Eda Chao, Lance Chong, Randy Chong, Dorothy Chou, Eugene Chow, Michele Cobin, Chris Cohen, Dennis Cohen, Bill Colescott, Corey Cook, Bill Dal Porto, Doug Day, Glenn DeSandre, Bob Desky, Madison Devlin, Robert Dickinson, Lisa Dohrman, Steve Dong, Bob Doud, Al Downey, Greg Drinkwater, Paul W. Ears, Ralph Edwards, Jonathan Elkus, Phillip Elwood, Dick Erickson, Bill Fay, Sara Ferejohn, Chris Ferrales, Ellen Finch, Mike Flier, Rick Flier, Jim French, Bennett Friedman, Dennis Frost, John Gibson, Ronite Gluck, Paul Gonsalves, Barbara Goodson, Ed Goodson, Walt Grady, Don Griffith, Josh Gross, Christopher Hack, Abe Hankin, Robert Hanson, Martin Haye, Roger Heyns, Lindsay Hiratzka, Jim Holl, Michael Holmes, John Howell, Angel Hsu, Alan J. Humphrey, Bill Isbell, Larry Jacobsen, Jay Jhun, Huntley Johnson, Monica Johnstone, Andy Jones, Greg Jones, Ken Katzman, Rhonda Katzman, Clark Kerr, Masae Kubota, Chris Lanzafame, Paul Larimer, John Larissou, Maggie Law, Alison Lee, Karen Lee, Wayne Leonard, Jane Lepisto, Jon Lew, Pam Lew, James Lieberman, Albert Locher, Niel Lucas, Samuel Markowitz, Eric Mart, Susie Mattson, Matt McCormick, John McGill, Dale McGowan, Lee Mehelis, Robin Melnick, Tim Miller, Marvin Mohn, Laura Money, Don Mulford, Ajit Nair, Andrea Nelson, Pete Newell, Melinda Ng, Karla Orosco, Joe Paulino, Daniel Pearson, Dave Pearson, John Psathas, Oren Rappaport, Jamie Rawson, Rob Rawson, Randall Rhea, Bob Rice, Charlie Richardson, Richard Riemke, Oliver B. Riley, Barney Rocca, Kate Rushforth, Teresa Sanchez, Genro Sato, Grace Sato, Mark Schmuck, Glenn Seaborg, Helen Sheridan, Steve Shuman, Ian Signer, Cy Silver, Tom Simonson, Steve Sinclair, Trisha Slone, Jennie Smith, Laura Smith, Marge Smith, Eliot Smyrl, John Snyder, Pat King Sokalski, Steve Spafford, Joe Starkey, Robert Steidel, Nathan Stelman, Bob Stevenson, Carolyn Suratos, Rommel Suratos, Dave Tanabe, Jerry Taylor, Malcolm Taylor, Susie Thomas, Pam Thompson, Herb Towler, Forrest Tregea, Lori Trevino, David Tucker, Erin Vidali, Gerald Villegas, Louise Vogelsberg, Dave Wenrich, Karl Wieser, Margy Wilkinson, Wade Williams, Garff Wilson, Leonard Wohletz, Richard Wong, Molly Wood, Todd Wysuph, Liz Zamora.


The Pride of California: a Cal Band Centennial Celebration was published by the History Committee of the Cal Band Alumni Association in 1993. It was printed by the University of California Printing Services, located in Berkeley, California. The printing method is offset lithography, and the paper is 100 lb. Astrobrite gloss stock.

The body typeface is Cochin, 11point, the feature article typeface is Akzidenz Grotesk, 10 point, and the heading typeface is Copperplate 31BC, 33 point for the chapter title and 14 point for the feature articles. Captions are Akzidenz Grotesk, 8 point, and pull quotes are Cochin italic, 14 point.

This book was produced using Aldus Pagemaker version 4.2 for the Macintosh and version 5.0 for Microsoft Windows. With the exception of about two dozen items, all photographs and artwork were digitized with desktop scanners or converted to Kodak PhotoCD™ and extracted. The desktop publishing and scanning allowed the entire book to be designed and assembled in six weeks. The printing and binding required an additional six weeks.

The press run was 1000 copies. The books were sold for $45 each.

About the Cal Band History Committee

History Committee

In 1989, a small group of Cal Band members and alumni, motivated by the upcoming centennial of the Band, began meeting evenings at Kip’s to discuss the prospect of writing a book on the Band’s history. From these initial aspirations, the Cal Band History Committee has broadened its scope: to research, record, and preserve the history of the Cal Band. In 1991, the Committee affiliated itself with the Cal Band Alumni Association, and with the help of the CBAA, has produced The Pride of California: a Cal Band Centennial Celebration.

The History Committee enlisted nearly 200 volunteers who contributed their time and effort to this project. The Committee hosted research parties to organize the materials in the Band’s files, scrapbooks, and the University Archives. To supplement these primary sources, Cal Band fans offered photos and memorabilia from their own personal collections. Over sixty alumni and friends of the Band agreed to be interviewed, and other volunteers recorded and transcribed these oral histories. Still others submitted manuscripts that were crafted into a body of text by copy editors. A design team hammered out the finer points of the book’s graphic presentation, and the final push was the desktop publication of the finished book itself.

The Cal Band History Committee owes the success of this work to all the loyal Californians who contributed in every phase of this project.

(Members of the Cal Band History Committee pictured above, left to right: Doug Slaton, Kathy Heilmann, Eric Heilmann, Dan Cheatham, Aaron Katzman, Tim Castro, and Linda Vogelsberg. Not pictured: Andy Shih and Michelle Gluck.)

The Pride of California
A Cal Band Centennial Celebration

Pregame Bomb

For over one hundred years, the University of California Marching Band has entertained and thrilled audiences in Berkeley, across the United States, and around the world. With each performance, the Cal Band conveys the spirit of the University, and inevitably wins more lifelong fans. It is for these lovers of this precision musical organization that The Pride of California: A Cal Band Centennial Celebration has been created. This unprecedented work brings together the many facets of this student-run band in a colorful record ranging from its origins to the present. The Cal Band invites you to sit back and enjoy the tales and traditions, the color and motion of truly world-class performance, a century in the making.

Without doubt, this 200-page volume is required reading for anyone who has listened to the echoes from the North Tunnel, joined the Golden Bears for a sunny Saturday game, and sung the praises of the Blue and the Gold.

This book is a publication of the History Committee of the Cal Band Alumni Association.

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