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Your membership dues make possible such things as the North Tunnel Echo newsletter, Alumni Band Day and other performances, archiving and preserving our field shows and photographs, and other projects that support both the Cal Band and its alumni. Membership entitles you to discounts on CBAA events & merchandise as well as the joy and satisfaction of supporting the efforts of the Cal and Alumni Bands.

We would love to have you be a sustaining member of the Cal Band Alumni Association (CBAA). We have a few different plans, some of which include a free polo shirt and hat! We would like to reward our new lifetime members with a free shirt and hat (paying on either the full or annual payment plan). If you have been a member before and are renewing for another 2 years, this option does not include a hat and shirt. However, any NEW 2-year member does get a hat and shirt!

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You may also check if your Sustaining Membership is current (same login as the music library).

After choosing the type of membership you want, you will have the opportunity to pay via Paypal, credit card, electronic debit, or be able to print the membership form and mail it with your payment.

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2-Year memberships will expire on Sunday, June 30, 2019.